He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


50. He Loves Me

"Well for fucks sake!" I muttered once I was sure who it was. 

"Paige... Calm down." She whispered, slowly stepping towards me. I backed away and shook my head. It was official, I was going crazy. 

"I'm dead aren't I? Either that or I'm out of my mind." I struggled to speak with her right in front of me. 

She shook her head before I was even done, "You're neither. You're ok." 

"Maddie, you're dead for christssake!" I snapped at her. She groaned and rolled her eyes. 

"Wait... The coma. Shit, how long have I known you were alive?" I gasped, the headache was back. 

"Not too long." Maddie whispered with a small smile. She looked hurt by this comment. 

"Does Liam..." I trailed off, course he knew she was alive, she was living with us. 

"Shhh. It's ok... but you can't tell them you found me, they'll kill me." She smirked at the last phrase. 

"Not funny." I argued, carefully taking a step towards her. Maddie laughed and raced to me, pulling me up into her arms. 

"I've missed you." She whispered. 

"I-I've missed you too." I agreed with hesitation. 

"Now, fill me in. Why're you here?" Maddie asked with a lopsided grin. 

I sighed. It was a deep, sad, frustrated sigh that she knew all too well. She pulled me into her arms and we collapsed on the couch, just her hugging me. I missed having a twin. It was weird being alone... With her back I felt like everything was slowly clicking into place. 

"Shh. Was it Niall?" She guessed. 

"Did I date him?" I asked with a frown. 

"I don't know. Did you?" She avoided answering. I groaned and got up. 

"I need to know, Mads!" I snapped. 

She looked down and shook her head. She knew it wasn't her place to tell. But, she also knew that I needed to hear the truth. More than that, I deserved to know. 

"Yes. I don't know all the details. But you two were pretty serious and he did something stupid. That's all I know." She confessed. 

"Wait, what did he do?" 

"Remember." She whispered into my ear. I shook my head. I wouldn't be able to remember. It would probably be too painful to even try. The throbbing was already so bad. I just shut my eyes and felt my body drift off into a semi conscious state, free of pain.




"Baby, babe c'mon!" Niall laughed. I was so confused, where was I? Only when I saw myself running at him with my arms open did I realize I was looking back at a memory. 

"I think we should go home." I whispered to Niall as a crack of thunder erupted from the stormy clouds. 

"Liam knows you're with me! You're safe... I promise." He swore. I could see it in his eyes that he would do anything for me. When I looked back to myself, I noticed that my expression was practically the same. 

"I love you!" I whispered into his shirt. It was so faint I couldn't be sure if he heard me. Niall's face lit up. So I'm guessing he did. 

"Damn it, P." He groaned. 

"What?" I asked, instantly worried that I had moved to fast to the 'I love you.'

"I wanted to be the first to say it." He smiled sheepishly. I burst into laughter and kissed him everywhere... all along his jaw, his cheeks, his nose, and best of all, his lips. Niall sighed and hugged me against him as the rain pelted down on us. I clearly didn't mind the heavy water attacking us, because Niall and I never broke our kiss. Not even when I slipped on a leaf or something and toppled into the grass with Niall on top of me. He positioned himself to be hovering over my body, an attempt not to crush me. The attempt failed when my hands trailed up his sides and tickled him all around the torso. Niall collapsed on top of me, his loud but wonderful laugh echoed in my ear and all around the neighborhood. Then of course, as revenge he remained on me while tickling my neck. My breaths came out as short gasps of air between my giggle fits. 

"N-Niall! I'm wet and can't breathe!" I screamed. 

"No, you're frozen and can't breathe." He corrected, using the lyrics of One Thing. 

I rolled my eyes and wiggled out from under him and stood in the pile of mud our tickling fight had made. I could get used to this... To me and Niall. He got up and kissed me gently, cupping my cheek with one hand, and brushing through my hair with the other. 

"I love you." He whispered once our kiss ended. 

That was the last thing I saw before I woke up. Niall had been holding me like it was the first and last time he ever would. I was melting in his arms, my stomach was full of butterflies hearing him say it. 




I was able to be dazed for about five seconds, then I realized I was in another dream. What was this? A Christmas Carol with the ghost of my present past and future? I sighed and turned to face the next memory. 

"Niall, you were cheating on me?" I demanded. 

"No, baby. It's not like that." He shook his head furiously, running to gather me up into his arms. 

I wanted to let him. I wanted him to hold me until everything was alright, but I knew I had to take control of myself and be strong. I had caught him in a car with another girl. They definitely seemed to be more than friends... 

"Explain to me what it was then?" I snapped. Glaring daggers at him. 

Niall's face reddened and he slumped down on the couch behind us. 

"I can't remember." He whispered. I looked at him with a mix of confusion and anger. He honestly was avoiding the answer by claiming to "not remember?" Of course! Not...

"Well, I can't remember the last time I wanted to hit someone so badly." I frowned, plopping down into a chair.

"I really don't remember... I'm embarrassed about it. You'll judge me." He whispered sadly. 

"No I won't... but you won't have the chance to tell me. I'm leaving." I said sadly. He yelled after me, but I just left the room. I went straight up to my bedroom and slammed the door shut, locking it tightly. Then, I slid down to the floor and lost whatever was holding me together. The tears exploded and my body convulsed angrily. How could I have been so stupid? 




My body jolted me again. I thought of the feeling when you're asleep then all of a sudden you're falling... that's what it felt like. I opened my eyes and looked around. Great, another dream. Hopefully this would be the last. 

I walked around until I found a door. I opened it and I realized I was in a hospital. Quickly I looked around the room for me and Niall. He was sitting in the chair beside the hospital bed... I was in the bed. I crept up next to the bed and stared at myself. 

"Why her?" Niall snapped. I looked up and saw he wasn't alone. Liam and Maddie were also in the room. 

"I ask that everyday. But you're complaining isn't going to get her any better." Liam frowned. 

"I can't look at her like this... she looks dead. I don't care that my complaining isn't helping. I just want her back... so badly. Even if she won't ever talk to me again." He mumbled into my hand. He lowered my hand back down and rested his head on my torso. My corpse like body twitched. 

Niall smiled sadly. He was used to all my tiny twitches and attempts to get him to see that I'm ok. Seeing it from his point of view was just depressing. I hated it. I wanted to get up and hug him. I didn't care that he had a lot of explaining to do... I needed his arms around me. I needed his hands to be tracing patterns against my skin. More than anything, I needed his lips on mine. 

"I'm sorry baby. This was all my fault." He whispered. It was now just us in the room.

"It's not your fault!" I tried to call out, but of course, he couldn't hear me. 

"I should've explained to you what I did... I was bored, so me and some of my old friends went out drinking. I got so hammered... The girl offered to help me get home. I seriously don't think we did anything but make out... I know that even that will make you upset. So, I'm sorry. I'll tell you again when you wake up. I promise."

I needed to hug him. I wanted to so badly, but all I managed was a small hand squeeze. It lit up his face and he quietly began to sing to me. I yearned to hear his guitar, but I didn't want him to let go of my hand. My Niall... My Nialler.




I remembered everything the second I woke up. I ignored my pounding headache and quickly searched for a light. My hands slid around the walls until I finally found one. The lights flicked on and I almost fell over because of the new brightness. 

Maddie was asleep on the couch across from mine, but I didn't bother waking her. I grabbed a jacket and some shoes, then I bolted out the door. 


"Where's Niall?" I panted once I was back in the main house. 

"Where were you?" Liam asked instead of answering me. 

"With Maddie. Now tell me where he is!" I snapped. 

The boys looked around nervously, clearly Niall had told them not to tell me wherever he was. 

I racked my brain to try and remember where he would go. 

"Of course!" I laughed, kissing Liam on the cheek then running back out the door. 

He was in one of two places. The getaway house where we had sex, or Nandos. I chose the house because it seemed more like Niall to go there, to test my memory. I sped through the back streets and ran a few lights, but I didn't care about all the tickets I would be getting, I just wanted Niall. Finally I got to the house and pulled into the massive driveway. Niall's car wasn't here... I got out of mine and ran to the door. I tried the knob a few times before giving up with a groan. My back slumped down the wall and my feet slid against the door mat. The mat moved a tiny bit and revealed a key. 

"Yes!" I sighed happily, unlocking the front door.

It was so quiet inside... Like it was a vacant, haunted building. I found the lights and turned them on so I could see. I wandered around the house, checking the kitchen and the closets, the bathrooms and the cabinets, the bedrooms and the living rooms. But, Niall was nowhere to be found. 

"Niall!" I screamed out of frustration. 

"Yeah?" A familiar voice with a strong Irish accent answered me a few seconds later. 

"NIALL!" I screamed happily, launching myself at him. He fell due to my sudden attack, but grinned when I kissed his entire face. 

"I remember everything." I whispered between kisses. 

"I remember this house... and everything done inside." I said seductively. 

"I remember you're laugh." 

"I remember how you saved me from everything... you gave me hope, Niall Horan." 

His smile was so big at this point. His lips crashed to mine, making it impossible for me to continue telling him what else I remembered. I hugged him against me and kissed back. My stomach flipped out of pure joy just being here with him.

My mind was going crazy, thinking: He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me... He loves me not... 

Reluctantly, we pulled apart and stared at each other. 

"I remember how much I love you." I whispered against his chest. 

He tilted my head up so I was staring into his eyes. 

Niall pecked my nose then said, "I never forgot." 




hellooo! SO sorry that i havent gotten around to updating in awhile. This chapter isn't my best, so sorry about that too! I hope you like this... yes, they're back together!!

But, sadly, I think this book is done :(

A sequel might be a possibility, but I don't know. Comment, like, favorite... all the above! Hahaha, thank you for sticking with this book and finishing it! I love your comments. You can give ideas for sequels or tell me if you even want one! Thank you!! :)




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