He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


48. Clues?

Paige's POV

The week passed one confusing day after another, all filled with pointless trivia questions. 
All I was able to get out of it was: 

Nate was no longer a concern... 

Liam was not on the XFactor...

Instead he was a world famous band member...

His band was insane...

And weird...

But easy to like.

I learned that I had a strong relationship with all of them. I think that I dated one of them... But they won't tell me if I did or not. All they keep saying is "let fate do its own thing."

I was sick and tired of hearing that, so they brought in the girlfriends. Apparently I was close with them, which shocked me because they were practically models. 

Then of course came the bad news:

I did self harm. 

I cut my thighs for reasons I cannot remember. 

"I won't do that again..." I said to Liam. He didn't believe me, but the other guys seemed to. 

They all cared about me and worried about me. 
That was why I was so excited to go home today and pick up my life where it left off with them.


"Bye doc!" I smiled happily, limping out of the hospital on my crutches with a huge grin plastered to my face. 

"Alright, love." Liam rolled his eyes, helping me into the car. Harry slid in next to me while Niall reluctantly took shotgun and Liam drove. The others were all already at home apparently "getting things ready." 

I leaned against Harry and felt my eyes flutter shut, exhausted from everything going on.




"Babe, wake up." Was what I heard when I was now concious. 

"Mhmm?" I sighed, not wanting to move. I felt myself being lifted off the seat, so that made me tense and finally open my eyes. It was Harry... Being close to him made me wonder, what was our relationship?

He helped me up and together we went into the house behind the others. 

I wasn't hungry or anything, so I went straight up to where they said my room was, and I explored for clues involving my past with these boys. 


A knock on my door distracted me from searching my own room. 

"Yeah?" I invited them in whoever it was. 

Harry's cheeky grin popped into my sight and for some strange reason, I instantly relaxed. 

"What are you looking for?" He chuckled, observing my ransacked room. 

"Clues." I said in a low, mysterious voice, attempting to sound like Sherlock Holmes or something. Harry found this very entertaining and sat on my bed, watching me continue to search the entire room. 

"You know they cleared it out..." He whispered when I plopped on the bed beside him. 

"Wow thanks for telling me." I frowned into his green eyes, looking for clues inside of them. 

"Well, I might be able to help." Harry answered in the same low voice I had attempted to use earlier. 

"Oh? And how would you help?" I grinned. This was turning into fliritng if I didn't know any better.

"Many ways. But I think you should tell me what you think happened first." He winked, inviting me to continue to flirt.

"I think that you saved me from Nate." I laughed, somewhat teasing. But Harry's face told me that it was somewhat true. 

"Ok... so if you saved me from him I must've trusted you." I shrugged, moving a bit closer to him. 

"You did." Harry chuckled, also scooting a bit closer. 

"When I trust people like you, it usually turns into something more." I whispered, staring at him through my eyelashes. 

"You definately turned a relationship into something more." He said hesitantly. 

"Good." I smiled quietly, quite pleased. My emotions took over, I leaned forward and crashed my lips to his. Harry took no time to reply by moving his lips against mine and as I tugged on his hair, he smiled with groans, letting me know that whatever this was, was somewhat right. 



author's note:

Hey!! So this chapter was sorta rubbish, so sorry. Ive been sooo busy lately and I havent been able to update. What do you think about Paige falling for Harry now? What's up with Niall hiding their entire relationship? Things happen for reasons... dont they? 

Please comment ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and if you like this story or not! 




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