He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


34. Liam's rage


Liam's POV



Out of nowhere my heart dropped when I was sitting on my bed, brainstorming for new song lyrics. The freakish pounding at my door only made it worse. 
"Go away." I mumbled, figuring it was Louis wanting to play football in the yard. 
"Liam! It's Paige!" He screamed. 
"I know, she's with Niall." I sighed, staring at the ceiling. 
"What?" He, Zayn, and Harry gasped. 
I frowned and sat up, what were they trying to tell me?
"What do you want then?" I sighed. 
"I don't know how to say this but she's in the hospital." Louis said quietly. I bolted up, grabbing my shoes and a fresh shirt, then I hopped in my car with the others and drove to the hospital nearby. 
As I was driving, I asked, "So why is she at the hospital?" 
The all seemed nervous to tell me. Damn it. That only meant one thing... Nate. 
"How did she find her?" I practically hissed. 
"You should talk with her about it." Harry said, ending the conversation. 






The hospital was like all others. Neutral wallpaper, über clean smell, magazine racks all over the waiting room, nurses cackling with each other in between helping people, and in a corner there were children's toys set up. One thing was different, my sister was in this hospital. 

"Don't." Was the first thing she said. Don't could apply in so many ways. Don't worry. Don't be mad. Don't hurt Niall. Don't be disappointed...
"What happened?" I asked, looking at my baby sister. Paige was in a hospital gown in a bed with a bunch of stuff on her side and some needles in her arm with a bandage over one of her eyebrows. Sadly, I could say that this isn't the worst I've seen her. 
"I was stupid." She shrugged. The shrug resulted in a wince, which made me cringe at her pain. 
"Give me one of your many examples." I nodded, not seeing the point in taking this easy. 
"Well, I went to Nate's house for my bracelet. Niall followed. I was looking around for it and he was there." She explained, I nodded and waited for her to continue, so she did, "Um, then we talked, more like argued. Nate got mad and cut me here." She sighed, gesturing to my eyebrow. 
"And you didn't leave then?" I snapped. 
"Because he was trying to fuck me!" Paige said in the same tone. 
"And what about that?" I frowned, pointing at her side. 
"Ah, here's where you will regret punching Niall. It was bad, really bad. Nate was trying to hurt me more, but out of nowhere Niall whacks him with a pan! But Nate had a knife and he managed to wedge it in my side before he got knocked out." Paige finished. I took in a shaky breath and nodded, taking her IV free hand. The familiar jingle of her charms made me smile. 
"Tell Maddie I say hi." I whispered. 






Authors note:
Wow! Thanks for all the great comments I like how someone said team "naige" haha. I never thought people would really enjoy this, so thank you guys for liking commenting favoriting and reading in general. 
Just so you know: Maddie is a twist. I hope you all are wondering who she is! Comment your guesses!! Your words are the reason I continue to post! 

Oh and sorry for the short chapter! more coming your way




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