Alone with Him

My name?: Maddie
My age?: 16
Why am i the most popular girl in school?: My hair. I'm on the cheerleading squad. My figure. My breasts.

Maddie's a girl who everybody adores. The boys pine to be with her, her family love her and her friends are amazing. But what happens when a certain boy comes into her life>


3. The next in the queue

"Ugh this boy frustrates me!

He says "come on dance with me" then completely ignores me the next day! Did he not like my grinding? Hmm I need to practice maybe. Ah well. Maybe he wasn't in for it? I'll just move along to the next one in the queue!"


Those were my thoughts as I walked towards the school gates. He usually sits on the school wall and scince no-one was there today I assumed he wasn't in. Assuming correct. I wasn't disappointed really. I dressed up today, not for him though for Sam, the head footballer. Talk about manly! He is so fit it's unbelievable! Okay so my outfit for today was a soft pink mini skirt (shows off my bum), pink thong, white tank top (shows my boobs - I think I need to get a new one my boobs are getting a bit to big), a pink cardie and some white high heels. My hairs in a ponytail as I like it like this the best.

I walked into the school texting Sasha (my bestie) asking where she was:

To: Sasha

Where are you??xx dressed up for Sam today ;) x

From: Sasha

Ooh naughty!;) x I'm in registration Sir keeps on checking me out i swear ooh hello sexy x

To: Sasha

be with you in a mo!xxx


I walked into the class and saw Sasha sitting on her desk talking to Mr Davies, our semi-fit registration teacher. She giggled and smiled at him - I mean I could basically see his bulge from here! "Oh, Sasha girl!"

Sasha looked at me and said something to Sir, then came over here leaving him blushing like mad. "What did you say to him?"

Sasha looked at her nails and sighed "Oh you know, that he should come to the storage cupboard later at break..."

"Sasha! He's a teacher!"

"So? Mr Thomas groped you so now Mr Davies can grope me!"

"oh yeah good times..."

We both laughed and went to our seats. We talked for a bit then the bell went and we headed along to maths. I noticed that as we were walking down the corridor we were getting quite a lot of looks. I looked to my side and saw Sam was walking next to me, eyes on my boobs. Jake was doing the same to Sasha.

"Sam?!" I waved in front of his face, "eyes up here big boy!" I slowly lifted his chin with my finger, then let go after Sam started blushing.

"So um Maddie?" he began, and I raised my eyebrows questionably, "Will you sit by me in Maths?"

He looked so nervous that I couldn't help but agree. I whispered to Sasha and she nodded.

Maths now. With Mr Thomas.

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