They are bestfriends since they're kids , she had to move away from him. So they were distant , he changed and so did she , he never forgot about her neither she did. He hid a secret from her and from that she will be TORN.

Kendall jenner as Rylene Johnson
Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber
Jason McCan as Justin Bieber


1. "We're here"

Kaylee's Point of view :


Today was the day , i'm gonna see him again. I wanted to suprise to him so i didn't call nor text him. I was so happy  ,but i had to close my bags and i was so lazy.

"Kaylee get your suitcases down we gonna go." My mom screamed. "Alright" I replied.

You gotta know i'm a lazy person so i couldnt take them down on my own so i asked my older brother Tyler of course he helped me , to be honest this brother was like no other he was caring and lovely. Well anyway when our suitcases were down we took the direction of the airport. I was so excited that i was moving everywhere like a little kid. All i wanted was to see him. "Kaylee can you stop acting like a kid seriously" my mom spoke. I giggled and sat waiting for our bags to get taken , so now we had to go in the plane , i took a sit just next to the window i loved the view.  Tyler sat next to me and my mom was in front of us. "I'm scared.. i'm scared that he won't remember me.." i said looking at Tyler. "Hey little girl everything's gonna be alright ,don't worry " he smiled. "How can i not worry?" I asked. He didn't even know what to say , i shut my mouth and put my head on his lap , i felt so tired that i fell asleep. We had like 6 hours of plane so i prefered to sleep.


We finally arrived , oh gosh i felt my stomach hurt from stress. "We gotta take a bus and go to their house Pattie sent me the address" said my mom. We followed her. I so wanted to see all of my old friends , i missed them so much. "We're here" she mumbled. I felt the stress grew. "PATRICIA" my mom screamed. "Katherine" pattie screamed back " I'm so glad to see you again guys" she continued. "So are we" my mom smiled. "Hello pattie" Tyler and i sing-sang giving her a kiss. "Hi kids" she said.  She invited us to enter , their house was wonderfull as always , we walked till the living-room Jeremy was working and Jazzy and Jaxon were at a brithday party.


"Justin get down i have a surprise for you" she said with a loud voice. "I'm coming mom" he replied. He plunged the stairs like a boss , saw me and froze. His eyes were wide open. I wanted to laugh so bad seeing his face."Say hi Justin" she said with a sweet voice. Still staring at me he kissed my mom , gave a hug to Tyler as a hello then stopped in front of my face , he hugged me , i felt my heart skiping a beat it's been a long time that i didn't feel his arms around me. A silence was heard around us. "You're so beautiful" he whispered in my ear i didn't dare to talk. I faked a smile "Let's go upstairs ?" he asked  I noded and followed him , we went upstair and i was looking around and reminding every memories of our childhood and a smile crossed my lips. I entered in his room and rediscovered it. Something caught my eyes a picture , a picture of him and i exactly. Stick on his wall i stared at it for a while but Justin interupted my thoughts. "This picture is perfect huh?" He asked  "So much.." I smiled. "Wow did you just talk , your voice so changed" he giggled. " So did yours" i answered. "I'm gonna wear something wait for me" he muttered. I noded , he went in the bathroom. I walked over his bed and sat on it , i was looking around and i saw an album hidden under his pillow , i took it and opened it there was a lot of pictures of us and jazzy and jaxon i smiled. I laughed out loud seeing Jeremy's and Justin's face on one picture. Justin found me on his bed , saw me and sat next to me. "Do you remember that day we were full of painting fighting" he smiled. "Of course i remember that , it was funny" i smiled back. For an hour or so we continued commenting on each picutre laughing and having tears. My mom knocked "Kaylee we're staying here , Pattie is okay for that" she said. "Oh my god really ?" i jumped. My mom laughed and shook her head meaning my poor girl you're crazy.

Time went away. It was actually 9Pm we were all good to play wii , Jazzy , Jaxon , Pattie , Mom , Jeremy , Tyler , Justin and I.
"SHIT ! I'm always losing" i spoke. "Kaylee!" my mom yelled. "What?" i asked. "Langage!" she replied. "Sorry mom" i said doing the pout. Everybody died of laugh when they saw my face. I was thirsty and tired so i stopped a while and made my way to the kitchen.


"So loser you're stoping playin?" this voice was so familiar. "I'm totally dead" i spoke. Jeremy was sitting behind me "You didn't change still a lazyass" I pushed him slightly "One day a lazyass forever a lazyass" i sing-sang. He laughed and his laugh made me laugh which is really weird , we both laughed hard , steps were heard behind us. "Why are you guys laughing and i'm not?" Justin said walking over us. "Why are you always in people's buisness?" jeremy shot back. "Touché" i said. "Since you're talking to MY bestfriend dad it's my buisness" he said. I felt my cheeks grew hot. "It's been a long time i didn't hear you laugh still so cute" Justin said looking at me. My cheeks grew hotter i was red. "Imma leave you guys" Jeremy smiled. "Would you like to go in the garden and have a talk?" he asked. "Anything you want Mr.Bieber" i said kissing his cheek. "What was that kiss for?" he smiled. "I just wanted to" i smiled back. "So are we going in this garden?" i smiled. He took my hand and walked to back door.

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