Letting her go.

Louis and Eleanor are in love until he meets the girl of every ones dream, Katie. He falls swiftly in love with her and ends up with her. does Eleanor win his heart back or does she fail.....


4. the wedding ( nialls and Emily)"

Louis P.O.V

i woke up the next morning thinking i should ask Katie to move in with me because i asked Eleanor that when i first dated her and she said that she would. a couple of minutes later i phoned Katie saying " hey would u like to move in with me yet if not just let me know"  and Katie said 2 hey lou why did u ring" and i replayed " i wanted to know if u wanted to move in with me or not" and Katie said yeah i would love to should i grab my things and be on my way now" and i said " yea ill come a pick u up" next day i went for a walk to go and collect Katie and i bumped into Niall and emily and they started to talk bout their wedding. emily said "hey louis i dint realize that u were walking around theses streets" then i said yeah have to go now see ya latter niall" so i walked on and stopped out side Katie's house so i knocked on the door she opened the door in the nice summer hoddie " hey baby i said pulling her into a hug she smiled and kissed my lips, hers was so soft, they felt like angel feathers brushing my face! I gripped her hand and we walked into the living room, i picked up her bags and she tried to grab them out of my hands, "it's okay Kate i will take them, but damn girl what have you got in these bags" I said to her and she giggled, "You'll find out soon enough!" She said flirtatiously. I liked the sound of that.... "How soon?" I said laughing and she punched my arm gently! "Lets go!!!!" She said and we hopped into my car driving to my more then mansion sized house. when we arrived at my more then man size mansion i asked her "what do u have in your bags love" and she replayed "well i have some make up clothes, a present for u and some clothes" so i said "should i help u to unpack yours bags" she said "ill be fine ill let u know if i need any help so could u maybe make us some nice dinner please so then i said " ok what would you like for dinner" Katie said " i don't know i want it to be a surprise for me" so i walked into the kitchen to see what we have in and what we don't have in the fridge and what we have in the cupboards.


Katie P.O.V

I went to un pack in Louis room. he had cleared half his wardrobe for me and had left a few drawers so that i could put my clothes in there. First i folded my trousers, shorts and leggings putting them in one of the drawers and then hung up my Hoddie's, tops and jumpers. I walked to the underwear drawer and he had left space for me as well, I put my bra's and pants in there and looked around the room. I couldn't believe i would finally wake up knowing Louis would be next to me. i smiled and walked downstairs, what had louis made! I walked into the living room and he had popcorn, sweets, crisp, and take out pizza! "I'm guessing you didn't cook!" I said and he laughed "There was nothing in!" He said and i smiled. i sat down, and Louis held up two discs one said impossible, pitch perfect! "Which one?" he said and i laughed, "How about pitch perfect!" i said and he cheered " I was hoping you picked that one!" He said and i sat down on the sofa grabbing a handful of popcorn. Louis sat next to me and i started to throw it at his head, he managed to catch 3 in his mouth. the movie started and i lent my head on louis shoulder and me a louis both stared to cry with laughter because it was so funny. god i love that boy. 


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