My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


9. Crush

I can't help but feel slightly irritated when I see Emma walk in holding Harry's hand. Her eyes are twinkling and she can't stop smiling. I turn my attention away from them and look at Alex. She's smiling and laughing as Emma tells her something. They look like they're sisters, not best friends. 

Suddenly there's a crash noise from upstairs. In an instant Emma is already half way up the stairs and by the time the rest of us get up there she's cuddling a very startled and upset Lilly. I guess she fell off the bed.

"Hush babe," Shailee whispers to Lilly rocking her back and forth. She strokes her hair and pushes it behind Lilly's ear. Emma kissed the top of Lilly's head and Lilly nuzzled into Emma's chest. 

"Hush my darling, Don't you cry. I know your momma isn't here tonight. But don't you cry because baby I'm right here by your side," Emma singing to Lilly. Her voice carries beautifully. We all just stand there and watch her. She doesn't realize were all standing there so when she looks up she's quite startled.

"Uhh h-how long w-were y-you guys there?" Emma stammers. Harry snickers and Emma looks up at him fondly and slightly pissed. She smiles and her blue eyes light up I bet she'd slap him if she wasn't holding Lilly. 

"Only long enough to hear you sing to Lilly," Niall answers her and explains. Emma's face turns pink with embarrassment but she still has a smile across her pink lips.  

"It sounded beautiful though, no need to be embarrassed," I say smiling.

"Thanks Li!" Emma exclaims in a hushed voice so that Lilly doesn't wake up again. Emma stands up with Lilly in her arms and put her back into bed gently. We walk out of the room and Emma follows shortly after. 

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