He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


40. Searching

Paige's POV


It wasn't until I was gone that I realized I had practically no money to get me anywhere far, no clothes, and nowhere to go. 
The first person who came to mind was an instant no. He was out of my life, in jail... But the house was still ours. 
Without thinking, I went to the train station and went straight to our house. I hadn't been here since I retrieved my bracelet and it felt like I was trespassing. This was no longer my home, but it would have to do until I figured out what I wanted to do about the situation.  
I flopped down in the guest bedroom and stared at the ceiling. The dry tears felt uncomfortable, stuck to my face, but I made no motion to get rid of them. Instead new droplets escaped my eyes and followed the same path as the others, making my cheeks flooded with signs of my disappointment. 



Niall's POV

Out the door she fled after looking at me like I was a monster. If only she knew...
"Hey, how was it?" Liam asked, strolling into the house a few hours later. 
"Paige is back." I whispered. I cringed in pain as her words replayed in my mind over and over. 
"Really? Where is she?" Liam grinned glancing past me and up the stairs. 
"She thought I was cheating." I told him. Liam's face paled as he realized what must've happened. 
"Where is she?" He asked. 
"I have no idea." I sighed sadly. 
She practically broke up with me... I felt my body shake with silent sobs of confusion and disappointment. How could I have made it look so bad? And now because of me she was missing. 
"I'm gonna call her." Liam decided.
"Already tried." I shrugged. 
"Yeah, but she's pissed at you, not me." He frowned, pulling out his cell and going to our front yard. 
I on the other hand began picking up the mess she made in my room all while wondering how angry she must've been... How it felt to see me with someone other than her. I cursed under my breath and grabbed a few things. 
"Where are you going?" Zayn asked when he saw me trudging down the stairs. 
I shrugged, "To find my girlfriend and set things right."







The police station was cold and very creepy, but I knew that he would be able to help. 
There he sat, only a few feet in front of me, smirking through the prison bars. 
"Nathan." I said roughly. 
"Why? It's Nail!" He said with a laugh. I didn't even bother correcting him. 
"To what do I owe this visit?" He continued. 
"Where is she?" I asked harshly.  
"Oh? Left you already?" Nate chuckled. I balled my fist and resisted the urge to punch him. 
"She isn't with me, I'll tell you that much." He sighed. 
"Then where...?" I mumbled aloud. I turned and looked at Nate, now he knew Paige was out who knows where, all alone. I frowned and bolted out the door. 

Somewhere I would never look. That's where she would be. Some secret spot that I would never think she went to... 



Liam's POV

Call. Voicemail. 
Call. Voicemail. 
Call. Voicemail. 
Over and over and over. 
"Damn it Paige! I need to talk to you now." I cursed after the beep. 
Three minutes later my pocket buzzed and her name shone on my screen. 
"Paige!" I gasped, relieved. 
"What?" She sighed. By the sound of her voice I could tell she was crying a lot. 
"Where are you?" I asked. 
"Safe." She mumbled, obviously not wanting to see any of us. 
"Is Niall there?" Paige continued. 
"No, Zayn called and said he stormed out about half an hour ago. It's just me, looking for you." I replied.
"Oh... Ok." Paige sniffled. 
"Paige, sweetie, can I come find you?" I asked. 
"Because I need to make sure you're ok."
"But... I don't want to see you guys." She whispered. 
"Just me." I promised. 
Paige sighed but then she just shut off the phone before saying anymore. 
"Paige!" I yelled angrily. But it was too late, all I heard was the dial tone of her dropped call.


Niall's POV

I creaked open the door with my foot, surprisingly it was unlocked which could only mean one thing. 
She was here. 
I swallowed nervously, bad memories coming back as I walked around the house. 
This was the last place I thought of, which is exactly why she was hiding away here. 
I heard a panicked scream as I opened a door to reveal a wide eyed, blotchy faced, tear drained girl. Paige relaxed when she realized it was me, but didn't drop her frown.
"Get out, Niall."
"Not until you let me explain." I insisted, shutting the door and walking over to her. 
"I don't care anymore." She whispered. 
"Can I please explain?" Paige reluctantly nodded. 
"It was just a woman I work with. She kissed my cheek goodbye, she's French and loves doing stuff like that. I smelt like her perfume because I was sitting with her in the car. I would never cheat on you. People told you that you could trust me, and you can." I begged her to stay. I needed her. 
"Why were you with her?" Paige asked quietly minutes later. 
"I was planning stuff..." I said. 
Paige's frown faltered when she finally looked me in the eyes. 
"Please, baby." I begged. 
"Usually I don't give in this quickly... But since I love you, I guess I can forgive you too." She smirked. Instantly I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her onto my lap, where she belonged. 


We were by the fireplace holding hands and talking, the whole fight was put behind us. Liam was informed of the situation and surprisingly took it well. 
"So, do I still get my surprise?" I smirked. 
"You're not that forgiven, Horan." Paige laughed. With a chuckle, I kissed her and sighed, happy with how life turned out. 





Due to your super supportive comments, I couldn't help but buckle down and finish this chapter! I hope you enjoy cuz i love it! I know its kinda weird how fast Paige forgives him, but he loves her, or not....? ;)

Thanks a billion! PLEASE COMMENT LIKE CRAZY... not sure if i want to end it here or what so any ideas would be super awesome! 



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