Letting her go.

Louis and Eleanor are in love until he meets the girl of every ones dream, Katie. He falls swiftly in love with her and ends up with her. does Eleanor win his heart back or does she fail.....


6. the after party xx

nialls P.O.v

It was time for the after party and me and Emily took our limo that we hired for the wedding to the after party once we arrived Theo and his mum came over to me and Emily to say "congratulations" said theo and his mum. Theo is so cute hes my nefuie and Emily thinks he is the  happiness that  have ever happen to this family in years.  

every on is really excited to watch the bride and groom to have their first dance together. Emily steps on the dance floor i walks over to Emily and takes emily hands and says "can i take this dance" and Emily says "yes i may". they dance for an hour and then they eat the delouse wedding 

feast. and the groom and best man make a speech to the groom and lovely bride the maid of hounor is Katie and she had some words to say about the bride and groom louis and every one elese was laughing the hole way threw Katie speech and eleanor stroomed half way therw  and said "louis i need a word with u" and louis replayed and said " no i am making a speach"  the eleanor smashed the small bride and groom that blelonged to the cake" then she stromed out and before she pegged it to the can she slaped lou right round the face.


Emily P.O.V

The after party was not what i had in mind but at least all the guest had fun. when we got back to the hotel room niall cleaned up lou because of when Eleanor slapped him right round the face.

Louis started to cry into niall shoulders i taped Katie and said "can i have a word with u in the kitchen." i said in nice clear voice to Katie "don't be sad u and Lou will be so happy when u realise that Eleanor tea piece of shit" then Katie said " i know but Eleanor loves him so badly and i cant top that" then i said " dont be so strange and go and chear lou up he needs after what happen at the after party at least he dint werk the after party. 


don dun durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr find out what happen in the next chapter xxxx




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