Time doesn’t stop for anybody

Five Kingdoms united as one; and broken by one so easily. Will the past meddle with the future? Destroying families and putting people in danger. Can Grace stop time, in time to find her sister and bring her back, or will a boy distract her from the matter at hand?


3. The Transition

Ok, I had to find her and bring her back before father noticed that we where gone. Well probably not me but for sure Alisha. I had the rest of the day no map, no sense of direction and no one to help me. Great. Well I'd better get started, she was probably miles ahead of me. Then I heard my name called from downstairs the one time they chose to notice me. I hurried out and locked the room from the outside. At snails pass I walked down stairs and towards breakfast, towards father.


Breakfast was quiet and quick (I had to get out of the dining room and into rescue mode as fast as possible), father kept asking me over and over again if Alisha was ok, I reassured father again and again. When I was finally realised from breakfast I hurried upstairs and changed into an ivy green dress and wore a vile of perfume in a silver cylinder with flowers engrave on the side around my neck. I was new at this whole rescue thing and anyway I wasn't going to be gone that long. I unlocked the crimson door and locked it behind me.


The duvet was still hung out the window, I walked towards her desk and sure enough the book had been taken. The only way I could follow her was to get a map of the 5 kingdoms. It seemed like this plan had been going on long before the argument in the throne room. I ruffly tried to coping the map but with no aveal and stuffed the paper into my pocket. I  climbed out of the window and onto the window still in the process knocking over four potted plants, and started to climb . As I shimmed my way down I had a brain wave (they don't happen that often) that this was very unsafe and that I should of been having parental vision. Voices erupted from the room below me, it was my father’s voice speaking to someone else with a really deep voice a man may be, but there was no time to easdrop. I tried to ignore the conversation and turn back to the problem at hand. I waited until the voices died down.  As I jumped the few feet to the ground I heard voices coming from the left side of the castle. All I could do was run.



 As I ran, I had never felt more free as I did then, I felt like I could do anything (under circumstances). I skidded to a stop in front of the fence and wondered in ore in how Alisha had made it over the fence, but to be far she was way more athletic than I was. Climbing wasn't my strongest suit and by the end of this obstacle I was covered in mud (I think, I hope it was mud), trying not to bring attention to myself I made it over the wire fence. I had now left the world of politeness and dresses into a world of mystery and wonder. I had no sense of direction and started to follow footprints that turned out to be a bear’s print (big mistake). So I followed my gut (I was still hungrey). I walked in the same direction for hours apoun hours. It was 11am now and still no luck the forest looked the same to me (trees everywhere). The forest was a dark and a scary place (I really need to get over my fere of the dark) and the sun kept ducking under every tree, when it had finally stopped playing hide and seek I was able to plot a new course. Left, right, straight (I really didn't now where to go) as I came to another tree (why so many) a glit of light hit my eye and temporaliy blinded me. After getting rid of the dots in my line of vision, I bent down to get a closer look at the object. But I was to late a siring pain hit the back of my head and I was out cold.

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