My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


4. Babysitting

I was so busy playing with Lilly I didn't even notice Emma fall asleep. I smiled, she looked so beautiful and happy when she slept. Distracted, I didn't even notice Lilly climb onto Emma's lap. Lilly sat there running her hands through Emma's hair. I heard Emma mumble something but I couldn't figure out exactly what she said. A few moments later Emma opened her eyes. Lilly who was pretty much petting Emma now, didn't notice her Auntie wake up. Emma slid her arm out from under her side and reached over to tickle Lilly. The very startled Lilly fell onto my lap in a fit of laughter. Emma sat up and smiled at Lilly who gave her the cutest puppy dog face ever but just couldn't keep it. Emma pulled Lilly onto her lap. Lilly was had her back to me and Emma looked up from Lilly just long enough to catch my eye. She smiled. I just then noticed that Lilly had Emma's smile, laugh and eyes. I just sat there thinking about it until Alex's voice snapped me out of it.  

"Where is everyone gonna sleep?" Alex asked looking at Emma and trying to watch the show.

"Alex you can sleep in my room with someone else, I'm going to sleep in my parents room, three people can sleep in Parker's room, one on the bed, other two on the floor and one person down here on the couch," Emma answered only looking up from Lilly for seconds. 

"I'll sleep with Alex," Zayn offered, looking over at her.

"Alright, that's solved, who's gonna sleep in Parker's room?" Emma questioned, still not looking up.

"I will!" Louis chirped up.

"Me too," Liam and Josh agreed together.

"I'll sleep on this couch," Niall put in.

"Alright, that leaves Harry," Emma said looking at me for barely a second. 

"Uhmm where else is there to sleep?" I asked shyly. I looked at Emma to see Lilly whisper something in her ear. Lilly looked at me her eyes twinkling.

"HARRY YOU'RE GONNA SLEEP WITH ME AND AUNTIE EMMABEAR!" Lilly screamed. Looking happier than ever. Emma sighed and looked at me.

"Please? Or she won't even try to go to sleep," Emma said rolling her eyes not wanting to have to put up with stubborn Lilly all night.

"Of course, anything for Lilly," I replied smiling. Emma stood up and picked up Lilly before she walked to the door that lead downstairs. Emma was back in moments with an air mattress. 

"This is for you 3," Emma yawned and handed the mattress to Liam. Once she did she headed upstairs. 

"I'm gonna go to sleep," I said following Emma. Everyone else nodded in agreement and came with us. Emma went into her room and grabbed a few teddybears and another blanket. Once she had those things she trudged into her parents room and threw everything but Lilly on the bed. She placed Lilly down on the bed and Lilly let out a 'hmpff'. I came in and sat beside Lilly on the bed. Lilly turned to me and stood up putting her hand on my shoulder to keep her balance. 

"Auntie EmmaBear likes you!" Lilly whispered in my ear being as serious as she could.

"I don't think she does love," I replied laughing until I saw how serious her face was.

"No! She does! I can see it in the way she looks at you! She only looks at me like that. But she looked at you the same way!" Lilly continued on in a hushed voice. I never knew that someone her age could be this serious. 

"Well you know what Lilly, I like her too," I whispered back to Lilly who smiled and hugged me.

Emma came back into the room wearing a big shirt that was pretty much a dress on her with black shorts. In her hands were Lilly's pjs. Lilly hid behind me obviously not wanting to go to bed. 

"Lilly come here please," Emma said sternly. Lilly just stayed where she was. I got up off the bed so that I could change and left Emma to Lilly. My suitcase was downstairs in the living rooms. So I walked down the stairs quickly and quietly. I opened it and pulled out a pair of shorts. Since there was a bathroom in the kitchen I decided to change there. 

Once I was done changing I went back upstairs to find Emma had managed to get Lilly into her pjs. Emma was sitting  on the bed with her legs crossed and hair in a bun. Lilly sat in front of Emma who brushed out her curly dark brown hair and put it back with a small hair tie. As I entered the room both Emma and Lilly looked up. Emma started putting pillows into place. She put a hippo teddybear on the left by the wall and a tiger one is the middle. On the left outside there was just a normal pillow and I figured that's where I was sleeping. Emma laid Lilly on the right side by the wall and she laid in the middle, her back to where I would be sleeping. I reached over Emma and gave Lilly a kiss on the forehead. I lay down and pulled that blanket over me. A few minutes passed and Lilly was fast asleep. I guess Emma noticed too because she rolled over to face me. 

"Thank you Harry," Emma whispered,

"Anything for you love," I replied in a hushed voice. I leaned forward and kissed Emma on the forehead and slowly my eyes slid shut.

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