Time doesn’t stop for anybody

Five Kingdoms united as one; and broken by one so easily. Will the past meddle with the future? Destroying families and putting people in danger. Can Grace stop time, in time to find her sister and bring her back, or will a boy distract her from the matter at hand?


2. The other four

After brushing my teeth and dressing in my pink flowery night gown, I went and knocked on her door. Inside I could hear crashing and smashing of items and crying; I knocked again. The door unlocked. I pushed my way in. There was an erie sound of quietness and inside it was pitch black, as I fumbled for the lights a siring pain ran though my foot. I yelped out in pain and finally found the lights; and then wished I hadn’t. Her once tidy room looked like a tornado had come through there. Glass was everywhere along with books, hair and blood. She was crumpled on the floor in a heap, surrounded by glass. I closed the door and walked through the maze of broken objects, towards her. I put my arms around her while she tried to wrestle me off.  Finally she gave up and we sat there for a while interlocked in a hug.


After she had tided herself up we addressed all the matters at hand and there were a lot.

''What happened to your hair?'' I said in an annoying voice, I had been very jealous of her hair ever since I was little because is was a lush brown colour and so full. She had it permanently in a braid, which I grabbed off the floor and throw it at her. She let out a long laugh and it was the first time she had smiled in weeks. Her hair was in a short bob, with a messy cut.

''New fashion choice'' she answered in a half hearted laugh. The next thing I addressed was the mess.

''What happened in here''.


''Will that be your answer, when dad asks''. This time she didn't answer and instead started to tidy up; I watched her for a few minutes, in ore; she never tidies up. I decided to help. I reached for a shattered perfume bottle which was jade in colour and shaped as a fish; which had be broken due to the tornado.


‘’This was mum’s favourite’’ I said bluntly.

‘’She should have taken it with her when she left us’’ Alisha spat out. She has always been annoyed with mum when she died and to this day we still don't know how she died. Dad keeps that secret close to his chest, playing his cards just right so that he doesn't have to tell just yet.

''You shouldn't have fought about that with him'' nudging her on the shoulder gently.

She turned to me ''I didn't, it's more serious then that''. I decided to stop the interrogation and continue tiding up. But I could not stop the conversation that quickly.

''I had heard dad talking to a person in his office, once, twice a week, the same person week after week and every time I tried to catch a word of their conversation they would abruptly stop their conversation, like they knew I was listening.'' She took a deep breath and started again.

''But why would dad talk to the same person over and over again''

''Maybe it was his best friend'' I answered. She gave me a death stare and started again.

''Since he came so often, I timed him every time he came and left and on which days always at 3:00pm and left at 4:00pm an hour of conversation on Sunday and Wednesday''.

''How do you know it was a he, it could have been a she with a really deep voice''.

''Shut up''. I stayed quiet.

''So I snuck into his office on Sunday and hide in his cupboard, waited a few minutes and they came in. You could tell that this was their last meeting because of the words they used like 'ready' and 'prepared'. The conversation was about getting the army ready for something but they didn't say; once they had finished they both went out, and it gave me time to snop around.


I came across some documents that said something about a rebellion that occurred in the kingdom centuries ago and that now no one is allowed outside of the borders of the kingdom. And that there are four other kingdoms just like ours outside of our borders. He had signed a document that said that he was going to commission an army to destroy all the other kingdoms. I confronted him in the throne room about the documents and he denied all of them, he lied to my face. So I said that I would help the other kingdom and he got angry. Which you probably guessed? And then he said that he would disown me. So I got angry and well you can guess by the state of my room. And my hair.''

''So are you going to help the other kingdoms''.

''Yes, I'll die trying''.

''But you don't know where to go''. She got up, went to her desk and pulled out a crinkled piece of paper and showed it to me. And sure enough it had four other kingdoms drown on it.

''I copied it when I was in his office''. She sounded proud, my face dropped and I think she noticed the change.

''What's wrong, you won't tell dad will you''.

''No, but he is going to notice that you've gone and you've never experienced the world outside of the kingdom''.

''Don't worry I have everything planned out''. Once the room was cleaned up it was 6:00am and the sun had already risen to its full capacity. I told her to dress presentably and try to act as normal as possible. I got dressed in a moon blue dress with a rope supporting my waist and went back into Alisha’s room; there was no sign of her. She must have gone down stairs already, I went over to her window to close it. But something was in the way. Her duvet was strung out the window; I could see a feint figure running across the manicured lawn and jumped over the border. She definitely wasn't downstairs. I called after her, my voice echoing behind her. I looked around the room and sure enough her hunting outfit was gone along with the picture with her and mum. Nothing else seemed to have been taken; except her pendant and hair pin. The hair pin was a forget-me-not blue with our kingdoms crest on it in sterling silver. The pendent on the other hand was a crystal which had a tie die effect of greens, blues and purples. I knew father would be asking where Alisha was and I had to cover up where she was long enough for me to find her and bring her back to the castle.













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