15 year old swimmer, Brooklyn, is so busy spending time at the pool that she doesnt think she has time for a guy. Then when the new guy at school developes a crush on her, she doesnt know what to think when she begins to fal for him. Whats going to happen?


1. Chapter One

"Im sorry miss, but you did not touch the wall woth both hands. You are disqualified." The official said to Brooklyn. She had just finished her best event, the 200 breaststroke. She was at a swim meet that was at her home pool. Brooklyn took a big deep breath and prepared herself for her coaches reaction. This meet was really important, would he be understanding or angry? This is super short, just wondering if anyone would actually read this! Haha probably not. This is about competitive swimming. If you dont swim, then you probably wont understand this very well. If you do swim and love one direction, this is for you! yayyyyy Love, Swimmer
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