Wanting More

Crystal is an international pop star. She lives with the other four girls in her band. She doesn't like the lake of privacy but she loves her new life. What happens when she runs into someone who could change her life forever. She never liked falling in love and liked to hide her feelings.


2. 2

I immediately brought my gaze down not wanting them to see or speak to me. I quickly ran up to Alice and hid behind her i heard chuckles coming from the boys but ignored them and sat in between Alice and Luz. So lets get this started shall we we the interviewer said flashing a smile at all of us as we nodded in agreement. I felt the eyes piercing through me i started to get nervous and looked over my shoulder to see the boy with curly hair staring at me i quickly looked away and put my attention on the interviewer. i looked over at the boys again noticing a boy with blond-brown hair styled in a quiff he was cute the interviewer made a joke and he laughed throwing his head back  i giggled at the sight of him  he was so loud when he laughed it made me like him even more i noticed i was staring when the interviewer finally asked me 


"You got an eye for him Crystal?" i quickly looked away and down at my hands feeling my cheeks go a deep shade of red. "i-i um........no" i mumbled and kept my gaze on my hands for the rest of the interview but i could swear i felt someone staring at me i shook it off and when we were done Alice asked me to go to the loo i nodded and we walked together. Once we got in she locked the door and turned to face me "i really like the blond Irish one" she squealed i couldn't help but feel disappointed because i kind of had a crush on him "WOW that's great" i said pulling a fake smile i wanted to give her my support but honestly she got all the guys and i actually thought that i might like him. "His name was Niall OMG it's so dreamy" she said smiling and staring off into space Oh well i thought to myself and let out a sigh " What's wrong" she asked her face full of concern "Oh nothing i happy for you i just wish that i could fall in love but you know i'm scared to" i replied she sighed and hugged me.


We walked back to the girls and guys Alice went and started to talk to Niall. I just stood there in awkward silence thinking about how different my life would be if i could trust people easily i was brought out of my thoughts by a squealing Alice with a piece of paper in her hand and that's when i noticed the boys had left she ran up to me and yelled "He gave me his number AH!" i smiled again and congratulated her.



I woke up and took a shower i decided i would go to Starbucks today since it was pretty chilly out but it was the beginning of Winter. I loved winter it meant that i could wear leggings and over sized jumpers. I through on a pair of galaxy leggings and an over sized plain black jumper that covered my hands i straightened my hair and put on a beanie. I walked downstairs and put on my black Docs(Dr.Martins) I slipped out of the house saying in was going to Starbucks i put on my glasses oh yeah i forgot i wear glasses i have a whole collection because i like to be different right now i was wearing mine black ones that were to big for my face x) 


I walked in to Starbucks and ordered a white chocolate mocha and sat down in a corner reading my book. My attention was brought to the front desk to see ONE DIRECTION!! are you kidding me please don't see me please and nope they came walking towards me "hey Crystal" the boy said i think his name was Liam " do you mind if we sit with you??" " i-i umm..." he chuckled and waited for my response "sure" i mumbled looking back at my book not wanting to start a conversation. But of course they had to pull me into it

LI: So how are you Crystal?

C: umm...i'm fine how bout you

LI: good 

LOU: HI!! my name is Louis

H: my name is Harry 

N: "i'm Niall" he mumbled 

Z: Zayn

C: Hi

"well umm...you're the shy one aren't you" Liam asked i nodded my head and looked down i heard him chuckled and looked up "What's so funny" i asked full of curiosity "nothing it's just you're so shy yet you're famous" he said smiling "yeah you think you'd be out of your shell by now" Harry continued "oh..." i looked down at my phone 1:30 Shit i thought to myself "umm...sorry but i have to go i have to walk back and i have sound check in an hour and a half" " i'll take you" Niall said and smiled at me "uh sure" I said and we both walked out together.

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