He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


3. Never Gonna Escape

Paige's POV

A bag was hidden under a couch cushion, waiting for me to leave. I grabbed it after changing, then bolted out the downstairs door. 
Shouts arose when I ran across the front lawn, obviously being spotted by someone. 
I didn't care. 
I needed to escape. 

My body, full of adrenaline, pushed me to the golf course a few blocks away. I knew that it was a common place for people to hang out, I just hoped that Nate and his friends wouldn't think to look there.
As my foot hit the grass I stopped to catch my breath. 
I heard laughing and shouting, then turned slightly to see Nate  and some friends chasing behind me. 
I gasped and kept running. 

I was going to be free of him. 
No more beatings. 
No more touching. 
No more fake caring. 
But then I ran into a strong back.
Looking up a pair of blue eyes twinkled when they saw me. 
"You alright, love?" He asked. 
"N-n-n" I couldn't get words out I was so frightened, I began to move away from him. 
"Look at her! She's scared to death!" One of his friends who had curly hair said. 
"Honey, it's ok. We won't hurt you." Blue eyes said. 
I blinked and nodded nervously, still backing away. 
"Now what's wrong?" The other guy asked. 
"I tried to run, but--he's gonna find me." I panted, now frozen in place. 
"Who?" Blue eyes asked. 
Nate and his friends were at the top of the hill. My chance of escaping was gone. 
I began to shake only thinking of what he was going to do to me. 


"Paige, there you are!" Nate howled with his friends. 
I didn't know what to say. 
"That definitely brightened the night, seeing you running across our lawn." He chuckled, pulling me by my wrist. 
"Don't touch her." Blue eyes snapped, glaring at Nate. 
"Oh, so you came to have fun. Without me." He spat through his teeth, turning to me. 
"No! I just met them." I whimpered, making his friends laugh. 
"Doesn't seem like it." 
"Nate. Please don't do anything." I whispered. 
"Not here." He told me, just above a whisper so that no one could hear. 
I gasped at him and flinched away, knowing how badly I would be beaten later. 
"She bumped into us, completely accidental." Blue eyes raised his hands. 
"I bet she did." Nate sneered, grabbing my upper arm roughly. 
"Don't grab her like that." The guy with curly hair said. 
"She's my girlfriend. I think I can take care of her how I want." 
"Nate, back away. C'mon. If you get in another fight they'll take your badge." One of Nate's friends hissed. 
"This time, you filthy git. This time you get away." Nate shoved me forward and his friends made their way back to the cars, realizing the party was over. 


"You ruined my party." Nate slapped me across the face. We hadn't even left the golf course, yet he began his painful routine.
"I was bored." I whispered. 
"Bored?" He roared, kicking me in the gut and then shoving me to the ground. 
We were hidden behind a wall of bushes, so it didn't matter when he began to kick me and step on all over me. 
I was Paige, like a page, I was being ripped. 
Blood spilled down my chin, and I knew I was going to be sore with bruises everywhere. 
Nate was panting, back to me. 
Knowing what I needed to do to stop him, I wobbled up and limped over to him, snaking my arms around his waist. 
"I'm sorry, baby." I whispered. 
"It's fine. Just know you're mine." He mumbled, done fighting. 
"I know. I'm yours." I nodded, showing him the love bite he had given me from earlier. Nate chuckled and kissed it, not caring how painful it felt to me. 
"That's right. You will always be mine, never run again." He said harshly. 
"I wouldn't dream of it." I lied. 
"That's my girl." He brought his lips to mine and squeezed my arse.
I winced as he pressed against my bruised figure, but to avoid getting hurt, I let him continue. 

Niall's POV

I watched in horror with Harry behind the thin bushes as this guy beat Paige's senseless, kicking her everywhere. 

They exchanged a few words, she seemed to be comforting him. Paige snaked her arms around his waist and showed him her neck, both giggling. 
"What the fuck?" I thought to myself as Nate was it? Well Nate began to kiss Paige as if he did not just hurt her, which he did. 
Paige just looked bored...

Paige caught my eye and they widened. She looked more nervous for me than for herself. 
"Babe. Why don't we continue this at home? You never know who could be near..." She said, staring directly at me. 
"You bitch. You think I care?" He snapped, making Paige wince. 
"No, you're too good to care." 
"Whores like you don't deserve people like me." He glared at Paige. 
"I know." She nodded, ashamed. 
He grabbed her neck and forced her to the ground so he could look down at her. 
"Never, ever try and leave me." He said, his mood swinging from back to what it was minutes ago. 
My heart was pounding. This poor girl was practically being held hostage. 
"I won't." She promised, kissing him reluctantly. 
Nate kicked her in the stomach and mumbled something in her ear, before kicking her again and walking away. 
She curled up, sobbing the second he left. Letting go of anything that was holding her together. 
"Niall. Should we do something?" Harry nudged me. 
"Yeah." I nodded, climbing through the bush. 


Paige's eyes grew wide as she saw us approach. 
"Don't worry. We're not gonna hurt you." I held out my hands. 
"W-w-wh." She struggled to stand then vomited into a bush. 
"Are you alright?" Harry asked nervously. 
"Yeah, I'm fine." She frowned, wiping her mouth with her scrawny fingers. I noticed blood spilling out of her left nostril and out of the side of her swollen lips. 
"It doesn't seem like it." I said. 
"I'm fine." Her angular jaw tightened. 
"You're name is Paige, right?" I ignored her. 
"Well, Paige, do you want to come with us?" Harry asked. 
"No." She quickly responded. 
"Paige, you need to get away from him." I reached for her. 
"No, it's fine. Everything's fine. I'm fine." Paige shook her head, repeating over and over how fine she was. 
"Paige, he's dangerous." Harry's eyes narrowed. 
"I can handle it." Paige shrugged, wiping away the remaining blood crusted around her lips, only to have more drip from her nose. 
"Paige, I just met you and I can tell you're suffering." I snapped. 
She winced and ran to throw up in the bush again. When she returned more blood was on her chin. 
"How do you let him hurt you?" I asked, angry with Nate. 
"Nate loves me." She whispered. 
"So he expresses how he feels in beatings?" Harry raised his eyebrows. 
"It's more than that... I-I...he..." Tears threatened to escape her beautiful blue eyes. 
Her high cheek bones were purplish and her thin arms were mottled in fresh bruises. 
Paige's thin frame shook and her long honey brown hair shielded her bony face. 
"Do you eat?" I blurted out, everything about her looked weak. 
"I-I'm fat." She mumbled, avoiding my eye contact. 
I couldn't help it, my jaw fell. 
Paige frowned at me and shook her head to clear her thoughts. 
She got up and coughed out a bit of blood then blushed. 
"Um, thank you..." She stopped, not knowing our names. 
"I'm Niall and this is Harry." I told her. 
"Well, thanks Niall and Harry, but I can take it from here." She smiled weakly. 
I got out a piece of paper and wrote down mine and Harry's numbers, handing it to her. 
"Call us if he hurts you again." I put a hand on her shoulder. 
She shrugged away from me and tucked the slip of paper into her back pocket. 
"Thanks." She whispered, backing up slowly. 
I nodded and walked away. 
I watched in surprise when I wanted to follow and make sure she was ok... Make sure that Nate was going to leave her alone. 
"Did you notice that she looked like-" 
"Liam." I finished for Harry, nodding. 
And it was true. Her face was similar to his, despite her bruises and gaunt figure. 
"Does Liam have a sister?" Harry asked nervously. 
"I don't know... But I seriously hope not. We both know that once he cares about someone, he won't let anyone hurt them." I sighed, pulling out my phone. 

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