They are bestfriends since they're kids , she had to move away from him. So they were distant , he changed and so did she , he never forgot about her neither she did. He hid a secret from her and from that she will be TORN.

Kendall jenner as Rylene Johnson
Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber
Jason McCan as Justin Bieber


2. "You can do whatever you want i don't own you".

Justin's POV :

Okay so actually she just didn't know that i prepared a surprise for her. We were on our way walking holding hands.
"Justin where are you taking me" she asked. " Do you trust me" I asked back. "Yeah , yeah i do" she smiled. "Then follow me and stop asking questions" i said. I took her in a place , THIS place was the one i used to come , to relax and think about everything and nothing when she wasn't here. I stoped and came behind her covering up her eyes. "Justin what are you doing?" she whispered. "Trust me" i whispered back. We were still walking , then we got here "You ready?" i asked. "I am" she mumbled. I took my hands off of her eyes , her eyes widened , she was surprised that's exactly what i wanted. "Wow Justin this place is just...just perfect." she said. "I know it is shawty this place is the place where i used to come when i didn't feel good , when i was down and where i was thinking about you , so now that you're back i just want to share it with you" i smiled. I saw her cheeks turning red that was so cute , i would do anything for her to be happy. "I so missed you Justin" she said. "And so did i" i answered kissing her cheek and pulling her in my arms to warm her up. Taking her in my arms  , was like living once again ,  i took her hand and went in the direction of a bench so we could be comfortable. I found it pretty weird that she wasn't asking any questions , she usually worries too much. I sat on the bench and showed her my lap direction , so she sat on me , i put my arms around her , i missed it so much i wish i could show her how important she is to me , I smiled and she smiled back. I stared in her eyes as her were locked in mine , i moved a bit to get my face closer to hers . She didn't react so i came closer , I had to do it i so wanted to feel her lips against mine i knew that in that moment i'll feel whole , she was still staring in my eyes i touched her lips."Justin no i'm sorry i can not do it" she said pulling away. I looked down i felt my heart ache so much. "I'm sorry" i faked a smile. She just held me tighter. "I think that we should go back home now" she said. "Yeah sure let's go" i said standing up. On our way , i wasn't able to talk not after what happened everything became .... awkward. She opened the door and went upstairs immediately. I didn't want to bother her so i just stayed in the kitchen. "Justin where's Kaylee" my mom asked. "She went upstairs she's tired i guess" i spat. "What's going on baby?" she asked. "Nothing mom everything is alright" i faked a smile. She left the room and went to sleep i wanted to cheer myself up i was so down , i'm so stupid , i knew that it was too early , i couldn't take it anymore couldn't take the fact that i have to wait for so long , what i feel for her is intense , she knows me better than i know myself. I took a cup and drank alcohol just a bit because i didn't want to feel drunk. I placed my head in my hands and stayed there for two hours acutally i didn't notice the time . I was here thinking about everything and nothing , i felt really tired so i stood up and went in my room. I opened the door , the first thing that caught my eyes was her  sitting on my bed full of sweat , she was staring at the floor and didn't even notice that i was standing in front of her. What happened here ? "Kaylee?" i asked. No reactions she continued to stare at the floor , she was crying i saw tears escaping from her eyes , i came closer. "Kaylee please tell me something" i said. She didn't move nor said a word , so i came even closer , she tried to say something but nothing just stuttering. I crouched in front of her , put my hand on her cheek , i didn't look away but her eyes. She was shaking , trying to look at me her eyes full of tears. "I..i" she stuttered. She couldn't even pronounce a word , i didn't know what was going on right now but i was scared. I stoop up and sat next to her taking her in my arms "Shht i'm here" i whispered. She burst into tears , i was doing my best to make her feel safe , carresing her arm up and down slowly , she calmed down a bit. "Calm down baby everything's gonna be alright" i said. "Jus..Justin I..I don't wanna l...lose" she said. "But baby you won't lose me" i reassured her. She hugged me ,  i kissed her foreheard. damn i loved her so much , just seeing her like this was killing me. "Hun what happened?"i asked. "I fell asleep and i had a nightmare , you were d..dead because of me." she whispered. "Hey sweetie it's just a nightmare , i'm here alive just next to you , you should know that i'm here and i won't leave your sides okay?" i said. "I love you Justin" she said in a sweet voice. "I love you too sweetheart , well let's sleep now it's really late" i said laying her down and wrapping my arms around her.

It was now 9Am , she was still sleeping , i didn't want to wake her up so i went downstairs. "Hi my baby" my mom said with a smile on her face. "Hi mom" i responded kissing her cheek and hugging her. "How did you sleep" she asked. "Good thanks mom" i smiled. "Are tyler and kaylee still asleep?" she kept asking . "Yup" i answered. I went in the kitchen , bringing my breakfast in the livingroom watching Tv as i ate , when i finished i put it in the sink and went upstairs to take a shower. Kaylee wasn't in my room , nor the bathroom. I called her she didn't answered so I went in  Tyler's room to ask her where was she. He told me that she was in front of the house with a friend of him. It was pretty strange i didn't see her left nor closing the door. I opened the door , went down to the stairs and..

Kaylee's POV :

I saw Justin going down , i took almost 5 minutes to get up , i went in Tyler's room saying hi to him and laid next to him. I was on my pyjamas and i had a messy bun . Tyler told me about Kevin , a close friend of him and he was also my friend cuz he was my bestfriend's brother he wanted to see me down in two minutes i was like WHAT? I first put my hair into a ponytail i didn't have enough time to brush my hair so yeah I cleared my face and went downstairs secretly not to bother anyone. I opened the door and went oustide and walked to him. He hugged me and i hugged him back , we talked for 10 minutes , before leaving he asked if i wanted to spend the day with him. I accepted , and told him that i'd be ready in an hour. We heard the house's door opening , when he saw who it was he froze and automatically kissed me hardly. It wasn't bad at all but i felt weird. He pulled away and said that he'd be here in an hour. I noded and he walked away when he started his car I turned my heels and saw Justin standing in front of me. I couldn't help but look at the floor. " Who's this guy" Justin spat. "A friend , a friend of mine" i said. "A FRIEND sure" he said angrily running his hand in his hair. "Justin it's not what you think" i said looking straight in his eyes. "You can do whatever you want i don't own you" he barked. His eyes were dark of anger.I looked down and pursed my lips in a thin line didn't know what to answer I let a tear escape from my eye and wiped it away before he saw it. I walked away and got up to get ready.Kevin hated Justin but Justin never saw Kevin before.


Fucking hell no she was kissing another man. I felt the anger through my veines. She walked away , i wanted to stop her and know the reason but anger was taking control over me. I went in the garden relaxed on a bench swing. I wanted to break everything i could find. I loved her , i fucking loved her. I prefered to stay here till i could get myself calm.


I showered , dressed up wearing a black shirt , shorts and black converses and brushed my hair , i went in the kitchen taking my breakfast as fast as i could. I heard the door ringing. I didn't have time to get my head up that Justin went straight to the door , stoped and looked at me up and down many times before opening the door , he opened it and ignored me. He went in the living room watching his favorite show. Kevin entered. "Beautiful as always" he said. "Thanks" i faked a smile. "U ready ?" he asked. "Let me just get my bag and i'm coming" i replied. "Hurry shawty" he half screamed. I went up to take my bag and kissed Kevin's cheek as a hello. I looked at Justin before closing the door but he had no reaction , i wanted to say goodbye to him but i didn't do it in fear of getting on his nerves even more. I closed the door and we walked till his car , he opened the door for me i smiled as a thank you , he took driver's place and started the car. "So where are we going?" i asked "Mhmm knowing that you just came back let's revisit the city , it changed a lot" he said looking at the road. "Yeah i'd like to" i smiled. He turned on the radio and our favorite song came on the radio "In my head i see you all over me in my head you fullfill my fantasy in my head you were screaming oooooh" we were singing like crazy. So now we were almost here i was looking around , he stoped the car and we go out of it. He slid an arm around my shoulders and walked in the same rythm as mine. We went to the park , i so loved it ,  it was so lovely and wonderful. "As i know that it's your favorite place here we are" he said. " You're so adorable" i said kissing his cheek. "I know" he said winking. I smirked , and just like kids when we saw a swing we ran till it , then i sat on it. "Push me or let's play who's going higher?" i asked. "Lemme push you" he said with a smile on his face. i knew that it wasn't good at all actually. He started pushing me , then pushed harder that i almost flew out of it , i told you i knew it wasn't a good idea.. "Mean you" i yelled. "You don't know anything about me" he said smirking. I stood up and walked next to him , we saw an empty way " RACE ?" he asked. "The first arriving next to the dustbin" i said starting running. "You're such a cheater" he said running after me. He took the first place and i was losing as always haha. I made the pout. "Why this sad face?" he said. "Usually i'm always first , because i'm a boss" i giggled. "You'll never end first with me babe" he winked. "Boo you" i said in a kid's voice. He laughed and pulled me into a litlle hug. We kept on walking , i was actually hungry so we went buying ice creams. He ordered and said "I hope you like vanila mask" he said turning to face me. "Omg fuck you Kevin don't even do that" i said. "As i said you don't know anything about me" he smiled. "Let's sit" he smiled. "Yeah sure" i smiled back. We sat then Justin caught my thoughts. I asked myself if he was really mad at me or mad about what happened , i pushed him away last night and now i guess that he will never forget me about it , i missed him , i asked myself what he was doing i was totally losing myself in my thoughts till i heard my name. "Kaylee." "Kaylee?" "Kaylee!" Kevin said. "Oh yeah sorry i was daydreaming" i shyly smiled. "I noticed , you've got ice cream all over your lips" he said. "Well where" i asked to wipe it away as i got my tissue ready. He slowly came closer and kissed me to remove it , i didn't know why i didn't push him away everytime he kissed me. "Just here" he smiled. "Can you stop doing that?" i asked. "Why that?" he asked back. "I , it bothers me and i mean we're not together"i smiled. "Alright miss Johnson" he said smiling back. When we finished our ice cream , we went to the cinema , ate , bought some clothes , walked on the sidewalks , watched windows and visiting a pretty cool museum. It was actually 6PM so i prefered to go back "home" to relax a bit. I asked him to drive me home, he did so and and pulled me in a hug."See you sweety" he said shaking his hand. "See you" i smiled. I opened the door finding , my mom , pattie , tyler , jeremy , jazzy and jaxon , i said hi to all of them but , Justin wasn't there. "Guys where's Justin?" i asked. "He went out he'll come back later" Jeremy spoke. "Okay thank" I smiled and went in justin's room , cuz his room was also mine. I went in the bathroom taking a shower letting my muscles relax under the hot watter, when i finished i dried myself up, wore justin's t shirt and some leggins as pijamas , brushed my teeth and i decided to straighten my hair when i was done i put on some music and  installed myself on the bed took my phone and went on Twitter. I saw that Kevin tweeted something " Kevin : A beautiful day on a beautiful girl's side it was just perfect" I smiled like idiot seeing this. But then i saw a tweet that make me froze "Justin : You're getting on my nerves, worse day". I heard Justin coming back i took my headphones and put them in my ears without any songs. "Mom i'm there , Jessica is sleeping here tonight" he said. "Alright" she said. Wait who's that Jessica ? I heard Justin coming upstairs , i just ignored and tweeted: "I don't know what to do i'm lost". Justin made himself inside the room still ignoring him i scrolled down my screen. "Who's this , i mean what's this?" a girl's voice ran through my ears. "It's my mother bestfriend's daughter" Justin spoke. Did he just ? i'm his mother bestfriend's daughter? He just didn't fucking assume me as a bestfriend. I acted like i didnt hear them. Justin came closer , i didn't react. I didn't lift my head up i was just too mad at what he just said , i texted Kevin and my bestfriend , cuz i knew that they would understand. Justin snatched my headphones away. "Get the fuck out of here you're not sleeping here tonight" he barked. "And where am i suppose to sleep?" i asked. "I don't fucking care move" he said. "Sure no problems" i paused turning to him "Hey , it's nice to know that i'm your mother bestfriend's daughter" i said leaving the room.


When i saw Kaylee i remembered how much i was pissed off i fucking hated that Kevin guy for kissing her , i couldn't blame her but i was so out of myself. I ignored what she said and when she left the room i smiled at Jessica.
We laid on my bed , Jessica was such an easy girl , and i had to get my shit done if you know what i mean. I went on  top of her , kissed her , her neck every inch of her body , she let out a quiet moan as she got me closer to her. I grabbed her ass while i kissed her , she bit my lower lip. She took my t-shirt off so i did the same with hers. I unhooked her bra and kissed her bare chest. I unbuttoned her pants still kissing her chest i got my hand in her pants. Then someone knocked on the door , i didn't have the time to answer that Kaylee entered. "I forgot my..".


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