Letting her go.

Louis and Eleanor are in love until he meets the girl of every ones dream, Katie. He falls swiftly in love with her and ends up with her. does Eleanor win his heart back or does she fail.....


5. THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Niall's P.O.V

The wedding has arrived im so shocked i hope every think goes well and if it doesn't go well then i will cry my eyes out until the wedding goes to plan. Emily walked down the church looking all  cute and  pretty as use all  but one thing was different about her she wasn't wearing the dress i hoped she would be wearing. The wedding music started to play then the vicar started to read his lines from the book in front of him on a stand  then me and Emily said our valorous  and then the vicar announced "if these people wernt  holly matched to be together please say now"  and there was no  one that through we wernt right for each other so the wedding counted on intil the after party strated.



Emily's  P.O.V

The wedding was the best thing that had ever happen to me and niall  it was like a dream come true and  i was dieing with laughter because all my friends and family  and it was a really good wedding and even niall had a great time . If we dint have a great time i would cry until we have the best wedding ever and if that dosent happen i will kill my self in a car crash or i will kill Katie because she was reposnibale for the best wedding ever I hope it will be through  it turned out to be the best wedding ever.

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