Wanting More

Crystal is an international pop star. She lives with the other four girls in her band. She doesn't like the lake of privacy but she loves her new life. What happens when she runs into someone who could change her life forever. She never liked falling in love and liked to hide her feelings.


1. 1

Crystal's P.O.V.

I woke up with the light shinning in my face. Ugh I groaned I didn't want to get up but I knew i had to we had an interview today with KISS FM radio. Well let me tell you my story when i was little i lived with my parents happy until i was 5 i have four siblings. I HATE THEM they made my life hell i was the odd ball in the family they picked on me and well at the age of 14 i gave up and begged my mom to give me up. She finally did and i was happy she gave up to a family that wanted a teenager and couldn't have kids. We moved from LA to the UK. One day i was singing with my friends at the mall shopping and well we were recognized by the one and only SIMON COWEL!!! my foster parents were so proud of me and i was happy. I got up and took a shower when i got out i dried my hair. i walked into my closet and decided to wear some high waisted white shorts and a over sized light purple shirt with a cat on it. I curled my hair at the ends. I loved my hair i dyed pastel purple with light pink last year because i didn't like my natural dark brown hair.


'KRIS!! ARE YOU READY!" i heard Nayeli yell out from downstairs i ran down "yup" i replied popping the p. We walked into the kitchen with the others well let me describe them to you 1) Nayeli she was the punk one she had straight black hair and her bangs were dyed blood red she was short and had brown eyes that were almost black She was American 2) Luz she was the HIPSTER of the group she had short blond hair and light brown eyes she was the wildest one and loved being crazy she was also American 3) Adrena was the scene one she liked pretty much any kind of music though like me. Adrena had brown really curly  hair with pink streaks she was loud i guess she would speak her mind she was American 4) Alice my best friend out of all of the girls she understood me the most she was beautiful she had long blond hair that was green at the bottom she had blue-green eyes and was from Ireland but moved to the UK and we instantly clicked and became friends 5) lastly me Crystal i was loud and crazy and random but if you didn't know me you wouldn't know that because i was shy around new people i didn't like showing my feelings the only one who knew my true feeling was Alice.


We finished breakfast and got into the van we were on our way to the interview. I was actually excited to go i loved answering questions for our fans. We jumped out and ran to the back of the studio so we could get in without the whole screaming and paparazzi things. We got in and we walked up to the man who would be interviewing us he said another band of 5 would be joining us. 


"WHAT" i practically screamed no i can't meet new people i would embarrass myself "it's okay you'll be fine" Alice told me i was panicking "Okay so who will be joining us then" i heard Adrena asked "One Direction but don't worry there will be enough space we made sure to get to sofas" i was done i just stared off into space ONE DIRECTION!!! are you kidding me their gonna hate me oh well i just wont speak at all i can't mess up if i don't talk "Alright they're here ready girls" we all nodded and walked on to the stage and there they were sitting waiting for us.   


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