They are bestfriends since they're kids , she had to move away from him. So they were distant , he changed and so did she , he never forgot about her neither she did. He hid a secret from her and from that she will be TORN.

Kendall jenner as Rylene Johnson
Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber
Jason McCan as Justin Bieber


6. "Don't play on that"

"Mom, what's wrong what is it?" i panicked ever more "I need you to calm down sweetie okay?" she gently spoke "Yes mom" i calmed down a bit "Tyler , honey , he's in hospital i don't know what happened but we found him

on the garden's floor" she softly spoke "Okay mom i'm on my way" i spoke up. I suddenly woke up grabbing whatever clothes "Justin get ready fast please" i spoke up "What's going on?" he rubbed his eyes "Tyler , hospital" i spoke up i couldn't make a sentence it hurted me so much knowing that my brother was there and i didn't even know if he was alright or not. Justin stood up and wore whatever

he found , i packed up my bag real quick. We called a taxi to head us there cuz we had no car obviously , Justin called back the chauffeur who was supposed to pick up us later on that day. The taxi finally arrived and i sat at the back of the cab , Justin sat next to me "It's gonna be okay" he whispered his head on my shoulder "It's gonna be okay" he repeated he slowly put his hand on mine caressing it with

his thumb. He whispered words in my ear the whole way to the hospital , he cared , he cared so much about me and that felt good that someone cared about me like that. After a good half an hour of riding we were finally there , i handed the chauffeur few cash but Justin insisted on paying , i didn't even want him to waste money for me but he still insisted. I pushed the hospital door "Hi , um Tyler Johnson please?" i spoke in a rush "Floor 2 room 208 on the right" she smiled "Thank you" i rushed

and started to almost run on the stairs then in the corridor , Justin walked past me not knowing what was going on , we were so tired our night was so good and i was finally happy that something was going on right for once , i rather would've woke up next to him brushing my finger on his cheeks while i'll watch him sleep , he'd slowly open his eyes and smile he'd talk to me with his morning raspy voice but our life wasn't perfect

and we had to deal with it. I saw my mom Pattie and Jeremy talking with the doctor they were all pale from the lack of sleep "How is he?" i interupted them my mom didn't speak her eyes were bloody red from crying "He.." when Pattie started to talk the doctor cut her off "He is in coma Miss Johnson his head hit something way too hard that he has a concussion we did everything in our power now it's only up to

him if he decides to wake up or not" he seriously spoke. I noded as a thank you and i held my mom tight she bursted into tears i hated to see her cry and i hated to see her sad she was my whole world i loved my mom "I love you mom" i whispered "It's alright he's gonna be alright" i whispered "He's going to be okay" she whispered back. She pulled away and i wiped my tears away walking in my brother's

room "Hi buddy" i sniffed "You have to wake up" i half whispered half spoke "It's not the same without you , and in those moment you'd be here to hold me and comfort me but you're not instead you are" i stopped , i felt my throat tightening "you are here" i showed even tho i knew he couldn't see me "And all those times we got into a fight , i forgive you , i forgive everything , you can't go okay? you are

stronger than that" i sniffed "You're the best brother on earth and i mean that , you are so kind and soft and you always help everyone no matter what" i muttered "You complete me Tyler , you're my blood my flesh" i half smiled "You can't leave us , you can't go away like that" my voice cracked "You can't" i spoke again tears rolling down my cheeks "I love you" i muttered i kissed his cheek and left the room

i couldn't handle such sadness , Pattie gave me a weak smile noticing my sad eyes and she followed my mom inside the room. I noticed Justin and Jeremy talking in the opposite of where i was standing. I couldn't hear what they were saying. So i just sat and lose myself in my thoughts.

Justin's POV :

I let Rylene go in the room to talk to her brother i didn't want to bother her plus she needed to talk to him. My dad took me apart to talk to me he said it was serious "Son listen , i heard Jason is back in town" he lowly spoke but high enough for me to hear. Jason was my twin , he was my complete opposite , he screw people off. "Yeah?" i spoke "He said he'd come back to ... you know get his things and maybe visit us" he spoke "the only thing

is that he doesn't know anything about Rylene right?" he continued "No he doesn't" i answered "Then be careful you know what he is capable of" he looked directly into my eyes "Be careful of your girl okay?" he continued "I will" i spoke "I don't know when he's going home though so watch your back" he spoke "I know what Rylene means to you now so that's why i'm warning you" he continued "Yeah i got it dad" i spoke

my phone buzzed

From : Denis

Told ya if Hailey was hurt your retinue will pay.

"Fuck" i spoke to myself my dad looking at me "I have to go now" i spoke harshly not even letting him time to reply that i was out the hospital. Driving to Hailey's house i had to get things done here. I wanted to ask her to get back with me so nothing will ever happen again. And i know Hailey she needed proofs. So instead of staying with Rylene at the hospital i spent few days with Hailey for Rylene's and everyone's protection and i hated myself because i couldn't reassure her.

and i already missed her , i missed her scent , her eyes , her lips , her touch her everything.

Rylene's POV :

I sat there noticing that Justin left , Jeremy walked towards me "My kid loves you , you know?" he spoke up i lifted my head up to look at him "I know Jer , i know and i love him too" i gave him a weak smile "Don't worry Ray Tyler's gonna be alright" he put his hands on my shoulders "I hope so" i spoke "I'm gonna go back home i need some rest" i continued "Okay kid see you" he smiled. I waved and walked through

the corridor , facing the hospital door i slowly walked out , inhaling the fresh air i let out a deep sigh. I so wanted to find back Justin and have his arms around me , i wonder why he left like that. I sent him bunch of texts but no replies. I finally arrived in front of the house door slowly pushing myself in i heard some noise upstair "Justin?' i spoke no reply i made my way up the stairs and found a silouhette in Justin's room.

I opened the door to see Justin standing in his room "Oh my god Justin you're here i was so worried" i threw my arms around his neck and kissed him so hard , but he didn't kiss me back "I'm sorry , you are?" he spoke up "Don't play games Justin , you know i'm not in the mood" i groaned "I'm fucking serious i don't know who you are" he harshly spoke , he seemed so cold hearted and dead i don't know what happened to him , but it started to get on my

nerves the way his was playing while my brother was dying "I'm not Justin i'm Jason" he spoke "Justin's twin" he continued , my eyes widened "I'm sorry you must be joking i never heard that Justin had a twin" i spoke up "That's a nice girl that he got there , nice lips" i slowly approached me and touched my lips with his finger "Don't touch me" i yelled "My brother is in fucking coma i don't need more drama" i spoke "Aw how sweet"

he teased "You're a fucking douche you know that?" he grabbed my jawline harshly "Don't you fucking talk to me like that bitch" he spat "Let me go" i cried i fought myself out of his grip "Your brother is not here anymore he left and i dont' know where he is" i sniffed "Now leave me alone please" i whispered , he finally let me go i looked deep in his eyes it was the same caramel color as Justin's but his was more dead

and broken , when i looked in his eyes his face softened "I'm sorry" he spoke "It's okay" i whispered , i finally sat down on the bed and cried all i had in all the pain that surrounded my body. I felt a presence sitting next to me i turned my face to see Jason "I told you to leave me alone i don't need someone to be mean to me right now" i lowly spoke "I don't want to be mean to you" he smirked he opened his arms to me

and i put myself inside of them i needed someone to hold me and i didn't care who it was because i really needed it , from then i fell asleep once again i lacked sleep from last night , and i couldn't thank Justin for the night we spent. I woke up few hours later finding myself on Justin's bed covers on me. I slowly made my way to the bathroom taking a shower and i heard yells from downstairs , i quickly dressed up wearing basic jeans and a plain t shirt , i made my way to

the fight that was going on down there "Hey what's up here?" i spoke up , seeing Jeremy and Jason fighting "Well i guess you met my other son" Jeremy spoke "I don't fucking need you to control me" Jason continued "Hey calm down!" i spoke facing Jason "Don't fucking tell me what to do" Jason spat making his way over me , Jeremy grabbed his arm refusing the fact that Jason was about to hurt me. "Let go of me"Jason spoke

harshly "Jer , how's Tyler?" i looked up at him calming the tense between them "Well , no news he's still you know kind of sleeping" i noded as a thank you leaving both of them. I walked to the hospital wanting to visit my brother one last time before the sun sets. I texted and tried to call Justin many times but he never picked up. I started to worry he left without saying a thing to me and i already missed him.


It was now 5 days , 5 days that he didn't call me , 5 days that he didn't text me 5 days that i worried 5 days that i had no news. And 5 days that Tyler was in a coma , he moved but it was normal due to the muscles and i still had hope that one day he'll wake up. Suddenly an idea popped up in my mind and i remembered that Tyler always loved that girl Rosy , he always talked to me about her , but he never had the chance to

see her again , they were each other's real love and as i didn't see her in years she maybe moved on , or forgot about him. I managed to get her number and called her "Hi?" i gently spoke "Hi , who is it?" her voice rang through the phone "It's Rylene , you know Tyler's sister" i spoke up "I gotta go" she spoke "No no er..wait , I need to tell you something" i quickly spoke "If it's anything about Tyler i don't want to hear

anything" she spoke "Just listen to me , he's in a coma okay? and i think that only you can get him out of it" i gently spoke "Oh.." she let out a deep sigh "Okay i'll be at the hospital" she continued "I'm sending you the adress" i finally hang up. Sitting on the chair outside Tyler's room as my mom was inside. Suddenly Justin popped up in my mind once more i don't understand what was happening , he disapeared out of

nowhere and never gave news back. Jason was never here during the day , he was only here at night and everytime we talked , it would turn into a complete mess. He almost hit me thousand times , and cursed me million times. A part of me was missing him , i missed Justin. After a long thinking therapy Rosy showed up "Hi" i smiled weakly "Hey" she smiled back "I'll ask my mom to get out if you need some time alone with him" i spoke "No it's okay"

she smiled again "But i will anyway because i know you do" i spoke. I knocked on the door slowly "Mom ? can you let Rosy a little bit of time with Tyler?" i whispered , she noded and walked out of the room with me letting Rosy to get in , my mom knew that i was even more down because Justin didn't show up for 5 days and she asked me everyday if i was sort of "okay" i always said i was but i was not.

"Honey , are you okay?" she slowly spoke , i noded as a no and cried histerically i couldn't take that pain anymore i had to let it all out or i knew that i was going to pass out. "It's gonna be okay" she whispered many times caressing my hair. A good five minutes later i got up and decided to get out of the hospital to breathe some fresh air. A thing that only Tyler did know is that when i was reaching the top of my sadness

i would smoke , and yes this is really bad , i didn't use to smoke or anything but once when i was totally breaking down and broken i tried it and i found it kinda relaxing. I didn't smoke like crazy just one everytime my demons would get me. I made my way to buy a pack of cigaretts and a lighter , and sat down on the bench which was situated not that far from the hospital patients would walk there , i breathed deeply before taking out

a cigarett and lighting it up i sucked on it letting all the smoke fill my lungs as i spit it out seconds later through my nose , my gaze was facing the floor it was completely blank mid way to my cigarett i took my phone out to see if there was a sign of Justin but still nothing. I heard heavy foot steps i don't know where they were coming from then i saw a pair of feet in front of me as i gazed the floor i didn't look up i didn't

know who it was yet. "You smoke ? Really?" that voice spoke up it was so familiar , i lifted my head up and instantely froze , those hazel eyes it was him i thought i was dreaming "Justin?" i spoke my voice craking "Are you kidding me Rylene are you seriously smoking? I never expected that from you" he said codly "And i never expected you to leave and don't give news for 5 freaking days" my gaze facing the floor again.

"Don't play on that" he spoke up , i felt the anger grew through me but i didn't want to argue i didn't want to fight with him so i kept quiet , he out of nowhere took my cigarett and threw it to the floor crashing it with his foot. He sat down next to me and i knew he was staring , he knew that leaving me won't make me feel better. "..." he said to himself i couldn't hear it "What did you say?" i slowly spoke "I'm sorry" he shook

his head i hummed as a yeah "I missed you" he spoke up "I missed you too" i whispered. "Justin ?" i asked "Yeah?" he replied "C-Can you tell me where were you?" i slowly spoke "I was at Ethan's" he spoke fastly "He needed me with some problems" he continued "And i needed you too Justin" my voice cracked once again "I'm sorry , really sorry" he whispered " "Sorry" doesn't solve things Justin" i spoke up "I was completely

shattered not only by the fact that Tyler may die but the fact that you left me not giving any news and i sat there worrying about what could've happened to you , i called , texted you many times i left million messages on your voice mail but you didn't even bother to reply and your brother or twin or i don't know who he is but this guy has some serious anger issue he almost hit me multiple times and cursed me whenever he wanted to" my voice cracked with every word i pronounced "J-Jason?" he asked i stayed quiet "But you don't get it Rylene it's not as you think it is" he spoke again "Then explain , explain it so me what is it?"

i spoke "I-I-I can't , i really can't" he shook his head "You know what ? I don't even want to stay here with you anymore" I said as i got up "No , Rylene don't go" he spoke up "I will , cause you might leave again to go to see Ethan or i don't even know what it is anymore" i paused "I wish i never got attached to you" i paused again "Because it hurts" i pointed my heart tears forming behind my eyes and before i could let him see me cry i turned on my heels and walked back to the hospital.


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