He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


7. Writing

Paige's POV

"Baby, I'm home!" I yelled. 
Nate rounded the corner and I could tell he had a good day at work. 
"Why're you late?" He frowned. 
"I'm working on this new column. It needs to be done as soon as possible." I told him. 
A cross look passed his face. 
"Maybe I'll read it, I feel like I don't do enough for you." Nate said, hugging me. My heart was pounding. 
"Uh, no. It's awful, about periods." I lied. He crinkled his nose and kissed my forehead. 
"Maybe next time." He agreed. 
"What do you want for dinner?" I asked. 
"I already ate." He shrugged, looking at the TV. 
"Oh... Ok." I nodded, walking into the kitchen. 
"You don't need dinner, do you?" He frowned, now looking me up and down.
I put back the left over pizza and heard my stomach growl. 
"You're right. I shouldn't eat dinner." I mumbled. 
"There we go, we're gonna make you skinny." He promised, kissing my hair. 
"Thank you." 
He pulled me onto his lap and rubbed my thighs as he watched a police chase show. 
I closed my eyes and smiled at my progress at work. My story was amazing so far. 
While working on it is great, it's also depressing because I realize how much I miss what Nate and I used to be like. 
"Hey Nate?" I asked. 
"Yes, beautiful?" He tickled me playfully. 
"Remember when we first met?" I breathed quietly, unsure how I would react. 
"Of course I do! You were the only girl to ever make me loose my words, I knew you had to be mine." Nate nibbled at my neck. 
I sighed, somewhat happily, and squeezed his hand. 
"So, how was your day?" Nate asked during a commercial. 
I shrugged, "Good I guess, and yourself?" 
"Piece of cake. I finished up my case with that missing girl." He grinned proudly. 
"Baby that's so great! What happened?" I encouraged. 
"We found her and the guy who abducted her. You should've seen her, she was covered in bruises and blood. She looked so scared." Nate shook his head. I thought to myself, "Like me..."
"Paige..." Nate frowned. 
"Yes?" I asked, worried that he knew what I was thinking. 
"I-I'm sorry about last night." He mumbled. 
A smile crept onto my face as I kissed him reassuringly. 
I still hated him, but I couldn't let him figure that out...
"I talked with Liam today." I whispered. 
Nate tensed for some odd reason. 
"What he say?" Nate struggled to speak. 
"Nothing. He just wanted to say hi, check on me and stuff." I halfway lied. 
"And what did you tell him?" 
"I told him I was happy where I was." I full out lied. 
"Good. Cuz so am I." Nate smiled. 
"The connection was bad though." I frowned.  
"It's probably because he's on the XFactor." Nate said. 
"It's so weird that the XFactor is for a year now... It's too bad that Liam's gonna be busy for so long." I sighed. 
"Yeah. It's awful." Nate agreed. 
The show came back on, so Nathan focused in. 

"I'm gonna go to bed." I yawned. 
"Ok, goodnight baby." He kissed me and spanked me before I went to our bedroom. 
I wanted to scream. 
I wanted to do so many things. 
Instead, I just pulled out my laptop and continued writing. 

Niall's POV

All I could think about was Paige. 
Liam was making various phone calls all day and barely talked with us. 
"No, mum. She's being abused by this arse!" Liam explained. 
"She's not ok!" He continued. 
"No, I didn't see her..." He sighed. 
"I did-" he stopped as his mum interrupted him. 
"Ok. Sorry, mum. Love you too." Liam hung up and plopped onto the couch. 
"Everything alright?" Zayn asked. 
"No." Liam snorted. 
"Maybe it wasn't your sister..." Louis sighed. 
Liam abruptly got up and went into his room. He came back seconds later with his laptop. 
Opening a folder, he had everything from when we were on the XFactor, to his family baby pictures. 
"Here we go. This was last year, her senior prom." Liam pulled up a photo of his sister. 
I sat down and inspected the gorgeous girl on the screen. She had the same colored hair, and her eyes were about the same color. In the photo she looked so happy, her eyes sparkling and her face with a healthy glow. 
In reality this girl was anything but healthy. Her eyes were more dull as well as her spirit. 
"Take off sixty pounds and it's her." Harry nodded. 
"Yeah. Definitely the same person." I agreed. 
"That thin?" Liam's voice broke. 
"One month, wait only a month then we will go get her." I promised. 
"Don't worry, mate. It'll be fine." Louis smiled. 
"How about lunch?" Harry suggested right as my stomach growled. 
"Sounds nice." Liam weakly smiled, standing up and following Zayn and Harry out the door. 

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