He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


23. The salmon dress

Paige's POV


"Hey, um what's Niall's story?" I tried to sound casual when asking the girls. Danielle instantly perked up. 
"Oh... Louis told me you slept with him last night." El winked. 
"Not like that..." I mumbled. 
"Niall's amazing. Trust me, he would be a great guy for you." Danielle told me. 
I was a bit startled, but nodded. I wasn't looking for that sort of thing right now. 
"Oh my god, Paige this is your color!" Perrie squealed from a few clothing racks over. 
"I don't know..." I frowned, looking at the tight salmon dress she now held up. 
"Yes! Perrie you're a genius!" El praised, grabbing it and holding it up to me. 
"It's a bit tight..." I whispered.
"What? It's a double zero, definitely your size." Perrie smiled. 
I scrunched up my nose at their crazy assumption.  
I was fat. 
"You're probably a zero." Danielle nodded, exchanging the one El held for another relatively small one. 
"Look, I'm not a zero." I frowned, gently pushing back the dress. 
"I knew she was a double zero!" Perrie punched Danielle's arm lightly. 
"No! Don't you get it? I'm not skinny..." I felt the tears rising. 
"You either have a funny sense of humor, or you're delusional." El giggled. 
"What size do you think you are?" Danielle said calmly. 
"Well, I haven't been to the mall in a while... Nate would buy me clothes." I sighed. 
"What size, Paige?" Perrie frowned. 
"I don't know. He would just... Say that I was... F-fat." I managed to choke out before the tears came. 
"You aren't, ok? You're beautiful. Even if you were heavy that doesn't mean that you're not pretty! Everyone is gorgeous in their own way." El soothed me. 
"E-except me." I mumbled. 
"Shh. Do you want me to call Liam? We only just got here, I wouldn't want to end it because you were sad." Danielle asked sweetly. 
"No. I'm fine. I'll try that on." I sniffled, taking the tiny dress. I got a few more articles of clothing before going back into the changing rooms with the others. 






The dress was the last thing I tried on. I squeezed into the stretchy material and reluctantly turned to the mirror. 
Despite the burns and bruises covering my arms and legs, this dress made me feel good. The colour brought out the subtle red streaks throughout my hair and made my blue eyes look deep and mysterious. 
"Paige! C'mon we wanna see." The girls laughed from outside the room. 
"Uh... Give me a second." I called back. 
The dress surprisingly was perfect for me. It hugged my body in all the right places, and made me feel pretty again, which I never thought possible until now. 
"Get it." My mind and body were telling me. 
And I wanted to... More than anything else in this store.






"Where is it? We wanna see!" Perrie frowned when I stepped out in my original clothes. 
"I am getting it, but I want to surprise you guys." I grinned. 
"Aww. Fine." El laughed, leading us to the checkout. 

The day ended with me getting running shorts, some nice shorts, jeans, shirts, and the salmon colored dress. 
"Fun day, ladies." El giggled when we pulled up to the boy's house. 
She brushed aside some hair and I noticed a charm bracelet on her wrist. 
"I love that! It's pretty. I have one too." I smiled, holding up my wrist, but it was bare. 
"That's funny!" El laughed, turning to look if I had it on. 
"I think it's inside..." I frowned. 
"You can show me next time, Danielle and Perrie gotta get to work and I have to visit my mom." El shrugged happily. 
"Ok! See ya." I waved good bye and ran inside. 

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