He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


22. It feels right

Paige's POV

Niall had downed a couple drinks and was getting freakishly slap happy. 
"Niall. Calm." I giggled as he pulled me onto his lap. 
"I'm just really happy!" He laughed. 
"You're so drunk." Zayn laughed. 
"No I'm not." Niall frowned. 
"I think you are." Eleanor agreed. 
These girls were actually different from what I thought... We were already pretty close just from talking. 
"Mall tomorrow?" El asked me. 
"Don't see why not!" I nodded. 
"Good. You need more clothes and refuse to go with us." Liam chuckled. 
"I would too." Perrie joked. 
Zayn shoved her playfully before kissing her. 
"Alright..." Louis frowned, kicking Zayn's shin. 
"I'm sorry for expressing my love for my girlfriend." Zayn's eyes narrowed as he put an arm around Perrie. She chuckled and leaned against him, her blonde hair covering her left eye. 


"I think I'm gonna duck out." El stretched, getting up. Louis frowned and kissed her gently. 
"Same here." Danielle and Perrie said, standing and kissing their boyfriends goodbye. 
I stood, and surprisingly all three of them gave me warm, friendly hugs.
"See you guys tomorrow!" I grinned after exchanging numbers with them. 






"C'mon Niall, bed time." I whispered, pulling his arm. 
"Nahh, I'm tired." He slurred. 
"I know, Ni. That's why we're gonna go put you to bed." I laughed. 
"But I'm really really tired." Niall groaned, rolling over on the couch. 
"Niall, get up." 
"If you don't get up then I'll get the boys to wake you up." I whispered. 
"Get Paige to get me up." He mumbled. 
"I am Paige." I giggled. 
"I know." 
Niall draped his arm around my shoulders and let me assist him up the stairs. 

"Goodnight Niall." I whispered once he was in his bed. 
Niall stood up and took off his shirt and boxers then crawled under the covers. 
"Paige?" He asked. 
"I'm cold." He mumbled. 
I chuckled and gave him another blanket, but when I turned around to go, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer. 
"What now, Niall?" I yawned. 
"Stay." He begged. 
"I will. See you tomorrow." I nodded. 
"Nooo. Hereee." He whined. 
"Niall..." I sighed. 
"Please? I'm cold." He whispered, staring at me with his startling eyes. 
"Why not a blanket?" I asked nervously. 
"Blanket smanket." He frowned. I was taken over by the two stunning blue orbs staring into mine. 
"Ok. Just tonight." I gave in, pulling back his duvet and sliding in beside him. 
"Thank you." He sighed. 
Niall wrapped himself around me and let me rest my head on his warm, bare chest. 
I felt safe. 
"This feels nice." Niall whispered against my hair. 
"Yeah." I agreed. 
It felt right...
"Goodnight, beautiful." Niall kissed my hair gently. 
"'Night Ni." I laughed hugging his chest comfortably. 
Before I knew it, I was asleep.






Pure, complete, utter black. 
I was engulfed in a cloud of black. 
"You can't leave me."
"C'mon baby." 
"I know you wrote it." 
"You're a fucking whore!" 
"I hate you." 
"You're fat." 
"You don't need dinner."
"You don't deserve me."
"You ruin people's lives."
"I don't see why you bother living." 
"You're lucky to have me."
Every night my dream was the same. I stood alone as Nate's insults filled my ears. I could feel the snap of his words and the pain of all the beatings. 
But this time... I saw him. 
"Come back to me. You miss me." Nate purred into my ear. 
"No!" I screeched. 
"I know you want to stay with me. You love me." 
"I don't! I hate you. You hurt me!" I whimpered, cowering away from him. 
"But I have something that's yours. You're missing something." His eyes darkened. 
"W-what?" I gasped. 
"You'll find it. You notice that you're missing something and you'll be wanting it back." Nate lured me closer with his words. 
"You're lying. I'm happy where I am!" I frowned. 
"Come back to me. Come home, baby." He purred. 
"Never." I snapped. 
"I don't believe that..." He laughed. I shuddered and turned around, running away back into the darkness. 
I felt sharp things tearing my clothes and cutting into my skin. 
"Leave me alone!" I slumped to the floor sobbing. 






I bolted awake in a tangled mess of sweat and tangled sheets. I was aware of someone else beside me. 
My breath came out in heavy pants, struggling to control myself. 
"You alright?" Niall asked. 
"Y-y-yeah." I stuttered, brushing back my hair, and wiping away my fallen tears. 
"It didn't sound like it. I tried to wake you up, but you were stuck in your dream... Erm nightmare." Niall frowned. 
"I'm fine."
"Paige, don't lie to me. I've been able to tell when you are lying since the first day I met you." Niall said sternly. 
"I...he...it...but...Dark." I couldn't explain my dream. 
"Every night I hear you whimpering and crying. You wake up in a gasp. We all hear it..." Niall sighed. 
"It's him. Every night I dream about him." I broke down sobbing. 
"Shh. It's ok. I'm here, he's not gonna get you again, I promise." Niall hushed me. 
"I-I know." I whispered into his shoulder. 
But I didn't know... My trust in everyone was lost yet again. 
One thought dominated my mind: What had I left behind....? 

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