He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


24. The Missing Item


Niall's POV


Paige ran into the room with her arms full of shopping bags. 
"Successful I'm guessing?" Louis chuckled. 
"Yeah. Give me a minute." She mumbled in a daze. Paige dropped her bags and sprinted past us, up to her room. 
"What was that?" Harry frowned. 
"She's worried about something." Liam sighed, he was able to read her so easily. 
I instantly stood up, but he put a hand on my shoulder. 
"Not how you deal with Paige, you gotta let her be for a little while." Liam explained. I slumped back into my seat and impatiently tapped my foot on the floor. 






"She's been up there for over two hours!" I whined. 
All of a sudden, a huge thud came from upstairs. 
"She's looking for something?" Zayn guessed, listening closely. 
"That's it, I'm going up." I groaned, shoving past Liam and Harry, going up to her room. 

"Paige?" I gently knocked on her door. I heard stuff being tossed around and a defeated sigh from the other side. 
"You can come in..." Paige sighed. 
I opened the door slowly, revealing a room with clothes, magazines, books, hangers, trash, and other things sprawled everywhere. Zayn was right... She was looking for something. 
"Paige, are you alright?" 
"No. I'm not ok at all." She shuddered, and continued searching. 
"Paige, what are you looking for?" I asked. She ignored me and sifted through a mound of clothes. 
"It's not here... It's gone." She blinked away tears and plopped down on her junk-covered bed. 
"What's gone, love?" I asked. 
"It's not here." She was in a daze. 
"Paige? Paige!" I snapped. 
"What?" She frowned. 
"What is missing?" I asked. 
Her eyes widened and she stood up quickly. 
"My dream... I left it... Oh shit." She paced around, running a hand through her long hair. 
"You left your dream?" I was confused. 
"No. I left my bracelet." She looked at me with huge, worried eyes. 
"It's just a bracelet, I can buy you another." I attempted to soothe her. 
"It's not just a bracelet! Where's Liam?" Paige by now had tears streaming down her cheeks. 








Liam was upstairs in seconds, wrapping Paige up in his arms. 
"Shhh. What's wrong?" He brushed away her tears. 
I watched in awe, never seeing him like this with anyone before. 
"I-I was an idiot. I left the bracelet with him." She cried. 
"That one with the different charms?" I asked, making both Liam and Paige stare. 
"Yes." She nodded. 
"You were wearing it when I first met you, but not when you were on the train." I told her. 
"No. No no no." Paige sobbed. 
"It's ok. We will find it." Liam promised. 
I didn't see why they were making such a big deal about a bracelet...
"I need to go back." Paige whispered. 
"No!" Liam and I screamed. 
"Nate won't kill me... I'll be able to get away like I did before." She insisted. 
"He came close to killing you." I frowned. 
"And it took you months to get away." Liam agreed. 
"I need it." She begged. 
"No. You can wait." Liam shook his head. 
"End of conversation." He snapped harshly. 
Paige stormed out of the room, and without hesitation, I followed. 

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