shattered (Niall Horan love story)

Mariah Grey is abused. She feels like no one will ever love her. One day, her step-dad goes over the line. She is sent off to live with her birth dad, Troy Tomlinson. The father of the famous Louis Tomlinson. At first, all the boys are furious at her, and calling her a mistake. Only making her self-esteem smaller. Mariah finds a liking to Niall, but knows that he'll never like her back. Tensions arise, and No matter what happens Mariah thinks that she is forever Shattered.


1. 1- intro

"Your worthless! You're just a mistake!" My step-dad Greg yelled  at me as he kicked my ribs, they still haven't healed from the last time he kicked me there.

  A single tear trailed down my eye.   Greg then pulled me up by my hair. My fault for crying. "How many times do i have to tell you crying are for the weak?" Greg asked me.   I hesitated, so he slapped me across my face. I probably should have answered him. "Answer me!" He yelled into my ear, i felt like my eardrum popped right out of my ear.   "A million... But i never listen." I told him.   I look up at him to see the rage in his eyes. "Start listening." He kicked me in the ribs again. I don't know if its because he kicked harder or because my ribs are  way more broken then they should be, but it felt as if that kick hurt more then all the others.   Once i'm able to muster enough energy, i crawl all the way to my room. I look around and see my cheap bed, a lamp with light so dim i can barley see my hand, and a shitty old dresser. I use the dresser as a support as i start to stand up.   I open the top shelf and pull out my phone and iPod that my best friend, June gave me. She's rich and knows that Greg won't buy me things like that. I haven't told her exactly what he does to me, OK. I haven't told her anything. I only said to her that he's to cheap to buy me anything. So whenever she gets a new phone or iPod, she gives the old one to me.   And the reason i'm hiding my phone and iPod? That answer is very simple. If Greg found out that i have these, he would take them away. He doesn't like to see me happy.   Greg hasn't been the best step-Father someone could have. He beats me, but you could probably tell if you were paying attention earlier. I have gotten multiple bruises, scratches, scars, and I'm sure that i probably have some broken bones.   So i guess this is the time to introduce myself. My names Mariah Grey. I'm 17 years old and in 11th grade. The reason why greg might be beating me? Probably because theirs no one to stop him. My mom died about 7 years ago in a car crash. Thats when Greg started getting abusive.   And if your asking me about my dad? I really don't know what happened to him. He walked out on me when i was really little... My mom use to say, but my Greg had other... Interesting theory's that he's came up with when he was drunk.   "MARIAH! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" I hear Greg yell.   Oh, great what did i do now.   I go down stairs and see Greg rummaging through the fridge, with his last beer in his hands. "You drank my last beer! I can't find it anywhere!" He screamed as he slapped me.   "B-but you have it in your hand..." I whisper to him. He looks down and sees the beer.   He slaps me again, but on the other cheek. "DON'T CORRECT ME! Now go back in your room."   I go back up the stairs, my body aching more by every step i take.   Everyday i ask myself, why me? Why do i have to get beaten... Actually why is anyone beaten? When they have done nothing to the person abusing them?   I sigh as i sit on my bed, this close to breaking down. I can't, i've tried not to cry for the last 7 years. Only having a few stray tears fall out here and there. All my emotion and anger have been inside me all this time, like a giant ball of despair and agony sitting in the pit of my stomach, just wanting to be let out.   As i lay on my bed, i fall asleep dreaming about what my life would be like with out the abuse. With my real father, and with my mom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Story!!!!!! :D I know its short and sad, but i swear that'll be longer 2. And 1D will be in it for the next chapter.   Ok thanks for reading, loves!   Byeeee ♥
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