Alone with Him

My name?: Maddie
My age?: 16
Why am i the most popular girl in school?: My hair. I'm on the cheerleading squad. My figure. My breasts.

Maddie's a girl who everybody adores. The boys pine to be with her, her family love her and her friends are amazing. But what happens when a certain boy comes into her life>


1. The game

This is the day it all started. The big game. The finals. To be honest I don't think our team have any chance of winning. But we gotta try.


Me and my friends on the squad start our cheer as the game begins. 

"We're going high, for Red High

We're gunna kick you'r ass.

We get grade A's and we love girls with class.

So that's why we, yeah we are gunna pass!"

After that we sit and watch the game. My legs hurt a bit from to those splits at the end of the cheer, but it was worth it for the wolf whistles I got.

As we watch I feel someones eyes on me. I turn around and see a dude who I've never seen before staring at me. He has brown curly hair and piercing green eyes. This must be the new guy at our school. I look down from his smile to his torso, which is bare, much like everybody else's. It is boiling. I can clearly see his eight pack and his jeans are tight around his legs. I smile, while twirling my bleach blonde hair. He smile's back showing some gorgeous dimples. I can see his eyes now wondering down my body, lingering a bit on my breasts. I can't blame him really, everybody does. Their massive and every boy I meet looks at them.

I then turn back to the game. It's half time and again time to do another cheer. 

"We are good we are great.

Now time to score another eight!"

We have fifteen minutes of free time before the second half starts, so I decide to spend that fifteen minutes with the new boy. But, when I turn back around, he's gone.

Great, I mutter. Just great.

"Oh, Maddie! Come here for a moment please!"

I turn around and run over immediately. He's with the new boy.

"Hi Jack!" I say, "And hi... who are you sorry?"

"This is Harry", Jack says, "Harry Styles."

"Pleased to meet you Harry, I'm Maddie."

"Straight back at you Maddie."

I look around, there's a path just underneath the stands.

"Do you wanna come on a walk with me? Jack, do you mind?"

Jack backs off and me and Harry go towards the stands. But, as soon as we are out of sight, Harry pushes me against the wall, and leans in towards my neck. This doesn't take me by surprise, most boys are very forward with me. He kisses and sucks on my neck, and small moans escape my mouth. I move my lips to his and slide my tongue into his mouth.

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