He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


19. Hand Squeeze

Paige's POV


"Hey we're home!" The boys announced at two ish. 
"Hello." I smiled from the couch where I was lounging with Niall. 
"May I add that we are starving." Harry grumbled, a sad look passing over his face. 
"I'll fix something up!" I volunteered, hopping off the sofa. Harry instantly brightened and kissed my cheek. 
"I'll erm... I'll help you." Niall said nervously, not wanting to leave me and sharp utensils alone.
"Ok." I shrugged happily. 
I really liked Niall... He was different from any other guy I knew. I had a strong feeling that I would be able to trust him. 


"This is really good." Zayn said as he shoved my food in his mouth. 
"Thanks." I giggled. 
We sat around the table and I looked at the sweetest boys who opened their arms and let me in. 
"Li?" I smirked. 
"Yes love?" He asked. 
"When am I going to get to meet Danielle?" My question caught him off guard. 
I turned to the others and continued, "Or how about Perrie? Or Eleanor?" 
Niall and Harry snickered as I waited for the non single members of one direction to give me an answer. 
"Well you're rather upfront..." Zayn chuckled. 
"Nothing like Liam." Louis agreed. 
"Do they not know I'm living with you guys?" I tried. 
"No, if anything the girls are super eager to meet you." Louis shrugged. 
"Especially Danielle..." Liam sighed. 
"And that's bad because?" 
"Because I don't want to worry you! I see you look at other people and you're ready to run away from them. I don't want to make you not like them..." Liam answered me. 
"Isn't that for me to decide?" I snapped. 
"I love Danielle--"
"Then so will I." I shrugged. 
"But..." Liam frowned. 
"But nothing, Li. She's going to meet them one way or another." Zayn put a hand on Liam's shoulder. 
"I guess you're right." He sighed. 
"So. You. You. You. You. You. Me. El. Perrie. And Danielle, tonight?" Louis pointed at everyone. 
"No can do. Niall and I are going out to Nandos." I grinned. 
Liam looked somewhat upset, and the others just looked really confused. 
"But since when were you two..." Zayn questioned, looking between us. 
"Oh! No it isn't like that! We just wanna go out as friends." Niall quickly backed up. I nodded and laughed to myself. 
"Oh... In that case, perhaps we should do a date night!" Louis suggested.
"Perrie has been wanting to go out since we just finished the tour..." Zayn thought aloud. 
"Then you guys go out with your girls, and then Niall and I can go to Nandos." I smiled. 
Liam looked unsure. 
"Li, I know you well enough to tell that you miss this chick. Go see her! I trust Niall." 
"Thanks, love." He broke into a grin and kissed my head. 
"I don't have a girlfriend." Harry sighed sadly. 
We all waited for him to continue. 
"I guess I'll just sit on the couch all night... Eating popcorn." He said with a playful frown. 
"Haz, you can come with us!" Niall laughed, I could tell he was a bit reluctant to inviting them. 
"Are you sure?" He fake sniffled. 
"Of course, Harry! You're welcome with us!" I giggled. 
He ran over to me and swept me up into a huge, dramatic hug. 
"Thank you guys!" He grinned. 
"It's just Nandos." I rolled my eyes. 
"Just? No. It is an honor to go to Nandos!" Niall gasped. 
"Ok fine!" I laughed. 
Then, Zayn, Liam, and Louis ran off to call their girlfriends to plan their date night. 






"C'mon Niall! We have to leave soon if we want to prank everyone else!" Harry whined. 
I chuckled and finished off my wings before getting up behind Niall who I swear had consumed three whole chickens. 
"Ice cream?" He begged. 
"You still have room after that?" I laughed. 
"If we walk there I'll be good." Niall nodded. 
I rolled my eyes and went outside, making our way to the ice cream parlor down the block. 

Clicks filled the air as Harry, Niall, and I made our way down the street. It was a sound I knew I had heard before...
Niall's arm roped around my waist and he tensed as the noise grew louder. It was déjà vu to when Liam was taking me home from the hospital. 
"What's that sound?" I asked. 
"Um..." Harry ran a hand through his curls nervously. 
"Lemme guess, Liam doesn't want me to know whatever it is?" I sighed. 
"Yeah." Niall frowned. 
"So that's why we should tell her!" Harry decided. 
Niall laughed and nudged me playfully. 
"It's just the paps. I don't see the big problem with telling you... I guess he doesn't want them to come up with some huge crazy story about you." Harry explained. 
I glanced over my shoulder and was practically blinded by the bright flashes. 
"Ouch." I whispered. 
"I know. Don't worry you get used to it." Harry chuckled. 
"You say that like they'll be attacking me a lot..." I said nervously. 
Niall's voice grew quieter as he shrugged, "You're Liam Payne's sister! Plus you're living with us." 
"The paps love that sorta crap." Harry agreed. 
"Oh..." I frowned. 
"Oh what?" Niall playfully poked me. 
"Oh my gosh this is gonna be awesome!" I recovered with a laugh. Niall and Harry burst into laughter at my weird recovery and Niall gently squeezed my hand. This was our thing... We squeezed each other's hands when we were happy or worried or needed to say some emotion...
Surprisingly, I liked it. 

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