They are bestfriends since they're kids , she had to move away from him. So they were distant , he changed and so did she , he never forgot about her neither she did. He hid a secret from her and from that she will be TORN.

Kendall jenner as Rylene Johnson
Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber
Jason McCan as Justin Bieber


5. "I'm sorry i hurted you"

"I , i love you too" she whispered. She smiled and walked away turning around looking at me one more time then finally walked to her bestfriend.

I started to walk back to my friends " Woa man" they yelled together exept Hailey "What?" i smirked. "So you and Ray?" Mark asked "No , not yet" i replied still with a light grin on my face. "But dude did you notice the way she looked at you" he spoke up "Yeah but she's still my bestfriend" i said "Bestfriend with benefits" he winked.

"Oh shut up" i laughed "So how about we go to the cinema?" Nathan asked "Yeah there's that good movie" Ethan continued , we nod and got up Hailey couldn't stop looking at me she was so disgusted , but she had a boyfriend she had to get over the fact that we're no more together. I sat down and watched the movie.

When the movie ended it was about 6:15 pm i needed to get ready and make myself presentable for our date , so i got my car keys and drove back home. I stepped into the house and made my way to the bathroom i took all of my clothes off and cleaned myself up , i shaved and brushed my teeth i put some deodorant on and Started to dress up i was wearing

a dark greyish blue jeans , a black V t shirt , a light blue suit vest and black suit shoes , i pulled my hair back and put some wax on it , i put perfume on and finally texted Kaylee :

To Rylene :

I'm ready , i'm waiting for you , hoping that you're not tired.

Love you.

From Rylene :

I'll be there soon , i'm never tired enough to spend time with you you know.

Love you too...

Then i made my way downstairs to chat a bit with my family "Wow what happened to you Bieber" katherine giggled "I'm going on a date ma'am" i replied "Who with? Rylene?" she asked , i noded she exchanged gazes with my mom smilling at her "What are you going to do guys?" my mom asked "It's a surprise i shouldn't tell" i smiled "You better be taking care of her" Tyler spoke up

"Leave him alone Tyler" Katherine spoke "No it's okay he's right" I spoke to katherine " I'll take care of her bro'" i looked at Tyler. "Tyler is right , Justin should take care of her as we all know how much Justin changed and acted with girls" my dad spoke up. "Yes dad but it's not the same with her" i replied "He's right jeremy" my mom spoke , "It's not a reason we never know what can happend"

my dad replied "I agree" katherine spoke up "We're just warning you son" my dad said looking at me "I will take care of her , i promise" i said looking at everyone we heard the door close so we immediately stopped talking , Rylene was walking to us "What's going on here" she asked "Nothing sweetie , we were just talking" Katherine smiled. Rylene made her way to her brother hugging him as he was

watching me. "Justin do you mind if i put something else on because..." she said looking at herself "Yes sure sweetheart" i replied smilling at her. 5 minutes passed and she got down she looked incredibly beautiful i noticed that she put on a bright red lipstick and put her hair in a high ponytail she was wearing a beautiful navy blue dress which stopped just above her knees and black heels. "You look beautiful" my dad spoke up

"Thank you" she said shyly she turned to gaze me "Let's go?" i asked "Yeah" she replied taking my hand. I opened the door as we got in front of the house i stopped "What's wrong?" she spoke "I forgot to tell you that you look incredibly gorgeous" i said looking her with admiration "Thank you" she blushed " You're not bad yourself , i mean you're bomb" she giggled lightly i kissed her cheek and we made our to the car

as she noticed that it wasn't my car that i was taking she looked at me with confusion "what's this?" she asked "Don't ask questions just get in" i smiled as i opened the door for her she made a sign with her head as a thank you , i sat next to her "You're hungry?" i asked "Yes of course what kind of question is that?" she giggled "Right you're always hungry" i giggle back "Would you like erm... KFC?"

"Hell yes" she smiled "Sir can you take us to kfc please?" i asked the chauffeur "Of course Mr.Bieber" he replied. Rylene had her phone in her hands and i noticed that both of her backgrounds was us and then us, jazzy and jax. "How cute is that" i spoke up looking at her phone "What are you...oh err thank you" she blushed "You're too cute" i smiled to her "Stop that" she hid her face in my chest.

"You're the best , wait MY bestfriend" i said holding her "Stop you're gonna kill me i swear" she said softly "Why so?" i asked looking at her "You're the one who's too cute" she spoke "No that's just the effect that you have on me" i smiled at her "It's what you do to me" i continued placing her hand on my heart , she felt it beat up fast against her hand she didn't say a thing her cheeks were bright red almost

matching her lipstick , she kept gazing at her hand on my heart "Hey are you on mute" i spoke up , she laughed so loud "You think you're funny" she stopped then laughed again "Actually noticing how much you're laughing right now yes i am funny" i spoke laughing at my own joke. "Hug me" she said looking into my eyes i pulled her close and held her tight her perfume was floating she smelled so good.

The chauffeur ordered what we asked and handed it to us "Open you mouth" she said with a piece of chicken between her fingers , i did so and she put it in my mouth i ripped it off "You're actually starving" she giggled i made my way to her ear "Nop i'm not it's just the way i'll make love to you if you were mine" i pulled away a smile dragging on my face "Oh my god" she said her eyes completely wide , i winked at her

and continued to eat "By the way where are we going?" she asked , her mouth full of chicken "I thought that i told you to stop asking questions , it's a surprise" i spoke , she groaned at me and i kissed her cheek.

Rylene's POV :

I wondered where we were going , It's been an hour since we were driving and my head was falling to the side i was about to fall asleep "Justin talk to me i'm gonna fall asleep" i slowly spoke "What can i say?" he said facing me "I don't know Jay" i said looking back at him "i love you" he whispered "I know Jay you've been saying that way too much lately" I teased "Okay then Ray , i hate you"

he wasn't facing me anymore "Hey i'm just kidding" i smiled forcing him to look at me , but he didn't so i decided to sit on his lap facing him "You mad?" i pouted "mhm" he hummed "i love you too" i said kissing his cheek "Is that better?" i asked "No it's not" he said , he didn't even let me tell a thing that i felt his lips slowly getting their way on mine and he kissed me in such a soft way.

i kissed him back slowly , i loved the taste of his lips but i didn't know what we actually were , what if we got together and 16 years of friendship will blow away 16 years of trust and secrets. I pulled away craving for air "This is better" he whispered. I looked into his eyes and oh my god it was so beautiful , i sat back next to him not letting go of his gaze i now looked away and took out my phone

i secretely took a pic of him sending it to Camille , she sent me back a pic of her and her boyfriend they were so adorable i'm so happy for her , she finally found someone and she was finally happy , suddenly my phone rang "Hello?" i said not bothering loonking at the ID before answering "Hi love , what's up?" Camille's voice rang through the phone "I am with Justin i'm gonna spend my night with him"

i smiled at myself "Be careful my love" she gently spoke "Of couse , don't worry he's not going to steal me away from you" i giggled "Who knows , just give me news" she spoke "I will you don't have to worry about that , by the way you guys were so cute on that picture i'm so happy for you" i spoke "Thank you yes he's really cute" she whispered "I gotta go i'll let you enjoy , love you" she continured

"Thanks baby i love you too" i hung up. "Who was that?" Justin finally spoke as he put his hand on mine "mhm i don't know" i teased "Was that Kevin?" he codly spoke as he removed his hand from mine "No of course not Justin , it was Camille" i spoke taking his hand back in mine "You scared me" he gently spoke "Is sir Justin jealous?" i teased "You're mine" he slowly spoke whishing i didn't hear him.

I pretended not to hear it and smiled. I turned my face toward the window looking at the landscape i felt his gaze on me "Stop staring at me Jay" i giggled "I don't know what you're talking about" he smirked as I turned around to face him and sat on him so my legs were both oh his sides "You're cute" i kissed his nose "Don't be so cheesy" he spoke "I hate you" i mouthed "No you don't" he muttered

He scanned every inch on my face as my face turned bright red as he smirked "I'm so crazy about you" he whispered "I.." before i could say anything the chauffeur cut me off "We are here" he spoke "Thank you Sir" he handed him few dollars , he pushed me away from his lap and got out of the car , in a second he opened the door and helped me so step out of it "You don't have to be such a gentleman" i smiled

"Anything for you miss Johnson" he kissed my cheek i heard waves i guessed we are at the beach i turned around to see that petal roses were drawing a path , i removed my shoes as we were going to walk on the sand , walking i noticed a sheet surrounded by candles he helped me to sit on it and he made his way on the other side , "You can call that a date well i guess" he blushed "It's really beautiful thank you"

i smiled pecking his cheek he pulled something out of nowhere wich seemed to be food yes again then handed me something to eat i bit on it , it was really tasty to be honest. As we were sitting and eating i explained all the Kevin drama thing because i really needed to clear this i didn't want it to mess anything between us. We both apologized and everything was better , he stood up and came behind me i didn't expect

this he carried me my belly on his shoulder "JUSTIN DON'T NO" i screamed as he wanted to throw me in the ocean he pretended like he didn't hear me and threw me in it , he pushed me down in the water wanting me drown i took him along that he drowned with me "I can't breathe" i slowly spoke "I don't care that's part of fun" he smirked i jumped on him my legs were around his waist. He started to splash water at me

"You're stupid" i whispered "And i love you" he whispered back i hid my face in the crook of his neck i planted bunch of kissed there then he carried me out of the water , he lightly put me back on the sheet where we were sitting earlier he laid down next to me as we were watching the sky his gaze laid on me "You're really beautiful you know that?" he half whispered "Thank you Justin even tho my makeup is sitting

all over my face" i giggled "Even if you looked like a zombie you'd still be beautiful to me" he smirled a little aw escaped my mouth as i blushed he finally kissed my cheek. He slowly started to sing a Boyz II Men song slowly. His voice was really beautiful and calming as every second passed i realise that i loved him more than i could.

Justin's POV :

I couldn't ask for a better moment and nothing could ruin it. Finding her again was the best thing that ever happened to me and i know i messed up i know i fucked it up with lots of girl but she wasn't like them no , she was different she was my different and i loved her. I am so crazy about her so found of her and no word can explain the way i feel for her do you know what it's like to have your first love and then

lose her but then she comes back to you , do you know how it even feels? I never told her i loved her before i mean i did but it always was friendly to her but i couldn't wait any longer it was clearly impossible for me not to love her she is so special and i don't even know if she had boyfriends during the time i didn't see her but i'm already jealous , i'll always be jealous if i ever see her in another man's arms i don't know what would i do. She was the only reason why i woke up in the morning with a smile on my face.

She's the only person who can keep me the way I am the way i've always been and not some kind of player. She makes me feel so relax and so chill i don't even know how she does that. Her smile was the light that feeds the sun in my world , her dark brown eyes sparkled they were full of emotions every time i looked into them it's like i was floating , every inch of her was beautiful. And i dreamt i dreamt that one

day she'll be mine. I met bunch of women but she was the one and i was sure about it , she makes me feel a way that no one can , she means everything to me just the thought of losing her makes me weak. Some people say that love is just a game but i would like to show them what it really is. I was so lost in my thoughts of her that i didn't notice that she was staring at me the whole time. "Justin , this is one

of the best days of my life thank you for everything" she lightly smiled "You deserve it , i should've never acted like that towards i'm sorry i changed" i said looking into her eyes "Don't be sorry Justin everybody changes" she carresed my cheek i loved moments like this damn. I kissed her forehead "Would you mind changing ?" i spoke "No , let's go" she smiled " I stood up and helped her too , it wasn't that late

and i still had something up for her we got into the little thing i rented for the night she put her bag on the bed "Hey it's really cool here" she spoke as she undressed "Yeah it is , by the way don't get yourself on your pijamas we have something up" i smiled "You don't have to do all this" she lightly spoke "You deserve it Ray" i smiled shee removed her makeup and simply dressed up , i also changed clothes into something more comfortable ,

finally ready i took her hand and landed to where i wanted to go , i was watching the landscape as i walked next to her , we weren't speaking but it wasn't an awkward silence no it was more of a relaxing silence. I showed her with my finger where we were going "You know how to pleasure me , you're way too kind" she muttered "You're cute" i smirked "Let's go to this rollercoaster?" as i pointed at it

"Sure" she claped her hands like a kid. We rode lots of rollercoasters and ate tons of candy cottons , yes we were kids again. I wanted it to last forever i really loved this night.


It was now 10PM and she felt tired so i carried her back to the house we were. Once we got there she went to take a shower and so did i. When i got out of the shower i noticed that she was cooking something "What you cooking? it smells so good " i spoke to her , "Oh god you scared me" she put one hand on her heart "I'm sorry" i laughed "It's not funny" she lightly push my shoulder. "Take a sit" she continued.

I sat down as she put both plates on the table we laughed during the whole diner , i loved to see her finally smile that much. She was so wonderfull at the end of the dinner we started to throw water at each other's face i stood up and catched her from behind she was so dead of laugh that she fell to the floor and so did i we were crying of laugh for god knows what reason but we did. "Catch me if you can" she muttered

as she got up and start to run all around the house "Don't make me do that , you know you'll lose" i teased as i ran behind her , she finally fell on the floor as i got on top of her kissing her forehead she had a big smile across her face "GOTCHA" i half screamed "No you cheated i fell on the floor" she slightly opened her mouth she turned me around and came on top of me and started to tickle me i think that she got

a revenge from earlier i begged her to stop but she still continued i finally managed to stop her hands from tickling me because i actually craved air. I mouthed an i love you and she mouthed an i hate you and started to run to the room. I ran behind her but she locked the door "Cheater" i spoke up "I'm not cheating" she spoke and her voice came from behind me she had the key in her hands "That was a good one okay"

i smiled "I'm the best pranker you know" she teased "Of course you are" i spoke ironically "Heey why so mean" she hid her face in my chest "I am just teasing you shawty" i giggled she punched my chest lightly "You're mean" she pouted "I'm sorry" i kissed her forehead "You gotta agologize" she teased "Oh yeah ? how?" i raised my eyebrow "I don't know" her voice cracked she was so cute , she made her way

to the bed and put herself under the cover as if she was mad "Really?" i whispered "Na , i love you too by the way" she smiled "Come next to me" she spoke as she taped next to her , i noded and as i was about to remove my t shirt she got up and i felt her grabing my waist from behing putting her little nose in the crook of my back. "Why couldn't we be like since the begining?"i spoke up "We both know it could've never worked" she whispered "I don't know maybe it

could've" i turned around "Maybe but what if it screwed us up?" she looked directly into my eyes making my heart skip a beat "I could've never handled to lose you" my voice craked "Me neither Justin" she placed a soft kiss on my cheek i cupped her cheek in my hands and kissed her forehead.

"I wanted to also apologize for you know um , the girl , um i..i was so mad and i didn't know what i was doing i never meant to hurt you" i slowly spoke in her hair "Almost fucking her was also part of being mad?" she said harshly "Yeah , i was so jealous that i wanted you to feel the same way i felt when um you know you were both kissing" i spoke "But Justin as i told you earlier i only kissed him because i wanted

to forget the pain" she looked down "I'm sorry i hurted you" my voice cracked again damn i hated that "It's just past now let's enjoy the moment" she whispered. "Only now matters" i half whispered half spoke , she didn't say anything she ate me up with her eyes i admired everything about her , she had the most perfect face every inch of her was so beautiful. We were pressed against

each other our faces were just few centimeters away and we were both whispering "i love you's" until one of us didn't resist anymore. I felt her breath brushing my lips. And in that moment i knew that no one ever drove me that crazy.

Rylene's POV :

His eyes , lips , nose , gaze , hair , skin everything about him. He was my defenition of perfection. I craved him , craved his lips on mine i didn't know if i'd make it. As every second passed i love him more and more i felt like my heart was going to explode. Looking into his eyes was like drowning in the ocean , my lips were burning from wanting his lips on mine i leaned in slowly he grabbed my face gently and crashed

his lips on mine and in that moment i felt myself like floating , like time had stopped the way he kissed me was soft but yet so passionate , i threw my arms around his neck pulling him closer , he put one of his hand on my hip and the other at the bottom on my back slowly caressing it with his fingers. I pulled away for a second craving air but he immediately put his lips back on mine asking for access with his tongue

i slowly let him get in. As our tongues met i felt myself shaking from chills which made him smile against my lips. He slowly pulled away looking right into my eyes , i licked my bottom lip i quickly looked away so shy of what i've just done , my cheeks turned into a deep red "Don't be shy" he whispered "I.." and before i could say anything he pecked my lips and slowly talking in between them "You" peck "are" peck

"an" peck "amazing" peck "kisser"peck i slowly turned my head avoiding his kiss , don't get that wrong i was just teasing him and when he pulled away i wanted to peck his lips but he also avoided it and it made me smile "You're cute when you're trying to kiss me" he smirked "Shut up" i giggled and we continued to tease each other. I never got enough of his touch though. I slowly turned around to check the hour

it was a bit after 2:00 am "How about we get some sleep" i spoke softly "Yeah sure shawty" he took my hand and took me beside the bed he slowly got himself on it as i followed laying down on the bed he was laying on his side looking at me "turn around" he whispered and i did so his chest was now pressed against my back and i could feel his heart beating it was not calm and slow it rushed like crazy which made

mine beat faster i don't know how we did that to each other but it hurted so much i mean i loved him so much that it hurted. He grabbed the covers and put it over us , making me as comfortable as possible i loved the fact that he did that , it showed that he cared and i cared about him too. "Goodnight i love you" he whispered in my hair "night i love you too" putting my hand on his which layed on my stomach.

I closed my eyes and relaxed and by the 5 minutes that passed i fell asleep in his arms.

My phone ringtone woke me up i thought that it was maybe someone who typed someone's number wrong or ads so i didn't pick it up then it continued to ring maybe three or four times so i decided to take my phone and see who called me in the middle of the night my eyes widened when i saw the ID it was my mom. I began to panick i tried to call her back but Justin's phone rang right after , he picked it up

"Hello?" he spoke in a raspy voice "Yeah she's next to me hold on" his voice still so raspy he handed me his phone "Hi mom?" i panicked "Honey i have bad news" she cried.


And yes another chapter is now published i'm sorry i take time writing it , i put everything in my writing so i need to make it special even tho i'm not an author.

Do you ship Jylene?

By the way i don't know if i'm gonna make them date yet.  I mean you'll see.

And yes my end is such a tease.

Just let me know what you think and i hope bunch of you reads it. I just hope that i'm not writing my heart out for nothing.

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