My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


1. Arrival

Harry and Louis walked in front of me, while Niall, Josh and Liam walked behind me. We had come to Calgary Alberta. So far it was beautiful and huge. The people were nice too. I was surprised that I wasn't being completely raped by fans. In the LWWY music video some stupid whore tried to grab my penis. Rolling my eyes I kept walking, eager to get in the truck. I was so glad that I got to drive. Louis would get us all killed. Or arrested. Even get us a ticket. You never know with Lou. Liam wouldn't stop anywhere. Harry would stop every time he saw a girl and Niall would stop at every single god damned food place possible. I'll just take us to the places we can all have fun.

*Two Hours Later*

"Why are we in such a quiet part of the city?" Niall asked looking slightly confused.

"Because that way we don't end up being raped by fans," I responded. I parked the truck in a parking lot and we all got out. "And I saw a park just over there," I snickered. Since I was the only one who noticed the park I lead the way. Together we crossed the road and walked up a quiet street. I reached the turn and started walking up that way. I saw a huge field and on the other side was a park. Once we started crossing the field, We saw two girls sitting in the grass with 3 dogs. I tell you, those dogs were pretty big. I could tell that I wasn't the only one who noticed the dogs. Or the girls because out of the corner of my eye I could see everyone of them fixing their hair and trying to make themselves more attractive. I had to admit the one with dirty blonde hair was pretty cute. But the girl with reddish/brown curly hair had something about her, I kinda liked her already. 

"Can we go say hi?" the boys all chimed and I rolled my eyes.

"Sure why not," I replied. Knowing I'd have to go over there anyways. The moment I said that the smallest of the 3 dogs raced over to where we were making us all jump. But all it did was sit down in front of us and bark once. The girl with dirty blonde hair stood up and said something to the other girl and ran over to where the dog sat. She reached us with in seconds. Damn she was fast and looked pretty cute when she ran. Just the way her hair flowed behind her. As she came closer I saw her eyes. I'd never seen someone with such beautiful eyes. They looked like a pool when the sun makes those ripples under the water. She slowed her pace as she reached us, her other two dogs by her side. She smiled.

"I'm sorry for Ace, she's really friendly and loves everyone. Oh and I'm Emma," she said giggling. Harry stepped forward and I noticed her look to where Niall stood for no more than a second. But her eyes glowed when she looked at him. I think she liked him.

"No worries love," Harry answered cheekily. Louis all of a sudden started laughing his ass off, but none of us were surprised and Emma just rolled her eyes letting a giggle escape her perfectly pink lips.

"I'm Zayn," I spoke introducing myself. Emma just started giggling even more.

"I know who you are," Emma smiled. I realized she was probably a fan. But then why wasn't she screaming and crying? I thought. "So what brings you to this part of the city?" Her question snapped me out of my thoughts. 

"Well we decided it'd be fun to go somewhere and explore while we're on break," Liam answer with a relaxed tone. 

"Sounds like a good time. You're all probably wondering why I'm not screaming or crying," She giggled and looked over her shoulder at her friend. 

"Actually sorta," I admitted. She smiled.

"I'm not screaming or crying because one I have amazing self control. Two because only fans scream and cry, Directioners don't," she sassed.

"Fair enough," Niall answered before anyone else could say anything. In that moment Emma got this look in her eyes and bit her lip, smiling.

"Since you all looked bored, I have an idea," Emma snickered. I could tell she had a little bit of each of out personalities in her. Harry's cheekiness and sass. Niall's love for food, I could see it in her eyes. My love for looking good since she kept fixing her hair. Louis's energy, she kept giggling.  Liam's cuteness, she was easy to look at. Josh's love for drums for she just kept moving her feet in some kind of beat. 

"What is it?!" Louis answered eagerly obviously catching on to the look in her eyes. 

"Kay so, over there is Alex. I bet I could beat you all over there!" Emma said eyes gleaming.

"Lets do it!" Niall shouted. With that said we all lined up.  Emma in the middle, me to her right, Harry to her left, Niall on my right, Josh on his, then Liam and finally Louis. The look in her eyes never faded for a moment. 

"Ready... Set.... GO!!" Emma screamed taking off. She was in the lead with Louis right behind her. I paced with Niall, and Harry, While Liam and Josh pulled ahead. I had a burst of speed and caught up with Louis. But still Emma reached Alex first and instead of stopping she threw herself up in to the air pulling off a front flip and landing in the splits laughing larder than I've seen anyone before. "I WIN!" She screeched, still laughing. She rolled out of the splits and lay on the grass. None stop laughing. Next thing I knew Louis was laying beside her laughing as well. Shortly after Nialler burst into the same fit of laughter. Emma's friend Alex continued it, but fought against it. Josh fell under shortly and then Harry. I though me and Liam were the only sane ones until at the same moment me and Liam both started laughing. "What the hell *ahahaha* are we *hahahaaa* laughing about?!" *AHAHAHA* Emma said trying to choke back her laughter but didn't succeed. Seconds later she sat up calm as ever.

"God you have problems," Alex said calmly, her laughter subsiding. Once Emma had stopped laughing everyone else slowly stopped as well.

"Shhhhhhhh," Emma answered Alex with a smile. Alex only rolled her eyes. Together we all sat in the field and relaxed having a great time. 

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