The Revolution: a One Direction Fan-Fic

Elizabeth is the princess of Britain in 1776. She lives in fear of the rebels catching her and murdering her. Her 5 soldiers who are guarding her are named Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis. The boys take he out of the palace, a man shoots Elizabeth in the arm, almost getting them hanged for not protecting the princess. When she runs away, she gets caught by the 5, and they run, hoping to survive the war.


2. Scars

Liam's P.O.V.


The princess screamed and the two men ran. I saw ten other soldiers running to catch the men, and the succieded. Harry was stroking her back, and she was trying to smile in his arms. 'She likes him.' I thought. She attempted to give him a hug, but she cried out in pain, and Harry hugged her instead. She kissed his cheek and said, "Thank you, Harold." Harry smiled and said, "May I have the honor of kissing you on the lips?" she nodded her head, and Harry nodded to the other soldiers, and Harry carried her bridal style to a secluded part of the garden.


Elizabeth's P.O.V.


Harry sat me down on a small bench in a quiet part of the park, and he leaned in, and so did I. We started off simple, but then it got passionate. His lips were so smooth. He rubbed his hands down my back. I could not feel the pain in my arm anymore. He touched the arm with the bullet lodged in it, and I whimpered and shed a tear, and he let go of my lips, to my dissapointment, and picked me up again and led me out of the garden where we had kissed.

The others were waiting when we came back, and they all looked worried. Harry carried me up to my room, where a docter came and dislodged the musket. Harry held my hand the entire time. When he pulled out the musket, he put a cream on the cut, so I would not get LED poisoning. I waved the docter off as my father came in, and he did not look happy at the boys. Harry explained everything and said a "Sorry." and the boys left the room. My dad sat down on the bed and looked at my arm. 

'Are you okay, Darling?" he asked. I nodded my head and he left the room. The 5 re-entered with grim faces.

"Time for your shooters trial,' Liam started, "And ours." Harry finished. I rung the bell for the maids to help me get ready. Because of the bullet hole, I had to wear a blue dress with long hangings and a lace shawl. The maid pulled out a Diamond and gold tiara. The servant pulled my stays tighter, but this time I bawled when she pulled them. Harry and Niall came in this time and loosened them. Harry whispered something to the maid, and she nodded her head and slipped the dress over my head. I wrapped the shawl around me and the maid opened the door for me. I walked outside the room. Harry walked in front of me, Louis and Zayn next to me, and Niall and Liam behind me.

*In the courthouse*


 A foot man lifted me up gently into a throne where I sat next to my Father. The soldiers sat next to the two men who had shot me in the verdect bench. Harry looked at the one he fought with an evil eye. I chuckled silently and sat perfect and prim in my throne, Harry was staring at me with hearts in his eyes. 

"May the court begin." a man in a powdered wig said. The man who had shot me had been almost instantly condemned guilty, but my guards, not so much. My father accused them of not protecting me, I defended the boys with my honor and integrity. In the end I won, but the boys still recieved a punishment I could not bear, 5 lashings each.

As I was carried into the stadium, I had a feeling of dread, 'The boys are going to be whipped!" I thought.


Harry's P.O.V.


I stood in the stadium, and the fear washed over me, 'I need to stay strong for Elizabeth.' I thought. I looked at the Royal Box, the princess sat up there with worry all over her pretty face. She looked at me, and I knew what she was going to do. 'She is going to call it off. She ran down the steps of the balcony and ran to the whipper. He looked dissapointed, then said, "This whipping will be shortened to one lashing each, we cannot cancel it all, only the King can do that." I felt better knowing I would only get one lashing. Liam was dragged to the pole, and the man held up the whip, and slammed it down, but it did not hit Liam. The princess had jumped in front of him, and she fell to the ground from the incinarating pain. She was carried to the side, but she did not give up. She jumped in front of Liam before the whip could hit him again. she cried out in pain, but then the King stood up, relizing why she had taken this sacrifice.

"This whipping has been adjourned." he announced. The man ran down the balcony steps to get to his daughter. He shooed away the female servants. He sat down in front of his unconcuis daughter. 

"You men are good, my daughter sacrificed herself to keep you safe, thank you." he said to us with hints of sorrow. I nodded my head and picked up the bleeding princess.

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