shattered (Niall Horan love story)

Mariah Grey is abused. She feels like no one will ever love her. One day, her step-dad goes over the line. She is sent off to live with her birth dad, Troy Tomlinson. The father of the famous Louis Tomlinson. At first, all the boys are furious at her, and calling her a mistake. Only making her self-esteem smaller. Mariah finds a liking to Niall, but knows that he'll never like her back. Tensions arise, and No matter what happens Mariah thinks that she is forever Shattered.


2. 2-is it the end?

I wake up to the sound of my door slamming open.
I take the covers from my eyes and see Greg at my door. 
"Get up, Bitch." He says and then slams my door.
This is how he wakes me up every morning. No 'hello' or 'good morning.'
I get up from my bed and get dressed, wearing my favorite outfit. A black and white sweater, blue jean shorts, and black converse. Hopefully this day will be better  then all the rest.
I comb my brown hair as i look at my reflection in my mirror. Dull brown hair, dull brown eyes, dull everything.
I sigh as i grab my backpack and head downstairs.
I'm out of the door and on my way to school in less then three seconds.
School is the only thing that i look forward to. My home life is so bad, i want to crawl into a ball and cry.
Mostly for people it's the other way around. Their house is like paradise, whereas school is like a jail.
I smile when i see the corner of my school. I continue walking until i'm in the front of the school.
"Mariah!" I hear. I turn around and see June running to me.
"Oh, hi." I manage to smile.
"You ok?" She asks once she catches up to me.
"Yeah, why do you ask?" I lie.
"You don't look ok." She says back.
I shrug at this. I still can't tell her about Greg, i can't tell anyone.
"I'm just really tired." I tell her now, which was partially true. We walk to first period, which we have together.
Once the period starts, my smile expands.
I love learning. My education can help me get away from Greg faster.
"For our next lesson, were going to be learning about light." My science teacher, Mrs. Williams said cheerfully to us. Science is my favorite subject, mostly because the teacher i have makes the class so fun.
"Today were going to read from the book, but tomorrow we're going to do a lab." She says now. This is normally what we do. Read from the book the first day, then do experiments and labs. She says its because it helps us remember facts more, so we can get good grades.
"Mariah, why don't you start us off?" She says, while putting the page numbers on the book. 
I flip open the textbook and start reading the first page. Letting all the words float into my head.
After first period, i carried on with the rest of the day. Same old, same old.
Now time to go back home. This is what i dread every day. Greg gets home about two hours after me, so at least i have that to myself.
Once i get home, i run up to my room, close the door and start on my homework. 
Once i finish, i hear the slamming of the front door. Has it been two hours already?
"Mariah! Get your ass down here!" I hear greg yell, he slurred once or twice. So i can tell he's drunk. Great.
I run down there, ignoring the pains thats occurring all over my body.
"Yes?" I ask him sweetly. Maybe that will help by making him not beat me?
He slapped me.
I guess not.
"You remember my friend Steve?" He asked me.
I nodded. I've had bad memories with Steve, just don't ask...
"Well, he had a tough day at work and wanted to let his anger out. He was going to go the gym, but i suggested that he beat the shit out of you. Remember, he's way bigger then me. So he'll be here in an hour. Then, he'll help me give you the worst betting ever." He smiled his evil smile. 
I say to him. "O-ok." I say like i don't care, but on the inside, i'm terrified.
"Now go back up to your room." He says now, getting beer from the fridge. 
I run up to my room. I close my door and sit on my bed. I want to cry. I want to let it all out. I want to escape this terrible place, but i know i will never be able to do any of those.
And thats making me feel worse and worse.
I hear the door opening and then closing. Oh no, this is really happening. 
"Mariah! Down here. Now." Greg said, he sounded drunker then i've ever heard him before!
I take a deep breath as i open the door and walk down the stairs. Once i'm down it reveals both Greg and Steve staring down at me.
"How you doing, beautiful?" Steve asks me now. I mentally shudder at his voice, i know if i do it in real life, i'll get beaten even harder.
"G-good" i stutter. Damn, me being so scared!
"No need to be scared darling, i'm only going to be the shit out of you!" He smirked.
My stomach felt as if i was on a roller coaster. 
The first punch felt like hell. The others were way worse. During the beating, Greg said to me. "I hope you had a good day, because it will be your last.
And with that, black consumed me. I could tell that even though i was knocked out, they still beat me as long as their body's didn't hurt.
I knew now that this was my last day here.
Good-bye June, Good-bye school, good-bye what use to be my life.
Maybe i'll be able to see my mom in heaven.
Chapter 2 is up! I hope you like it! :)
Omg. 4 people liked chapter one, and one person asked for me to keep writing! Guys, you have NO idea how happy i was! So thanks!!!! :D
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