The bad boy, the girl always wants the bad boy... But what if this time the bad boy wants the good girl?


2. 2

*Kate's P.O.V*

I woke up today not as refreshed as I usually am, there were still worries on my mind, I felt as if he were still watching me still outside my house, starring at me. I decide to just go to the bathroom to change, might as well since I take a shower in there and brush my teeth in there, why be out where I could be seen. I put on a gray Hollister shirt and blue pre ripped skinny jeans. I sigh an slowly walk down stairs but stop half way. I just listened to the voices that were speaking, I recognizes my moms voice, but I can't seem to recognize the other one, it sounded quite masculine. I walked into the kitchen to see what was going on and found myself staring at Zayn as he cheekily smiled at me.
"Kate can I talk to you?" I hear my mom say and I follow her as she walks out of the room,
"This gentlemen had just asked me if he could take you out and I said yes" she said smiling,
"What! No mom... He's not a gentlemen and I don't like him" I said still whispering, fearing he might here me,
"Kate! Do you even know this boy" 
"Well... No" I say feeling bad for judging,
"Well then go on one date and if it doesn't work then your done" 
I tried to say something but she cut me off,
"Plus you haven't been out since that jerk Brandon almost yuh know..." Which made me start to think...  
"And I don't want you to be one of those lonely children" she joked and I smiled the sighed,
"Fine" My mom jumped up in joy as I said that.
When I walked back into the kitchen he was still there, staring at me.
"I'm taking you to a fancy place, be ready by 7" He smiled as if he knew he would get what he wants and left. Why a fancy place? Oh. I know why. So he could see me dress up. I call my friend Maria over, when she arrived I told her everything,
"Are you stupid!" She yelled, "We both know how bad he is, he gets into the bar fights almost every night, gets drunk, brakes laws ..." She trailed off.
"Listen it wasn't my fault, he sweet talked my mom into letting me go" I explained,
"Fine he wants you to dress nice, I'll dress you up real nice" She said smiling devilishly. She pulled out a short black skin tight dress that I had bought for when we snuck into a club, which I choose never to do again, nasty people there. Some black high heals, silver cuff earrings, a silver necklace with the infinity hanging from the end and some black bangles.
"I am most definitely sure I'm not going to where this" I said giving her the dress back,
"C'mon Kate show him what he wants but can't have, have a little fun" She stated,
"Fine" I gave up.
Maria left when I finished putting the outfit on, I did look good in the dress, I wont lie but I think it's a little to much for me. I said thank you and she was on her way. By the time I was done with my make up and that stuff it was 7:02, guess he didn't show up?
"Kate he's here" I hear my mom yell and I sigh and walk down to see Zayn in a leather jacket, white V-neck, black skinny jeans and white Nike high tops, very fancy...
I waved my mom goodbye as I stepped out with Zayn, just him grabbing my hands sent chills throughout my body, but I have to block him, raise my walls up real high this time, and turn them into stone. I wont let him through not so he can break it down and have me re-build it, no, not this time. 
"You look gorgeous" He said as we both sat there in the car. I'm not use to being complimented. "Um thanks not bad yourself" I said keeping calm. 
When we got to the restaurant I ran into a women at the counter,
"Ma'am are you with him?" The women asked worried,
"Oh um yeah" I said,
"I can get you out of here if you like" She said and I just looked at her and started to feel bad for Zayn, is this what all people think of him? Is this why he's like this?
"No thanks and you shouldn't just judge people like that it's rude give people a chance... Geese" I said and walked to our table.
"I heard what you said there" He said then continued, "Thank you",
"Listen, I may be a goody goody but I don't let people just talk about others like that, I stand up for myself and others" I said firmly and he nodded. He grabbed my hand and started playing with it, again sending goosebumps down my spine. He started looking me in the eye, I looked away and saw a male figure walking towards our table. It was Brandon.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
This girls had gorgeous brown eyes, I found myself lost in them, that is until she turned away, but then something strange happened. She went stiff for about 10 seconds, her hand gripped mine even tighter as she turned her head to the window,
"May I take your order" the blond man said smiling and she started to shake,
"No give us another 10 minutes" I said and as he walked away she started to calm down, "What was that all about?" I ask,
"Nothing can we go somewhere else?" She says avoiding the question,
"Not until you tell me what's going on" I said and she got up, 
"I'll walk myself out" She said quietly like she was trying to stay hidden and walked out, I quickly followed after her and gripped her arms outside the restaurant,
"Where are you going?" I say a little pissed off,
"Home now let me go" she yelled but not really loud, I still held on to her,
"I said let me go Brandon!" She said and covered her mouth and just froze, I let go,
"What? Who's Brandon?" I ask,
"I- I'll tell you if you just take me far away from here" She said with a little panic hidden in her voice. 
I opened the car door for her and as we got in I started the car and drove off to a place I like to sit at, to just relax and get my mind off things...
*Kate's P.O.V*
He made me close my eyes till we got to where we were going. When I opened my eyes I realized where I was. At the tippy top of the Eiffel Tower.
"How did we get here?"
"I know a guy" He said.
It was beautiful. I could see the stars in the sky, all the big buildings, skyscrapers, the cars driving, it was all so relaxing, peaceful.
"So who's this brandon kid?" He asked and I took a deep breath.
"Well, when I was 16 Brandon was my boyfriend... It was perfectly fine at first but then he started to make sure I was at home, that I never come out to hang out with anyone, he made sure I was with him all the time, then he started to abuse me" I said and I started to hold back the tears as pointed to the side of my rib cage, "One day he got really drunk and came over, my mom wasn't home so I guess he thought he could do what ever he wanted... He tried to get me to sleep with him but when I told him we were through he got furious and stabbed me, the next thing I know I'm in the hospital, then I see that he had went to jail on the news and it showed a video of him saying, "you will be mine Kate... One day... And now like a month ago his parents bailed him out, we moved so he wouldn't find us again" I say and wipe a tear. He wrapped me in his arms and I just let my shoulders lye there. It felt like it was right to just be with Zayn, but there was also a feeling saying to be carful. I don't know much about Zayn and I don't know what he's capable of....
*Brandon's P.O.V*
Does the bitch think I didn't see her? How is she going out with him? I know she still likes me, still wants my kisses, my touch, don't worry... Soon... Soon she will get it.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
Why would someone hurt her like that? She was just so nice and polite but ruined and frightened to death by this Brandon kid, if I see him again, I don't know what I'll do...
"Hey can I ask you something?" She said interrupting my thoughts, I nodded.
"Why did you choose me?" she asked as she turned her face to mine.
"Well, because you didn't choose me..."
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