They are bestfriends since they're kids , she had to move away from him. So they were distant , he changed and so did she , he never forgot about her neither she did. He hid a secret from her and from that she will be TORN.

Kendall jenner as Rylene Johnson
Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber
Jason McCan as Justin Bieber


3. "I'm not done with you".

Kaylee's point of view :


What a douche , i don't know why the hell he would act like this. Thanks god i'm not resentful whatever as Justin got me out of his room i decided to go to sleep with my brother. I knocked and slowly opened the door "Tyler are you asleep" i whispered. "No i'm not what's going on" he said looking at me. "Justin got me out of his room cuz he is with some bitch"  i said coldly. He sighed opening his arms to me "c'mere". I laid in his arms , i closed my eyes ready to sleep when i noticed that i forgot my phone in Justin's room so i got up and made my way to his room  , i knocked and didn't expect him to reply so  i directly got in. "I forgot my..." i began , he was on top of her "phone" i whispered. I was frozen tears began to show up i turned my heels and closed the door forgetting my phone once more , i ran over Tyler's room just before the door i stoped and slided myself against the wall putting my head into my knees and hardly cried , i wasn't able to catch my breath , why me ? right now ? I felt so hurt and betrayed , he didn't even know the reason why Kevin pressed his lips onto mine and he just got revenge like that. My heart was hurting so badly i couldn't handle it anymore so i decided to go outside to breathe fresh air and think , i really needed it i wiped away my tears and made my way down. I opened the door and sat on the stairs in front of the house , i tried to calm myself down but pain was running all over my body i felt it through my veins i tried to breathe deeply but tears continued to roll down my cheeks. I felt someone standing in front of me , i hid my tears as i felt the person getting closer , i looked up to see Kevin , "hey" i faked a smile. "Why weren't you replying to my texts?I was worried" he asked. "I forgot it in the room sorry" in the sound of my voice you could clearly tell that i cried. "wow what's up?" my throat tightened i couldn't talk , i kept looking down and i got up and held him without saying a thing , he caressed my hair " You know you can tell me everything i hate to see you like this" he said softly. "Y..You know how much Justin means to me..I..Since he brought me to that place and that the next day he saw me with you he keeps on ignoring me , talking to me like i was some piece of shit , deny the fact that i'm his bestfriend and as he got a girl home and that i was in his room he fired me out of it , i let my phone there and then i saw him..." my voice began to shake i couldn't continue it hurted so much. "Don't tell more it's ok , Kaylee you know that he'll only keep on hurting you i don't get why are you still caring about him , get him out of your head" he said. "I love him.." and yes in the first time in my life i admitted it " i can't , those feelings won't go away i tried" i continued. "Take your time" he spoke. "Thank you for being here when i need it" i held him tighter , he pulled away and got me down the stairs , i sat on the edges that created the front of the house , he got in front of me and i opened my legs to let him get closer as i held him , i don't know for how many minutes we stayed there like that but we kept on holding each other i needed that , i needed someone to hold me , he took my face in his hands and stared in my eyes as i looked somewhere else. "You are beautiful , don't let yourself down i want to see your smile" he whispered. I faked a smiled and looked down i didn't want to look into his eyes but it was too late he was staring in my eyes and so was I in his , he put his hands on my hips , i had chills running down my body , he smirked he leaned in and i let him once more i needed to forget Justin i needed to convince myself that i didn't like him , i needed it to forget it. Our face started to get closer and closer i felt his soft and wet lips press against mine , i put my hand onto his cheek and kissed him back , he deepened the kiss i felt his lips smile against mine , he pulled away and looked into my eyes. "I thought we shouldn't do this anymore" i whispered. He didn't respond , he bit my lower lip and kissed me even harder , he asked access into my mouth and i let him i wrapped my arms around his neck , bringing him closer. I heard steps coming from the garden , i didn't pay attention i continued , he hurted me too much that i had to get this pain out of me. A shadow got closer to us and it bothered us , we stopped kissing craving for air i smiled at him and cleared my throat. I turned my head to the side to see who got here and my smile faded Justin was standing there looking at us , i didn't even want to look at him again. "You again ? You better get your hands off of her right NOW" he barked. He didn't do so , he got closer to Kevin and punched him hard in the stomach , he continued punching him everywhere and as Kevin knew that i loved him he didn't fight back. I got in front of him " Justin stop" i screamed , he didn't hear me Kevin was covered with blood "Justin please stop" i cried " please if you love me" i whispered , Justin stopped and stood up looking at me he punched the wall " FUCKING HELL" he screamed. I got my way to Kevin to see if he was still conscious , he was just dizzy. I helped him to get up , he wiped away the blood he had on his face. I was about to get back home to stop this mess so i got on my tip toes to kiss Kevin as a goodbye but when i was about to... "DON'T" Justin groaned. "Don't do that Kaylee" kevin whispered. I ignored them and got closer "I said DON'T" Justin barked. I just kissed the corner of his lips not to create more drama. "Fucking hell Kaylee" he grabbed my wrist and pulled me against his chest , i stared in his eyes and i could see the anger and hopelessness in it , it turned into a dark brown almost black color , as i continued to stare in his eyes he noticed the pain in mine , and when he did his face softened , he carressed my cheek with the back of his fingers , but i removed it i was so mad at him. Anger reached him once more causing his veins to get out of his skin , he pulled away and gave me my phone back. "I'm not done with you" he said pointing at Kevin , as he walked inside the house. I froze , unable to move i felt my heart ripping away i felt arms wrapping around me , but i moved i didn't want this. I turned around facing Kevin "I'm really sorry for what happened" i looked down " It's okay don't worry" he replied. "I'm so scared to go back inside" i said still looking down "May you sleep at our house?" he proposed "If it doesn't bother anyone , plus i really need to see Camille" i lightly smiled. "Let's go then" he said starting to walk , i followed him " Kaylee come back here now" i heard a voice behind me. " I'm not coming back not after this" i replied to the voice. " I said now" Justin spoke louder. "As you said you don't own me" i said walking further , " I fucking hate you" he barked and closed the door . After a good 5 minutes of walking we finally got there , he opened the door and let me got in , i looked around it changed it was really simple yet beautiful. He showed me the direction of his room as i got in there , he closed the door behind us. "Do you mind if i don't sleep next to you tonight i used to sleep next to Justin and no one else" i spoke softly. "No problem" he said as he showed me another bed. " Thanks" i said , i got inside the bed and he switched off the lights. "Again , i'm sorry" i said "Don't worry i'll be fine , now sleep , good night" he spoke. "Good night" i said quietely. And by that moment i finally fell asleep. I woke up around 6 in the morning i couldn't sleep anymore this was getting me crazy. And i missed him so much but i hated him at the same time. I decided to head to the bathroom and rince my face i was so pale i looked so sick i had to take a medicine , i slowly opened the bathroom door trying not to wake Kevin up "Where are you going" a voice spoke. "Oh my god you scared the hell out of me" i half whispered half spoke. "Sorry" he laughed. "I'm gonna take a shower go back to sleep" i told him as i made my way back to the bathroom. I took my clothes off and got myself into the shower and set it on hot water , i let it run through my body i relaxed under the heat of the water. I made my up mind in it i don't know why but showers helped me to think , then i got clean real quick and got out , i wrapped a towel around my body cuz i just realise that i had no clothes to wear. I was soaking wet but still made my way into Kevin's room , he was shirtless wearing just his sweatpants. He hugged me as a morning hello then i made my way to my bestfriend's room surprising her. "knock knock" i said. "Yeah" i heard her voice. i entered " Surpriise" i sing-sang. "No , oh my god this isn't real Kaylee ! what are you doing here?" she hugged me "Well , you know Justin" i hugged her back. "Justin" she rolled her eyes. "Hey babe can i borrow you some clothes cus..." i said looking down at myself. "Of course" she giggled. "We should get out sometime , how about this afternoon would you like to go to shopping?" she asked as she handed me some outfit "Yes why not just let me get back home and change so i can give you back your clothes" i smiled then i thanked her and changed myself up."We'll meet downstairs" i spoke up as i got down the stairs , on my way down i saw Kevin and Camille's parents "Morning mr and mrs Clark" i spoke gently. "Good morning Kaylee how have you been?" replied Mrs Clark "I've been good , how about you?" i said , "Good sweetheart thank you for asking , get yourself some breakfast" she said in a sweet voice. "Thank you" i smiled , Mr Clark was watching Tv he surely didn't hear me , i made my way to the kitchen searching for things to eat and sat down , i took out my phone and noticed that i had 10 missed calls , 3 voice mails and 5 texts all from Justin :


From Justin :

Kaylee pick up your phone i miss you.

From Justin :

I'm sorry come back.

From Justin :

You're the only one , the only one i truly love , i need you by my side.

From Justin :

Why do I always screw things up and then regret it , please forgive me.

From Justin :

Kaylee , I really need to talk to you , I miss you a lot i fucked up big time , you just came back and I act like some asshole , i really need you to come back , i need to hold you in my arms , to smell your perfume , and i miss you voice.

By the way i told everyone you were at Camille's.


I didn't want to hear his voice through the voice mails so i didn't listen to it. I texted back.

To Justin :

Tell everyone i should be here by half an hour.

Camille got down and she listened to me talking about Justin , giving me advices even tho' she didn't really like him. I finally decided to go , i gave everyone a kiss as a good bye and closed the door.

Justin's point of view :

I heard jazzy and jaxon screaming "Kaylee" as they saw her through the window they ran to open the door and hugged her tight , she kissed and hugged them both " Did you guys miss me" she spoke in a gentle voice , "Yes we did" they said together , she giggled she was so cute , she stepped further i saw her walk in and she said hi to everyone exept me , i stoop up and put myself in front of her as she tried to walk away. "Can't I get at least a hello?" i spoke , "Seriously ?" she said , i could tell she was really mad at me. I took her hand as she watched my gesture "C'mon Kaylee , I know i fucked up but listen to me" i spoke. "Go on" she sounded real mad. "Since you were gone i started to act like a douche" i began to spoke , i cleared my throat "And now that you're back I know I shouldn't , but I changed and only you can change me to the way i was , i thought about you every possible minute what you heard yesterday were just words and i didn't mean them i just said that because i was mad , i don't know what I would do without you Kaylee..." as i expressed my heart out , tears began to surface and she saw that "I know that what i'm about to tell you is surely going to ruin our friendship , but damn it Kaylee , you were and are my first love , i always loved you , i tried to forget you in so many ways but no one and nothing could get you out of my head , and i know that if i don't make things up , you'll ignore me for the rest of your life and i don't want that I need you by my side.." she cut me off " But our promise Justin , you can't do that to us" i felt my heart race "But i can't handle it anymore Kaylee , you are the light that opens up my eyes and you are the light that feeds the sun in my world and , and... whenever you're near i just wanna press my lips to yours and make you feel my love for you through it , i think about holding you so tight and never let you go" A tear betrayed me and fell down on my cheek , her face lit up she looked into my eyes as she was searching for something in it , and in that second i knew she loved me back , she threw herself out to me and held me so tight that it was nearly hard for me to breathe. She pulled away as Jazzy was coming "Justin can i have a candy please" "yes sure" i handed her one and she got back into the garden , Kaylee wasn't here anymore.

Kaylee's point of view :

I didn't know how to feel after that , everything was blowing up my mind , i couldn't think straight... my phone vibrated.


From Camille :

I will be there in 15 minutes.

Fuck i spoke to myself , i ran as fast as i could changing up my outfit put some mascara on and some lip balm i curled my hair real quick , i put Camille's clothes into a bag , and took a little bag for me where i put my charger my lip balm , sunglasses , headphones and my phone. I heard the door opening and as i wanted to turn around Justin was already pressed against my body , he carried me and threw me on his bed , he really didn't want me to be mad at him so he started to tickle me. "Oh no Justin please" i yelled " Stop i beg you" i started laughing out loud " I can't breathe stop" i laughed harder "If i stop you should accept to go on a date with me tonight" Justin smirked "O..Okay but stop i can't" i cried of laugh and he stopped "Wow oh my god what was that for Justin" I spoke catching up my breath "I needed to hear your laugh" he smirked once more. "I still don't have any answer about 5 minutes ago" he continued , i looked away didn't want to look in his eyes , because i knew that i'll drown into them but i loved him and he didn't know that,  i didn't know how to tell him. "I don't know what to tell you Justin" i half whispered , he was still on top of me from the previous tickles "Don't tell me , show me" he spoke in a low voice. I didn't move didn't know what to do or say , he kissed my forehead my temples my cheeks my nose and the corner of my lips , i knew what he meants by that then i finally pressed his lips on mine really soflty , i felt butterflies grew in my stomach , my heart was getting out of my chest as i kissed him back i couldn't push him away , i didn't want to and not to be lying i wished for that my whole life , he pulled away softly giving me a quick peck and a smile was starting to draw on his lips , his eyes shined brighter than the stars. My phone rang. "Hello?" i spoke "Kaylee get your ass down there i'm here" camille spoke. "Yeah i'll be there just one minute" i hang up. I got  up and took my bags " I got to go Justin" i said looking at him rearranging my hair. I kissed his cheek and got out of the room , "Good bye everyone i'm out" i said waving my hand opening the house door "Hey" i smiled to camille "Hey" she hugged me "Here is your outfit" i laughed "Thanks sweetie , so you're ready for shopping?" she spoke "Yes i am" i giggled , she drove off to the mall.

Justin's point of view :

She went away too fast i didn't have the chance to tell that i loved her one more time , as she wasn't here anymore i didn't know what to do during the afternoon , so i took a shower dressed up with simply sweatpants a large tank top a shirt and my vans , my hair was such a mess so i didn't style it. I texted Ethan , Christopher , Mark , Lucas and Nathan telling them that i'd join them to the skate park. As i made my way there i saw that the girls were here : Hailey , Maddison and Emma , Hailey is considered as a bitch because she dated god knows how many guys and fucked them all , and i'm one of these guys "Hey Justin" she said running her hand on my parts. "Hi Hailey" i spat. Madd and Em only hugged me. I started to get my skateboard but a girl walked past and she caught my attention i thought it was Kaylee but it wasn't then i turned my head the other way thinking it was her again but no it was just random girls why did I see her everywhere ? I shook my head and started to skate , we skated for about an hour and the girl kept on watching us , i began to ran out of energy so i stopped and sat down next to the girls Madd and Em where such nice girls i didn't get it why they kept on staying friends with Hailey. Anyway we got our way to the city and decided to go to eat , so we sat on the grass next to the shop we were about to eat in as Ethan went to search our food. Madd' was dating Nathan and Hailey was dating Lucas. I laid on the grass thinking about Kaylee again and again. -FLASH BACK-  "Kaylee tell em good bye we are going to miss our flight" katherine spoke "Bye Justin i hope to see you soon Bye everyone i love you all" she blew a kiss -END OF THE FLASH BACK-

I blinked , -FLASH BACK- " But our promise Justin , you can't do that to us" i felt my heart race "But i can't handle it anymore Kaylee , you are the light that opens up my eyes and you are the light that feeds the sun in my world and , and... whenever you're near i just wanna press my lips against yours and make you feel my love for you through it , i think about holding you so tight and never let you go" A tear betrayed me and fall down my cheek , her face lit up she looked into my eyes as she was searching for something in it , and in that second i knew she loved me back -END OF THE FLASH BACK-

Fuck i said to myself , i rubbed my eyes trying to get those flash backs away. "Hey you okay" said Em' looking at me "Yeah yeah" i lied , she hugged me and ran her hands through my hair , i closed my eyes trying to relax as i heard a familiar voice speaking up "Hey everyone" that voice spoke "Hey Kaylee how you doing it's been a long time , you look beautiful" Ethan spoke , as soon as i heard her name i pulled away from Em , she was hugging everyone but didn't even looked at me "I see that you're doing good Justin" she spoke looking away "Kay.." she cut me off " I gotta go guys it was nice seeing you" as she walked away , no no i didn't want to let that happen i didn't want to screw it up again. "Kaylee wait" i ran after her "I don't have time Justin" she walked faster "Kaylee Kaylee please stop listen to me" i ran in front of her making her stop "What is it?" she spoke. "What you just saw there is not what you think okay? It meant nothing to me" i spoke up "Yeah sure stop repeating yourself Justin" she said coldly "I am serious Kaylee , i'm not going to fuck it up again okay , if i'm getting on your nerves or making you sad you have to know that it's not my point ok ? I love you really." I continued she didn't say a thing refusing to look into my eyes. "Kaylee please look at me" i said , she refused shaking her head "Look a me please" i lift her head up slowly and took her face between my hands "I love you" i said looking into her eyes. She smiled lightely...


Okay i know it's been a super long time since i didn't upload another chapter but here you go and i hope you like it.

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