Letting her go.

Louis and Eleanor are in love until he meets the girl of every ones dream, Katie. He falls swiftly in love with her and ends up with her. does Eleanor win his heart back or does she fail.....


3. dating the girl of his dreams (Katie)

louis P.O.V


I woke up felling a bit down so decided to go for a walk then i bumped into the girl of my dreams then i was felling fine so said "hey Katie can i call u Kate because ur so nice and cute?"  and katie the girl of my dreams said " OK u can call me what ever u want so do u have a girl friend or not?" and i said "no"   " so Ur free to date now"  " yep and i wanna date u so would you? " yh i would because when i first meet u i know u were the perfect boy for me"  " awww thanx" said katie so i replayed and said " i have to go but ill ring u alright" the next day i went to see the boys liam was with daniella, niall was with emily, i was with katie, harry was with taylor and zyan was with perry and we all went on a date together. the next day Taylor spoke to harry and said "we r never getting back together like ever" and harry replayed "why what have i ever done to u to make u so angry at me " nothing but i think we should stop dating and be friends what do u think we should do?"  


Katie P.O.V

the next day louis and katie went on a date and descied to move in with each other and this is how the converstation went like this i said 2 hey lou u ok" louis replayed " hey katie im fine r u " then i replayed " ok i have to go to work so speek to you later"  1 hour later me and lou meet up with the other memebers of one direction. so they went up to nialls door and emily answered and said " ill get niall cos he in bed sit down i wont be to long" so we sat on the sofa and niall and emily walked out of thier bed room. 10 minutes later we all went out for some dinner and the other boys from one direction and their girlfriends all came to a posh restaurant the niall sat next to emily, louis sat next to me,liam sat next to daniella, zyan sat next to perry and harry sat next to taylor. 10 minutes later the waiter came and they   ordered the food and niall said "ill have all the food that is there" then emily said to niall " why do u want all the food babe" and niall replayed and said "so i could take some back with us".


niall P.O.V

the next day me and emily went to get some beackfast and i had loads of every think even the left overs from emilys beackfast and emily said "why do u alll ways have to ruin every think"

and i said "how do i ruin every think your the one that ask me to be your boyfriend"   and emily replayed "ok if u dont want to get married to me then were over ill just date another member of 1d or another guy"  so the next day we all went back home from out long vacation Louis and katie was crying because they had a big argument between who should pay for the hotel so i said i would because they wouldn't stop arguing again. 1 hour later me and emily arrived back in irland then emily said  2 should we start to plan our wedding?"  then i replayed " yh sure u start to plan the wedding while i make an important phone call to the boys about the wedding ok"  and then emily said " ok but dont be to long"  so the first person i called was louis and katie answered the phone and said " hey niall its katie want do u want louis is in bed make it quick i going  to join him in a minute" and then i said " katie what a nice time to speek to you its about mine and emilys wedding" then katie said "what about yours and emily wedding"   "and i replayed i want you to be mine and Emily's bridesmaid"  and katie replayed " ok ill be your bridesmaid" and i said "ok ill let u know the details about the wedding" then katie said " ok by" and that was the end of the conversation.    




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