Letting her go.

Louis and Eleanor are in love until he meets the girl of every ones dream, Katie. He falls swiftly in love with her and ends up with her. does Eleanor win his heart back or does she fail.....


2. louis dumping eleanor.



The next day i went for a walk while eleanor was a sleep in bed but before i left i kissed her on her forehead and left the house to go for a walk then on his way to the park he meet a cute, kind , funny girl called katie they started to talk for a while then louis phone eleanor and said iv just gone for a walk im on my way to back home now so if u have any plans let me know and ill see if iv got any. ten minutes latter i got back from my walk i walked into the front room where eleanor was and i said " hey ur so beautiful u will be mine forever" and eleanor reaplyed " i know and ur always be mine".

they finished talking an hour latter then eleanor said "u wont cheat on me will u."   "no i wont" . the next day i went for walk and i saw katie again and i said "hey u look nice today" katie replayed " thank you very much i will look forward to seeing u tomorrow but i have to go now"   " ok by". 10 minutes later i arrived back home and eleanor had gone i was thinking were had she have went i only took about 10 minutes ill ring her and see where she is. " hey eleanor where are u"   and eleanor replayed  " im at my mums cos she got a sparned ancle". a couple of days later me and eleanor came together to talk and i said we coulnt be together cos i think we need some space and some time alone because we have been dating for a year now and i think its not working out anymore because this is about me being happy and u need to move back to your mums.


Eleanors P.O.V.


i cant belive louis just dumped and told me to move back to my mums OMG what have i ever done to louis that mad him dump me. the next day i phoned louis and he dint answer the phone i think i know why he dint answer because i think he knows it was me. when louis find that he had a miss call he phoned me back and i answered and said "hey louis" and he said " hey eleanor why did u ring cbecause i was with my mates in the pud getting drunk"  and i replayed " i was wornding if we could just be friends or start dating again"  and louis said "ok we can just be friends i have to go by"

and i said "by"




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