He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


6. She's Not Ok

Niall's POV

Liam rushed up and into another room, I assumed he was dialing his sister. 
"What did she look like?" Louis asked. 
I closed my eyes, remembering her trembling figure and thought to myself, "Perfection." 
"She looked enough like Liam that we thought she was related." Harry shrugged for me. 
"Her hair was the same color as Liam's usually is and she had these stunning blue eyes, but she was so thin... When he finished beating her I swore she was going to die. Blood was covering her face and her thin body was covered in bruises." I shuddered. 
Zayn's face fell, no doubt worried for Liam. 
"She's gonna be ok, right?" Louis whispered. 
"Liam's not gonna let some douche screw up his sister." Zayn nodded. 
"It just depends if he hurts her before we get a chance to save her." I agreed. 


"Liam?" I yelled. Concern was on all our faces as we heard him yell into the phone. He called his sister's name over and over, she must've hung up on him...
His fist slammed into a wall and he cursed loud enough for the entire floor to hear. 
"Liam, you alright?" Harry opened the door slowly. 
"You were right... That son of a bitch is fucking up my sister's life." Liam gasped. 
I frowned and patted Liam's back. 
"It'll be ok... After the tour is done we can find her." Zayn promised. 
I had never heard Liam so angry...
"I need some space." He mumbled, shutting the door, leaving us to awkwardly lounge around the main room. 

Paige's POV

I didn't write anything down yet for my column. I was busy thinking of last night... Of Niall and Harry. 
"Hey, how's it going?" Linda came back into my office a few hours later with a fresh Starbucks coffee in her hand. 
"I want to accept your offer." I whispered. 
"Really? Oh that's so great!" Linda gushed happily. 
"Yeah." I nodded, somewhat worried. 
"This is going to be fabulous! Alright, the editors need it by November, so you have only a few weeks to work on it." She took a few sips of her coffee and sighed as the warm liquid rushed down her throat. 
"O-ok." I felt my heart drop at how soon it was due. 
"You're an angel. The intern brought some Starbucks and a few donuts I think." Linda patted my leg and went back to her office to check with the editors. 
I shut the door and switched the lock. In my office I paced around and froze in front of the mirror. 
I raked my hands through my hair and inspected myself. 
Bruises coated my fat. I lifted the hem of my Lily Pulitzer dress to the top of my huge thighs. A painful yellowish purple mark in the shape of the top of a shoe. Frowning, I pulled it back down and slowly made my way back to my desk. I opened my laptop and looked down at my notebook where I had made a few notes of topics I wanted to be sure to cover. 
Looking at the screen, I stretched my fingers and began. 

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