He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


41. Niall's Reward (14+)


Paige's POV



The week passed in a blur. Niall's new goal was to get me into bed with him, but stopped asking for brief moments when I asked him to. Just to clear this up, I forgave him completely, realizing I had overreacted. 






"Paige? We're leaving." One of the boys called down to me. 
"Coming!" I squealed, slipping on my shoes and quickly finishing up my makeup. 
They seemed amused as I stumbled down the stairs in my usual clumsy way. 
"You guys look so tense!" I joked. 
"And you look ugly." Harry rolled his eyes, it took me a little to understand the sarcasm in his tone. 
"Funny, Styles." I smirked, playfully punching his shoulder. 
"So anything big this week?" Liam asked, hinting about tomorrow. Ew, I was going to be twenty. It was my birthday, and I was not looking forward to getting older. 
"No." I said, glaring at him, making sure he knew I didn't want to make a big deal. 
"Ok..." Zayn laughed as Niall came over to me and silently intertwined our fingers. 
"Hey, beautiful." He whispered. I blushed and leaned against him. 
Niall started leading me out and I noticed the others weren't coming. 
"Hello, guys we're leaving." 
"Well, about that." Liam chuckled. 
"We wanted to give you some privacy." Louis smirked deviously. 
"Thanks." I frowned. 
"C'mon, babe I promise it will be fine." Niall said with such love, I couldn't help but nod and follow him out to the car. 








"Check please." Niall asked the waiter politely. 
The night was going amazing so far, and I couldn't be happier. Niall hadn't even brought up sex yet! With a relieved sigh I turned to him and studied his features. 
Pure perfection. I couldn't find any flaws. 
"What are you doing?" He asked with a small smile. 
"Looking at how amazing you are." 
"Oh? Well have you looked in the mirror lately?" He smirked. 
"No, too distracted by you." I sighed, taking one of his hands. 
"C'mon, babe, lets get outta here." He said with the sweetest accent. 
"Ok." I agreed, unsure about anything except the fact that I was fully willing to do whatever he wanted. 






We went to one of their private houses that they go to when they need alone time. Niall was such a gentleman and opened the door for me, then of course he ran off and made some food to eat while watching some films. 
"Niall!" I called, impatiently waiting on the couch. 
He appeared with a bowl of sweets and a bowl of popcorn and a massive smile. 
"Impatient, are we?" He teased. 
"A bit." I nodded, craving his kiss so badly. 
Niall sat down beside me and wrapped me up in his arms, pulling me closer. I kissed his jaw over and over, finding his soft spot beneath his ear. A soft moan escaped his lips as I kissed there. He moved his mouth to mine where our kissed became much more heated. I moved so my body was on top of his and I was straddling his waist. 
"Babe, what movie?" He laughed between kisses. 
"Uh, that one." I pointed to a random case without caring. 
Niall laughed and slowed our kissing to go and put it in. 
The film started and it turned out to be Toy Story, which reminded me of Liam as a kid. 


"I'd rather continue to kiss you than watch this." I whispered. 
"Yeah?" Niall teased. 
"Yeah." I nodded as his lips met my neck, kissing me everywhere and making me feel good about a this. I returned to my position on his lap and our lips connected again. Niall's hands trailed up my body, and I encouraged it. We had yet to go anywhere exciting with our make outs, and I didn't mind trying. 
I tugged at Niall's shirt and eventually got it off him. My eyes marveled at his perfect figure. I traced along his chest and felt him shiver under my touch. 
"You look amazing with no shirt on." I blurted out. He laughed and pulled mine over my head. 
"So do you." Then of course we continued kissing for what seemed like forever, eventually ditching the movie and moving to a bedroom. 

We were kissing like crazy, and I ended up giving him a sweet lap dance, grinding all over him. 
"Niall, please." I whispered when his hands froze at the top of my jeans. Niall needed no more pleas, he unzipped my pants, and slid them off my legs. He then carefully moved the fabric aside and teased me with his fingers, making me moan for more. He then gave in, moving his fingers in and out, pumping faster and faster. Pretty soon I found myself coming. 
I playfully shoved Niall down and undid his pants, his bulge already obvious. I hesitated before pulling off his boxers and putting a hand around his length. A low grumble escaped his lips as I began to pump. 
"Faster." Niall choked out. And so, I moved faster. It got even more heated, and he pulled out a condom. 
"Niall." I frowned. 
"Please, baby." He whispered. 
"But..." I was so nervous, I couldn't help but start shaking. 
"Shh, I'll be careful." He promised, sliding himself into me.








When I woke up, I was sore. Then I realized what we did and I blushed like crazy. Niall was sound asleep next to me, and I couldn't help but watch him. He was too perfect. Quietly he mumbled my name in his sleep, and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer. 
I laid my head on his chest, and before I knew it, I was out cold again. 




When I woke up again, two stunning blue eyes were watching me. 
"Why didn't you wake me?" I yawned. 
"Because you were so cute." Niall chuckled, kissing my nose. 
I smiled and then asked, "Last night was real... Right?" 
Niall smiled back and nodded. 
"You stole my virginity." I accused him playfully. 
"I'm happy I did before some stupid thief." Niall laughed. 
"Me too." I nodded, kissing his lips gently. 
"Let's get changed and then we can clean up at the house." Niall said. 
I agreed and changed into what I wore last night as did Niall, then we drove home, holding hands and smiling like idiots. 






"Good sex?" Louis yawned when we walked in, I assumed he was the only one up even though it was two in the afternoon. 
"That's an understatement." Niall whispered. I blushed and dragged him upstairs with me. 
"I gotta shower babe!" Niall laughed when I started to kiss him again. 
"Fine." I groaned, figuring I should probably shower as well. 
I turned on the hot water as I heard the front door open and hushed voices filled the main room.  I laughed, the guys usually went out to breakfast and came back late, really loud. 
Slowly I did my shower routine: hair, face, body, rinse, repeat. The warm water loosened all the knots in my back and gave me a chance to think about last night with Niall. It was like nothing else... Nothing else could compare. 
Reluctantly I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I went to grab my phone from the bedside table, but it wasn't there... 
"Guys!" I yelled running down the stairs in my towel. 
Then I realized that the lights were all off and they were probably playing some prank on me. 
"Guys..." I whined. 
They still didn't respond. 
Hesitantly I flicked on the lights and when I did I screamed. I'm pretty sure that my scream could be heard all the way in America. 

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