My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


10. Favor

Alex is sitting on the kitchen counter when I walk in.

"Hey Allycakes!" I say snickering.

"Hey Emmabear!" Alex answers, laughing at our nicknames. I have so many. Actually we both do.

"I'm making pulled pork for dinner and I need someone to go get root beer. Can you go with one of the boys and get some? I'll give you the money," I ask looking at Alex while pulling out the slow cooker from the island cupboard. 

"Sure. Can you ask if Zayn will go with me? I'm kinda scared to ask him," Alex asks shyly. 

"Yup!" I reply and place the slow cooker on the counter.

I walk out of the kitchen and look at who's all in the living room. Lilly's awake and with Harry, Liam, Josh, Louis, and Niall. Fuck that means Zayn is upstairs, I hope.

"Anyone know where Zayn is?" I ask addressing all of the boys and Lilly. Even though she probably doesn't know.

"Haven't seen him all morning," Niall says and the rest of them nod in agreement. I turn and hurry up the stair. He's in my room if no ones seen him all morning. I knock on my door. 

"Come in," Zayn says.

I open the door and he smiles as I walk in.

"I need a favor," I tell him. He looks slightly confused but excited at the same time.

"What's this favor?" he asks. I can't help but let out a giggle.

"Can you drive Alex to the store? I need her to get me a root beer," I explain.

"What for?" Zayn questions.

"Dinner," I tell him. 

"Under one condition," He says with a cheeky look in his eyes. Fuck.

"What's this condition?" I reply, slightly curious. 

"Kiss me," Zayn tells me. I bite my lower lip. Double fuck.

I look into Zayn's eyes as he stands up. He reaches past me and closes the door then turns the lock. I guess I have to kiss him. Even though I'm closer to the door, he's stronger and could just hold it closed.

"But Alex likes you," I answer cautiously. I'm so fucked. Triple fucked. God damn it.

"Only once, that's all I ask. Just one kiss," Zayn tells me. That look still in his eyes. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me closer to his incredibly sexy shirtless body. My top tooth finds my bottom lip. Shit. It's only a kiss. Fuck. This feels wrong. He is fucking sexy. I reach up a cup Zayn's face in my hands pulling his lips closer to mine. Our lips touch and my face suddenly feels numb. Ahh shit. I pull away.

"There's your kiss! Be ready in five minutes, Alex isn't very patient!" I exclaim while fumbling with the door nob. When I finally get it open I'm off like a bullet and back in the kitchen in seconds.


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