He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


12. Coma

Niall's POV

"She's in a light coma." The doctor reported quietly. 
Liam almost lost it. He slapped his hand around, knocking our plastic cups filled with water all over the room. 
Everyone sat silently, just staring at him. 
"When is she going to wake up?" Liam demanded. 
"It's uncertain." The doc sighed. 
"Well what do we know?" I snapped. 
"Well, she isn't dead... Yet." The doctor flipped through his clipboard. 
"Wow. Thanks doc." Harry frowned. 
"No, but really she's going to be fine. Head was slammed against wood, most likely the floor. Um, she has a nice size gash, resulting in a lot of blood loss. That's the main reason why she's unconscious. Her burns are also pretty severe, it's going to be painful for her to even move when she wakes up. It's a minor coma and we expect her to wake soon." He read information off a sheet. 
"When can we see her?" I asked. 
The doctors had been going in and out, taking her into surgery for her cut and such. 
"Well, who is family?" He asked. 
"I am." Liam shot up. 
"You can see her now, but I'm sorry the rest of you boys have to wait." He put a hand on my shoulder. 
"I'll see you soon." Liam mumbled, bolting to where they said her room was. 





Liam's POV

The girl who I found on the train looked nothing like the one I grew up with, the one who I knew inside and out. 
"Paige?" I whispered, hurt colouring my tone. 

She lay unconscious in a hospital bed at an odd angle for her cut to heal properly. 
Bandages covered her left side to protect her burns, and everywhere else she was covered in bruises and dry blood. 
"I'm so sorry." I slowly walked over to her and picked up her fragile hand. So thin... Weak. 
It was my fault. I shouldn't have gone to the XFactor. I should have stayed and watched over her. 
I thumbed the back of her palm gently, tears streaming down my face. 

"I missed you." I smiled sadly, minutes later as I was looking at her gaunt face that seemed to be only asleep. 
She didn't move. 
I wanted to see her blue eyes again. I needed to see her, hear her in person. 
"Paige, I will never forgive myself for leaving. I should've stayed. I hope you can hear me. Can you hear me? If you can, give my hand a light squeeze." I begged her. 
Anxiously I glued my eyes to our intertwined fingers and waited for any movement. 
The silence was killing me. 
"Paige! Please, Paige! I need you." 
I broke down in tears, leaning against her healthy, well as healthy as she was, hip. 
My tears practically exploded out of my eyes. 
I wasn't supposed to cry. I was the organized one who was the most mature. I was supposed to be strong, for all of those who were weak... But I wasn't strong at all.




"Doc! She squeezed my hand!" I bolted up and ran to find a nurse or doctor. 
For the past week I spent everyday in Paige's room doing whatever I could to try and wake her whether it was singing or just talking or anything random. 
Everyday it ended the same, I would beg her to give me some sign as to if she was ok or not. 
"Liam?" The doctor asked from the far end of the hall. 
"She squeezed my hand!" I grinned. 
"What?" He gasped, rushing back to check on her IV tubes and stuff. 
"Looks like she's gonna be up soon!" He grinned, patting my back. 
"Is it alright if my friends come?" I asked. 
"Yeah it's perfectly fine now." He nodded, taking a few notes. 
I didn't dare leave the room for fear she would wake up. 

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