Time doesn’t stop for anybody

Five Kingdoms united as one; and broken by one so easily. Will the past meddle with the future? Destroying families and putting people in danger. Can Grace stop time, in time to find her sister and bring her back, or will a boy distract her from the matter at hand?


5. Chapter 5

Vaguely remembering anything that happened before my black out, it came to me a surprise when I woke up to see a boy looking at me a few metres away. I had know recognition of meeting him before or even seeing him. For a few minutes all we did was stare at each other, court in each others gaze. All I wondered was how long he had been looking at me, how long I had slept for (if I had snored) and why his eyes where a dark turquoise and not the amber I had first seen (the only thing I could remember). And who he had been talking to when he said ''do you think she's alive'', where had they gone, maybe they had the kind amber eyes and not the dark holes I was looking into.


After what seemed like days he stood up and walked away with nothing to say to me. I tried to stand up and then found my legs weren't cooperating and face planted into the dead leaves. With a face full of wet leaves I then tried again this time dragging my legs behind me. By now he had turned back and saw me struggling on the floor (I probably looked pathetic but I wasn't ready to be left alone). '' Don't - Leave - me - alone '' I sounded like a five year old scared to be left alone for ten minutes. He walked back and then I had a feeling of doubt, I didn't know this person and I wanted him to stay with me (I didn't know what he was capable of). '' Stay here, don't go anywhere, I will be back in an hour''.


Ok, he was capable of tell the time, nothing to viscose or criminal. He walked away, deeper and deeper into the forest. As I lay back against the foot of the tree, trying to piece together the resent happenings of the day.

I had left the castle aiming to find Alisha before night fall but I'm got distracted by something and got knocked out. I wondered how long I was out for? A day. If so Alisha would be way ahead of me, maybe the boy saw her? I had some may questions to ask, but no one to ask, no one to pour my fears into, to lift the weight of dread of my shoulders which had been there too long.


That sun was daring to set, to finish the day of and he still hadn't returned. I had no concept of time, for all I now he could have left twenty minutes ago. Know that I was alone truly alone, with no animals to comfort me, not even my own shadow for reassurance. Everything which was anything made me jump, the hoot of a owl, the rustle of leaves and all my senses where alert. Just when all hope had been lost and I had given into the fact that he had gone and left me, a figure emerge from behind a tree. 5 maybe 6 fish where hanging from his belt, there eyes saying a silence pray to be saved.

''I thought you'd have, disappeared by know,'' his tone was that of surprise and disappointment. It gave me great pleasure to make a boy uncomfortable and thought I would continue doing it until we parted ways.

''You can't get rid of me that easily.'' I smile spread across his face and the amber eyes that had first comforted me came back. A gasp escapes my lips and now he holds a expression of pleasure and probably made the same vow, that I  had just made. To make me as surprise as he could until we parted ways.

He collapsed on a rock a few feet away from where I was sitting against the tree. He detached the fish one by one and started to prepare them for dinner, skinning them and then de-boning them. I felt use less, just sitting there watching, it was like I was back at the palace, getting waited on hand and foot all the time. If life was going to change so was I, starting with this.

''Do you need any help, I can help,'' I sounded like a dog wanting to please my master, I bit my lip, hoping that he didn't here me. Instead he looked me up and down and just smirked.

''Don't worry, I can do it,'' you could tell by the way he spoke, what he was really thinking.

''You think that either I can't help because I'm a woman and woman can't do anything or that I look to posh and rich to even know how to.'' I said this with great air and was very proud of how it all sounded.

''I think that women can to anything men can do, but you do look to posh to know what to do.'' By know he had set back to work, once again he had surprised me, well it was really twice but who's counting. Not me. I don't care. Not one bit. For the next half an hour we sat in silence (mostly me since he thought I didn't know how to do anything for myself). He finished with the fish, lit the fire and started to cook them, very professionally I might add.

Once he had cooked the fishes he skewed them on sticks and handed me one and stuck the rest in the dirt (disgusting). I new the questions would come soon, but I desperately wanted them to with hold out for a second, minute, hour, day, month, year or eternity longer. But once the guy had licked his fingers clean he stared at me and started.

''So what brings you here, on this fine lovely day,'' you could taste the sarcasm on his voice. There was no use lying to he, maybe he could help me find my sister and piece the rest of the puzzle back together.

''I'm looking for my sister, she's gone astray. What about you?'' I say biting my lip.

''On a little jounery, want some questions answered.''

''Could they be the same I want anwers.''

''Lets see,'' he suggests .

''Well my sister found out that one kingdom wanted to destroy other kingdoms, if I'm correct. She's gone to help the other kingdoms. Anything sound familiar?'' I ask.

''Yeah. My kingdoms been talking about it, there preparing everything. We think that Eternal, is going to attack any day know and we need to be ready.''

''Where are you from,''

''Setra. I couldn't wait to defeat Eternal, it would give me great pleasure.'' For some reason Eternal sounded familiar, then it hit me, he wanted to defeat my home, my house, my city.

''It sounds like your not the biggest fan about Eternal''

''I hate them, despise them,'' his voice had change to a cold and ruff hoarse and then it went like it came, all of a sudden. Like he had two people housed in this brain. '' So where you from,'' by know his voice was back to normal and he was staring right at me. She I tell him I'm from Eternal, if so would he kill me, get the ball running for the fight.

''I'm from far away,'' I bite my lip for the six hundredth time, since that was all I knew how to do.

''Ok,'' his voice sounded uneasy and slightly suspicious. ''It's getting dark we should probably hit the hay.'' Saved by the bell, he didn't suspect a thing or he did and just wanted to leave the conversation at a cliff hanger.














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