He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


28. First Red Carpet

Niall's POV




"Paige! We're leaving in five!" I yelled, adjusting my bow tie. 
It had been a little over a week since she accused me of caring about her. Tonight she was going with me to a red carpet event as my date, and surprisingly she was excited. I think she was growing used to all of us all over her and being crazy, I knew she would come around! 
"Imma comin'!" She giggled. I heard movement and looked up to see Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle prancing down the stairs in nice dresses. 
"Hot." Zayn chuckled, kissing Perrie's neck. Louis and Liam did similar and I just felt irritated. 
"Where's Paige?" I frowned. 
"She's coming, you heard her." Danielle smiled. 
"How soon?" I asked. 
"Calm Niall, she's not gonna bail out on you." El giggled.
"I'm just a bit impatient." I felt every piece of me begging to go up and check on her. 
"She looks absolutely lovely." Perrie whispered assuringly. 
"Now I just want to see her." I whined. Everyone laughed at me and casually made small talk. 
Of course once Paige appeared all talking ended. 
She looked flawless even though she was stumbling around, putting in her left earring and holding a tube of lipstick between her teeth. I couldn't help but stare... She was obviously insecure based on how she was standing, but I didn't see why. 
The salmon coloured fabric snugly fit her figure and complemented her stunning blue eyes. It was the right amount of tight, hugging her chest and hips in a way that couldn't help but make all of us stare. 
"What? Shit is my hair awful?" Paige frowned, seeing everyone staring. 
"No." I managed to mumble, tearing my eyes away from her dress and looking at her face. I loved the way Paige swept back her honey brown hair into loose ringlets that flooded down her back to just above her waist. Since her hair was pulled back, I could see her blue eyes clearly and they made me loose my thoughts. Paige had applied a dark eyeliner around her lids, making her eyes look pale and stunning. Her lashes were lengthened with black mascara and her face had a natural glow of pure happiness. 
"Wow. Who knew the Payne family was so hot." Harry chuckled, since he was the only one without a date he could get away with saying this. 
"I always had some inkling to that idea." Danielle laughed, linking her arm through Liam's. 
"So did I." I whispered into Paige's ear, she was now leaning against me in the most attractive way. 
"Lying bastards." She giggled before straightening out and going to the hallway mirror. 
"I honestly believe it. You are gorgeous." I smiled, snaking my as around her waist as she applied some lipstick. 
"You're a crazy leprechaun!" Paige rolled her eyes. I burst into laughter and kissed her cheek, damn it. This girl was gonna change me and I knew it. 








"Hey, Niall?" Paige slurred. Somehow, people got her to willingly drink her heart out at the after party. 
"Yeah, babe?" I chuckled, not too tipsy yet. 
"I'm a wee bit drunk." She wobbled around and fell into me. She couldn't figure out where to place her hands, but eventually she settled on my chest. 
"You are." I agreed, looping my arms under hers as if she was a four year old I was about to pick up. 
"That's a problem. I haven't gotten drunk since I started dating Nate, he told me it wasn't sexy on me." Paige frowned. 
"I think you're sexy." I confessed. 
"I could say the same about you, but I won't cuz I know I'll regret it later." She giggled. 
"Why would you regret it?" I asked. 
"Because I promised never to fall again, but it's too late." Paige sighed. I was confused, she was falling?
"Yes. I'm in complete, uncontrollable free fall. I'm falling in love...with you." She mumbled then looked up at me seriously. I knew it was the amount of alcohol in her system talking, but I knew she meant it. 
"Can we go get food?" She asked. 
"This is why I love you!" I smirked, grabbing my jacket from the couch and led her though the dark room, out the door. 

Paige's POV


I knew that I had far too much to drink, but hey I gotta let go occasionally! 
On the carpet and at the after party, everyone was asking who I was. No matter how insecure I was, the fans made me feel like they cared enough to know. Liam told them I was his sister and Niall and I claimed to be good friends, although I think we both wanted more. Niall and I ditched the after party and went to a McDonalds because the food at the party sucked. 
"I'm so hungry." I frowned, poking my fat. 
"Same here." Niall chuckled, imitating me. 
"Stop, only fat people get to do that." I slurred. 
"Paige, you aren't fat." He whispered, holding my hand and gently squeezing it. My heart fluttered, and something inside me clicked. I realized that I had been lied to about so much, so why believe anything that Nathan had told me? I wasn't fat... I wasn't pathetic... I was me! And I loved myself and that was all that mattered. 
Niall looked at me as if I were about to break before he said, "Paige, you ok? I'm sorry if I upset you."
"You're right. I'm not..." I gasped, minutes later. So many different facial expressions crossed Niall's godlike features, he was obviously confused by my new look at things. 
"Yes. You're not. You're beautiful." He finally whispered. 
Then I did what I always wanted to do since the moment I met him. I leaned across the nice leather seats and kissed Niall James Horan on the lips in the McDonalds drive thru. 

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