He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


39. Goodbye

Paige's POV 


The car pulled up and I eagerly looked outside to make sure it was him. A wide grin spread across my face, seeing him clumsily stumble out of the car. 
But my smile dropped as quickly as it came when a light blue handbag fell out of the door and a pretty girl reached to get it. He bent down and picked it up for her, lightly kissing her cheek like he kissed mine. 
I frowned and let go of the blind, slumping down the wall. 
I couldn't believe it...






I heard the door open and I threw a glass at the floor, angrily letting him know I was here. 
"Hullo?" He yelled. 
I swallowed and threw a vase at the door to his bedroom where I was sitting on his bed. 
"Who's here?" He demanded, getting closer. 
I sighed and chucked a final wine glass at the wall before bursting into tears. The door swung open to reveal him. 
"Paige?" He whispered. 
"What." I snapped.
He took a startled step back and looked around the dim room. 
"I thought you were in Liverpool with your mum." His voice shook as he took in my wreaked appearance. 
"I got back early and wanted to surprise you." I felt tears threatening to escape. 
"What were you going to surprise me with?" He asked, carefully stepping around the shards of glass. 
I stood up in the loose bathrobe I was in and looked him in the eye. 
"They all told me you were different. That you wouldn't tear me apart like everyone else." I glared at his perfect face. 
"Babe, I didn't do anything." I saw hurt cross his face as he realized what I was going to give him. 
I flicked on the lights and began to blow out the candles and collect the roses I had carefully placed around his bed. 
"Paige... I swear." He grabbed my arm. 
"I don't want to talk right now." 
I picked up the remaining decorations and threw them into the rubbish bin. 
"Baby, I would never hurt you." He cupped my chin in his hands. 
I frowned and looked up at him. 
"Then why do you reek of female perfume, have a light lipstick stain on your jaw, and you were with some girl in that car!" I screamed, water rushing down my face. 
"It's not that. I promise." He swore. 
"Then what is it, Niall?" I shoved him away and grabbed my clothes off the floor. 
"Baby, please." Niall's face showed hurt as I backed further away from him. 
"I can't believe I trusted you." I sneered at him. 
"You trusted me for good reason!" 
"Niall, I need space." I whispered. 
The bathrobe opened, revealing my lace bra and tiny boxer shorts. 
Niall's face brightened and he looked me up and down. 
In three small steps he closed the space between us and hugged me against him. A stiff bulge pressed against my thigh. 
Niall lowered to my ear and roughly whispered, "That's how much I want you." 
I shook my head, salty tears stuck to my cheeks. 
"Let me prove to you that I would never hurt you." He insisted, pressing me against the wall. 
"Niall." I whimpered, only wanting to leave. 
"Paige, I love you." He looked at me seriously. 
"No... I don't think you do." 
I ducked under his arm and ran to the bathroom, locking the door. 


What was wrong with me? 
I always fell for the wrong guys. 


"Paige! Baby please!" He begged. 
I ignored him and slipped on my clothes, tossing his bathrobe into the laundry hamper. 
Niall was pounding on the door, angrily telling me how sorry he was and how it wasn't at all what I thought. 
"Why the hell do you think I will believe you? I've been through so much shit, what's to say that you haven't just messed me up even further?" I sobbed. 
"Honey, honey I would never hurt you." He said quietly. 
I cracked open the door and looked at him through the small opening. 
His fingers propped open the door and then his blue eyes met mine. 
His large hand held my face and he gently thumbed my cheek. 
"No. Not tonight." I shook my head and shoved past him, making up my mind. 

"Paige!" He yelled, chasing me to the door. 
"It makes sense...my name. I'm like a page, people just continue to tear me up." I mumbled, gripping the door handle. 
"I won't let you be ripped up anymore." Niall's stunning eyes bore into mine. 
It broke my heart to leave him, but I needed to, I couldn't be ripped anymore... Pretty soon I would fall apart. 
"Goodbye, Niall." I whispered, opening the door and running out into the darkness just like the night when we had first met. 

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