He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


26. Summary of Article




Ambition, Affection, and Abuse
By: Anonymous


     Go back a year, maybe two, and there was a girl. Well, there were many girls two years ago, but one in particular. 
She was finishing up her senior year with all A's as captain of the soccer team, and class president, all while dating a well-known soccer player from a different school. She was on cloud nine. She was having the time of her life. Everything was perfect. Nothing could go wrong... 
     Until it did.




     The girl, lets call her Pam in this story, discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her... With her best friend. Furious, she broke it off, but Pam became depressed. She wanted nothing more than to know why he hurt her... But she couldn't figure it out. Pam was so twisted by the harsh breakup, she saw no other option but suicide because she was so tired of everything. 
     So, she planned everything out. 
     One month after graduation, Pam went to a bridge know to be a place for people to kill themselves. She wanted to jump off right as she set foot on the concrete. 




     In a rush Pam raced to the area above the center of the river and peeked over the edge, missing the fact that someone was on the other end of the bridge. She slowly climbed up the barrier and felt the cool summer breeze rush through her long, wavy hair. 
Looking at the heavy current, Pam had a moment of doubt... Was it really worth it? 
"He hurt you. He left you." She scolded herself. 
"You shouldn't bother living." Pam thought out loud. 
     She was about to jump when a set of strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her down roughly. 
     She spun around and looked into his brown eyes, shocked that this stranger was willing to take time to save her. 
"Don't ever try and kill yourself." He snapped. 
"I-I-I'm..." Pam was at a loss for words. 




     He took her home and gave her some food... lets call him Nick. 
Over dinner, Nick explained how his wife successfully did the same thing earlier that year, therefore he stayed out and watched to stop people before they ruined their lives. 
"What ever reason you have for killing yourself is nothing compared to your reason for living." He had told her. 
     That always stuck with her. 
     She and Nick stayed in contact, getting closer and closer, eventually they began dating. 

     She had one brother who meant the world to her, but he was leaving for a huge opportunity, so she was all alone. Nick invited her to move in the day after her brother had left. He was five years older than her, so no one really approved of her relationship. Insanely alone, she accepted because she thought he was the one. 
     Nick was so sweet to her, alway making sure she was safe. Pam believed in him, she thought he would always be there for her. He was always there for her, just he changed how he acted. His sweet kisses turned to painful slaps when he had a rough day. 

He became her abuser. 

     The longer they stayed together, the more easily he got mad. 
"You're wife killed herself because you beat her and she couldn't love with herself, didn't she?" Pam one day snapped, rebelling against him because she was done with always being hurt rather than loved. 
     That night he kicked her, punched her, and hurt her until she was practically dead. Pam got up and stopped complaining. She acted like nothing was wrong. 


     Pam stayed with Nick for awhile before attempting to escape. That night she got as far as the golf course down the street, but he stopped her and beat her like crazy again. She knew she had to get away, or she would die or kill herself just like his wife had. 
She knew that it wouldn't be easy, but one day she was going to escape her miserable life. 





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