My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


7. I Don't Know

I held Lilly in my arms and opened the fridge door pulling out the milk. Since I had woken up at 2:30 in the morning I didn't end up going back to sleep. I was somewhat glad that Josh had come out and talked to me. The way his voice carried made me realize he didn't think of me the same way the rest of the boys did. It was kind of nice. I pushed my thoughts away. I didn't have time to think about everything. I was babysitting for fuck sake. While I was gathering things to make Lilly something to eat, she played with my hair. She always played with my hair. No matter what. I guess that was my fault though because I always let her. She was the most amazing one year old ever. She understands better than any of my friends and I trust her with everything knowing she won't say a word. I pulled a bowl from the cupboard and placed on the counter. Then walked to the other cupboard to get some cereal. I placed that next to the bowl and milk.

*Twenty minutes later*

I had just put Lilly down for a nap. She had eaten and I could tell she was still tired so I made sure she wouldn't be cranky and put her back to sleep. I was still upstairs so I decided to go get Bouncer my bunny and let him run around for a bit, maybe even take him for a walk with Ace. Ace lover Bouncer and Bouncer loved Ace, it was just how they were. I opened my bedroom door to see a shirtless Zayn on his phone. He had his back facing me. I entered silently and he only noticed me when I closed the door behind me. 

"Hey, need something?" Zayn asked. He looked back at me smiling. I bit my lip trying not to fan girl but DAYUM that boy be sexy. I laughed to myself.

"I just came to get Bouncer," I replied and after I again bit my lip. 

"Oh I see," he said. I caught this look in his eye. He looked slightly disappointed when I had said that but turned on by my lip bite. Hmm. I was probably full of myself. Why would he care anyways? Once again I had to push my thoughts away.

I lifted the top of Bouncer's cage off and put it on the chair. I bent down reaching into the cage to feel someone smack my ass. I turn my attention to Zayn only to see him sitting up on the bed. He winks at me and runs his finger down my thigh. I felt bad for him. He was clearly turned on and my booty shorts didn't help. I flashed Zayn the 'look but no touch' look before reaching into Bouncer's cage once again. I pulled out my white, cream and grey 7 month old lop bunny rabbit. I put him on my chest and he reached up with his face to give me a kiss. I giggle as his whiskers twitch against my face. I shiver as I can feel Zayn's gaze on me. I put Bouncer back in his cage and sit next to Zayn. He looks at me and it's impossible to read his expression. I looked down at my feet. I may have feelings for him, but I know I have feelings for both Harry and Niall already. Plus Alex likes him.

"What?" Zayn asked as soon as I turned my gaze to the floor.

"Nothing. I'm gonna go for a walk. If Lilly wakes up give her to Liam or Harry," I instructed him. I stood up and walked out of my room leaving Zayn all alone. I walked down the stairs trying my best to fight back my tears. I slip on my purple and grey DC high tops, open the door and walked out.

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