He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


30. Needing Niall

Paige's POV


"Where's Niall?" I demanded as the events of last night slowly clicked back to my memory. 
"Not here." Harry shrugged from the coach where he was sprawled on with Lou beside him. 
"Thanks, Haz." I frowned, running to the kitchen area. 
No Niall. 
I ran up to his room. 
No Niall. 
In a hurry I made my way to the other boys' rooms. 
No Niall. 
My feet were practically flying as I ran down to the sitting room. 
No Niall. 
Every bathroom and bedroom, every nook and cranny, every corner and hole, under every mound and pile. 
I could not find Niall. 

"I need to fucking see Niall." I was practically hissing. 
"Me too." Liam agreed, stepping around from a corner where he was talking quietly with Zayn. 
"Something wrong?" I asked. 
"Yes." Liam snapped. 
He grabbed his car keys and stormed out of the house, speeding away. 
"What's his problem?" I laughed. 
"Niall." Zayn sighed. 
"What about?" I was now red alert, worried he knew we had kissed. 
"You." Zayn said, confirming my fears. 
"Me?" I squeaked. 
"You were completely drunk last night. Niall was your date, he was supposed to watch you." Zayn shrugged before joining Louis and Harry. 
"Movie, love?" Harry offered. 
"Uh... I'll be back." I mumbled, grabbing Harry's car keys and running out into the cloudy air. 






It wasn't long before the sky opened up, releasing rain everywhere. I sped up, flipping on the windshield wipers and searching for him. I had to find him now that I remembered we had kissed... Niall now knew how I felt, it was too late to turn away. 
"Damn it." I cursed as the rain picked up and buildings became wet blurs. 
At a red light I fumbled around my bag and pulled out my phone. 
"Yeah?" Niall answered on the third ring. 
"Where are you?" I demanded. 
"Out." He sighed. 
"Niall, please." I begged as the light changed. 
"Nah, I wanna be alone." Niall told me. 
"I need to see you!" I practically screeched. 
"Don't pretend to care." He used my own words against me. 
I knew what I needed to say... I just wasn't sure if I was strong enough to tell him. 
"Niall... I..." I couldn't. 
"Bye Paige." I could tell he was frowning by his tone. 
"Wait!" I blurted. 
"What? What more do you have to say?" He snapped. 
I sighed and pulled over, putting my head on the wheel after parking. 
"I love you. I've fallen in love with you faster than I have ever fallen in love with anyone. Don't leave me." I finally said. 
Niall responded in silence. 
"Niall?" My voice cracked nervously. 
"I-I'm at Nandos." He stuttered. 
"Meet me outside, ok?" I whispered.
"Ok." He agreed. 
I hung up and continued down the street to the Nandos he said he was at. 
My heart was pounding as I opened my door and got out. A man was standing on the street corner, sopping wet. In a matter of a few seconds I was the same way. 
I heard the familiar clicks of the paps' cameras because they recognized Harry's car. Shielding my face from the them, I ran into the restaurant. 
"Are you Paige?" A random worker person asked. 
"Depends who's asking..." I shrugged, wringing out my hair. 
"I've got a note here from a Niall Horan." He chuckled. 
"Ah, then yes, I am Paige." I smiled, snatching the note from his chest pocket. 
"He told me you would be feisty." The worker laughed before turning and walking away. 


It read:
I'm out back, you should be able to find the door.


I crumpled up the note and tried my best to ignore the flashes, then ran to the back of the restaurant and out the back door. 
"Niall?" I asked. 
It was raining so hard, but I managed to see him with Liam. 
"Hey, guys!" I smiled, unsure why Liam was here. 
They obviously didn't hear me over the loud rain. I waited a second, trying to see what was going on. Liam and Niall were having a heated argument over something I couldn't hear from where I was. 
I took two steps forward, then broke into a run. 
Liam had winded up and slammed Niall in the chest with his fist, making Niall fall to the ground.  

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