He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


37. Change

Niall's POV


I woke up in a mess of sweat and sticky sheets. My breathing slowed down once I saw Paige lightly snoring beside me. 
"It was a dream." I sighed, gently stroking her precious face. 
"Ni......" She mumbled before turning onto her side. I chuckled lightly and lay back down, wrapping an arm around her thin body. Her body shuddered as the machine connected to her IV tubes began beeping. I looked over and realized her heart rate had gone up...
"No!" She screeched in her sleep. 
I watched in horror as her entire body trembled underneath me. Sweat beads appeared on her forehead and her fingers twitched, reaching for her cuts. 
"Paige?" I whispered, trying to wake her up. 
"Stop!" She screamed.
"Paige! Wake up, your dreaming!" I yelled. 
"It hurts." She whimpered. 
I shook her shoulders roughly, desperately wanting to end the nightmare that was disturbing and hurting her. 
"N-Niall?" She mumbled once I got her awake. 
"You ok?" I asked nervously. 
"It was a dream, right?" She gasped, finally aware of the situation. 
"Yes, Paige, you're safe with me." I nodded, wrapping her up in my arms. 
"I love you." We whispered at the same time, giggling then gently kissing. There was nothing I wouldn't do for this girl. 






"Hello!!" Liam grinned bright and early the next morning, but his smile faded when he noticed me sitting in a chair I had pulled next to the hospital bed. 
"Good morning, Li." Paige smiled.
"How're you feeling?" 
"I think you can leave today."
"The doctor even said you only have to go to one therapy session." Liam said in an attempt to swing Paige's mood. 
"Good." She sighed, not bothering to hide her annoyance. 
"Paige, is something wrong?" He asked. 
"Yes, Liam. There are a few things wrong." She snapped. 
"What would those be?" I jumped in. 
"You two." She narrowed her eyes.  
"What about?" Liam said hesitantly. 
"Oh please. Save the bull shit for someone who will believe it. I'm sick and tired of you two being mad all the time because I like one of you and I am one of your sibling, but I don't give a fuck." Paige exploded. 
"Ok! Ok, we will make it work, I so to want to leave anytime soon." I nodded immediately. Liam said roughly the same thing and I could tell he wanted to talk alone, so I left. 






"Hey, mate." Harry greeted me in the lobby with Lou and Zayn. I nodded slightly and looked around the boring waiting room, eventually taking a seat on one of the rough maroon chairs. 
"Did you spend the night here?" Zayn asked. 
"Wow... Why?" Louis smirked. 
"Paige needed me." I shrugged. 
"Oh sure. I bet you needed her just as much." Harry rolled his eyes. 
"Yeah, it takes two to tango." Lou winked. 
"No! Not like that." I groaned. 
They chuckled and glanced up seeing both Paige and Liam coming over. 
"We're going home." Liam smiled, picking up a bag of Paige's new medicine and paperwork. Paige grinned happily and took my hand, finally able to show the world that we were strong, together we were gonna battle through this. 






"Hey Paige?" I called. We were home and I had written her a short song that I thought might clear things up a bit. 
"Yeah?" She popped her head out the door and showed off her perfect white teeth. 
"I'm coming up." I laughed, grabbing my guitar and racing up the stairs, my short rhyme playing in my head over and over. 
"What's up?" Paige chuckled. 
"I have written you a song... More like a rhyme but still." I shrugged. 
"Oh? Alright." She nodded, encouraging me to play. 
"It's about your scars." I warned her gently. Paige frowned but nodded. 
I cleared my throat and strummed a couple cords, adjusting the tube and tapping my foot. 
"You're stalling." She whined. I blushed and nodded. Paige crawled over to me and kissed me straight on the mouth. 
"What was that for?" I asked. 
"For being so good to me, now play." She smirked. 
I nodded and with the help of Paige's words I sang out the redone nursery rhyme I had come up with. 
"Hush my baby, don't you cry.
 Don't cut your arms, don't say goodbye. 
Put down the razor, put down the knife. 
It may be hard, but you'll win this fight." 
Paige's cheeks were soaked in tears and she was shaking. 
"I'm sorry." She repeated over and over. 
"Baby, it's ok. We're gonna pull though this together." I whispered, pulling her into my lap. 
"I want to stop. I really want to." She sighed, her voice cracking twice. 
"I want you to keep eating too, I know that you're slowly starving yourself." I said. 
"I'm sorry." 
"Don't be sorry, P. Be willing to change." I smiled. 

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