At Sunset

Ivy is living her normal life when a mysterious man comes into her restaurant and everything bad happens. She gets kidnapped leaving her with no way of escaping. Then another man comes and says he is trying to help her. Who is she to believe, who should she trust? Will she ever get her life back or is she left with a life of misery?


1. Chapter 1

Another day at the Meet and Eat I sigh to myself. I finished putting on my last final touch on my makeup and stopped to admire my work, or there lack of. In the mirror staring back at me I saw girl standing at 5'7" with dark brown-black hair and hazel eyes. I never thought myself much to look at. My best feature being my body since I had the right curves in the right places but my face was nothing special. 

work uniform and got ready for my next day of work waiting on customers. I guess it's not that bad of a job, I mean it's not like working at a mill or being homeless. "Well, it looks like a mice morning," I said as I looked at the clock 6:48. "Oh no. I'm going to be late! I can't be late again or I will really be in trouble," My boss doesn't like me that much for some reason. I always get in trouble for things that other people do but whatever. I'm sure He'll come around sometime.

    As I walked out of the elevator of my apartment a cute man walked into it. He wore a black leather jacket, and he had jet black hair. I wonder if he just moved into the building, I've never seen him here before. But anyway I need to get to work. I got in my old car and headed off to work.

    I pulled into the reserved parking for employees at the Meet and Eat. I let out a huge sigh. Let's get ready for a new day at work.

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