He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


44. Hard, Cold Betrayal

Paige's POV


Liam could just read my face and figure out what happened. 

"I'm going home." I said, not bothering to explain the details.

"Paige! This is you're home, we can work whatever is going on out." Liam tried to get me to see reason, it wasn't working. I pulled out a duffel bag and began shoving loads of clothes into it, tears beginning to spill down my cheeks. Liam's arms wound around my arms and forced me to stop moving. I waited, deeply breathing and eventually collapsing into a heap of tears and choked screams. 

"He hurt me! You said he was different. I gave him a second chance. I thought he wasn't like this!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. 


"No. I want everyone to hear me. I want them to know what he did to me, he hurt me, Liam." I felt my breath quicken as I grew angry with the situation. Liam and I sat there for what felt like hours, him just holding me, soothing me. I let him hold me because I knew that if I didn't have someone keeping me together, I would fall apart. 






"Hey." Liam smiled when I opened my eyes after falling asleep on his chest. 

"Hi." I smiled weakly, then I remembered what had happened and a frown fell across my face. 

"You still want to leave?" Liam asked, looking sad with how things were going. I nodded and fiddled with my charms, unsure how to say goodbye after all he's done for me. 

"I don't know how to say goodbye..." I whispered.

"You don't have to, stay here with us."

"You sound like a evil villan or something." I giggled, trying to hide my depression. 

Liam frowned and wrapped me into his arms again, unintentionally making the tears show up again. He stroked my hair and it all brought back memories from when Maddie died. 

"I'm still leaving. I can't handle being around him right now." I mumbled into Liam's shoulder. 

"I know, honey. Promise to visit, though? I know I'm not the only one who's gonna miss you." Liam smiled, he too was holding back tears. I hadn't seen him for an entire year and then I choose to leave him... What kind of a sister was I?





I sat in a seat on the train, shielding my face from anyone who might recongnize me, eventhough I doubted they would. Niall kept our relationship somewhat private until he knew I was stable enough to handle the hate I would get... too bad he ruined the whole thing. 

I had snuck away, not saying goodbye to anyone, I wasn't able to bring myself to do that... it would hurt too much. So, on the uncomforable seat I sat, tracing over my leggings in the spots where I knew I had concealed scars. I thought that they were healed, no longer being tugged at and encouraged, but I was wrong. All I needed was one final rip to tear me apart. 

When I heard a good place to stop, I got out and wandered the streets alone. I didn't know how I was supposed to find money, a job, friends, and all that, so I had gotten off at a stop close to Perrie's house. 

I rang her up and she answered in a worried squeal. 

"WHERE ARE YOU! Zayn told me that you were missing!!" She scolded into the phone. 

"Don't tell them that you know where I am, alright?" I sighed before letting her know I was only a block from her place. 

"What's going on?" She asked suspiciously.

"A lot, I can't bring myself to say it more than once, so I'll just tell you in person later." I said into my microphone on my phone. Perrie nodded, sounding stressed and told me that I had half an hour to come over before she came looking... or worse, called them.

Under the lights of the few stars and dim street lamps, I walked around the area, finding a cozy little park with a few benches, a field, and a big bridge over a fast moving stream. 

"I wonder....." I mumbled to myself, floating over to the edge. I grabbed a few rocks and dropped them into the water, hearing the plop and a small echo. So many thoughts ran through my head. All I could think was "Screw Perrie, this is way better." 

Carefully, I found my footing and managed to climb on top of the side of the bridge and walk along the thin strip holding me up from falling into the river. The loose parts of the bridge slightly gave out under my feet, sending some loose gravel down into the river, oddly I found it entertaining to be in such a dangerous situation. Niall chose to give me up, I wasn't worth anything... Nate was right, I was a pathetic person who was lucky enough to be with him. Why the hell did I ever fall for someone like Niall Horan? It all made sense though, why I always felt out of place, why I had some feeling that it wasn't going to work. It turns out that the small feeling I had was reality and everything else was a massive dream of hope and want. Nate was gone now... Niall was gone... I was here. I could easily just jump... I would be gone then and by ridding everyone of me, they would all be happy. That's all I ever wanted: happiness. But it was too late, maybe the jump would wake me up and give me relief. Maybe it would fix things in my screwed up life if I was to let myself fall...

My phone buzzed, alarming me, and tossing my balance off. I recovered, my heart rate up. Stupid as always, I ignored the call and continued down the unsteady stone path, giggling like a lunitic as the water rushed below me. 

"Paige!" A person yelled, snapping me awake from my strange trance. At first I thought it was Perrie, but then I realized that it wasn't. 

"Who is that?" I yelled, still on the bridge. 

"Come down and we can talk." She told me again. 

I frowned and squinted through the misty air. Who the hell...? Then I saw her come into the lamplight.

No. Nonono. It couldn't be. 

Great, first I'm weak, then suicidal, and now my body is making me delusional. 

"Am I dead?" I asked bluntly, staring at her features which now were full of emotion as I struggled to keep mine controlled. 

"No, and neither am I." She said quietly, just loud enough for my ears. 

"They told me you were..." I felt the tears coming up, this couldn't be happening. I was dreaming... right?

"Paige, come down here, now." 

"Not until you explain. You don't know what's going on with me, do you? I'm a fucking mess and all I can think about is dying. All I want to do is throw myself off this bridge!" I screeched. 

"Fine. I'll explain on this bridge, please take a seat or something." She begged. 

I sighed and looked her in the eyes. The eyes that were identical to mine. The eyes that I had seen shut and never open again... until now. 

I bent down to try and sit, but that was when everything went wrong. 

My feet met a patch of loose gravel in the stone and they slipped out in front of me. My back slammed into the railing and the wind was knocked out from me. With no way to balance or regain control, my body went over. 

A scream filled my ears, actually two. Mine and hers. She could help me, she could do anything. I take it back, I didn't want to die anymore. I wanted to live. I wanted to spend time with her. 

"Maddie!!!!" I yelled for dear life, clawing at the air, trying, and failing, to slow myself down. I could see my sister running around, most likely calling for help. Maddie is ok. She's ok. I let out a sigh of relief that I had been holding in for years. But out of nowhere I was enveloped into a sea of cold, rushing, black. Great, once I decided not to die, I do.... Fabulous, just fabulous. 


author's note:

TA DA! Finally got around to updating. 

 Is it actually maddie that she saw? What's going to happen now that she's falling to her death? What is Perrie going to do? How about Liam? And of course... Niall? Is Paige ever going to be ok, or is she going to actually not make it?

So many questions! the answers....who knows?

Please comment like crazy I love reading what you think. I hope you like this little twist and like/favorite this movella up!!! Comment what you think is going to happen/what you want to happen.




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