He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


15. Breakfast... I don't think so


Paige's POV

"Good morning." I whispered the next day as I slowly made my way down the stairs. 
"You're in the same clothes!" Louis frowned. 
"I don't have a proper change." I giggled, taking a seat next to Liam at the kitchen counter. 
"We are going shopping today." Harry announced. 
"Yeah cuz the paps will just have so much fun making up stories about the cripple girl you beat." I snorted, turning down his offer. 
"They sometimes listen to the truth." Niall defended. 
"When it's juicy gossip. Trust me, I work for a magazine." I rolled my eyes. 
"Really? Since when?" Liam grinned. 
"Since last year." I chuckled. 
He knew I was an intern but never found out that I was hired. 
"Congrats!" Niall gave me a thumbs up from the stove where he was cooking breakfast. 







"Ok, so online shopping?" Zayn tried. 
"I don't have a credit card." I whispered sadly. 
"We would pay for you." Liam assured me. 
"No, I'm bad enough already. I don't want to owe you too much." I sighed. Hurt crossed Liam's face as he took in my harsh words. 
"You're my little sister, you won't owe me anything." Liam said slowly. 
"Look, Li I know I can trust you and stuff, but that doesn't stop me..." I trailed off. 
"From trusting us?" Niall finished. 
The boys frowned and looked to me for an answer. 
"You're all really nice and stuff, but so was Nate when I first met him, and you can see he was not nice to me after awhile." I shrugged. 
"I promise you can trust us." Harry gently took my hand. 
"That's what he told me." I shook my head. 
An awkward silence fell over us, the boys unsure what to say. 

"Want some bacon?" Niall asked me. 
"No, I'm fine." I swallowed back my urge to go throw up. 
"We also have French toast, cereal, muffins, you name it we have it." Louis grinned. 
"I'm really not hungry." I smiled weakly. 
"Paige, you gotta eat." Liam insisted. 
"No I don't." 
"Honey, the doctor needs you to so you will heal properly." Niall said. 
"No. I'm fine." I repeated through clenched teeth. 
"Eat something." Harry whispered. 
"I can't. I'm fat!" I confessed, getting up in embarrassment and going to the bathroom down the hall. 
I shut and locked the door, instantly opening the toilet lid. 
The bile rose up my throat more than willingly, getting rid of everything I had in my stomach. 
Nobody knew I did this... And I would keep it so no one would. 
"Paige! Paige are you alright?" Liam called nervously. 
Another round of bile spewed out of my mouth. 
I wiped it away and flushed the disgusting vomit down the drain. 
"Yeah I'm fine." I mumbled, getting up and unlocking the door. 
"Ok..." Liam frowned, not convinced.

I went back to the kitchen and grabbed a small piece of toast and gently picked at it. 
"I, uh watched your XFactor stuff." I smiled. 
"We know. We could hear it playing all night." Niall chuckled.
"Oops! Sorry." I giggled. 
"Nah it's fine. So who do you think is the best singer?" Louis grinned. 
I smirked and bit my lip. 
"Well, you all sound different." I shrugged, unable to decide. 
"We all know it's me." Niall laughed, snaking his arms around my waist. 
"Puh-lease. It's obviously me." Zayn crossed his arms. 
"I'm everyone's favorite." Harry shook his head. 
"I'm the best." Louis argued. 
"I'm her brother, therefore her favorite." Liam shoved Zayn playfully. 
"I like you all the same!" I whined. 
"No way. We all know you like someone better. One song was played over and over and over in you're room." Niall whispered. 
I blushed knowing exactly what he was talking about. 
Some girl had made a mash up of all Niall's solos and such. I loved the sound of his voice and fell asleep listening to it. 
"You're voice just makes me feel relaxed, happy too." I said quietly.  
"Paige!" Liam whined. 
"I loved all your music. Your album is fantastic."
"We know." Louis sassed. 
"Is it true that you're the sassy one?" I asked shyly. 
"Compared to them, yes. But not to the extent that I pretend in front of the camera." He chuckled. 
I wiggled out of Niall's loose grip and announced that I was going to shower. Harry offered to help, but I quickly turned him down. 






Niall's POV

When she left, we all gathered around the table. 
"She's so fragile." Zayn whispered. 
"Not fat at all." Louis agreed. 
"So, why does she think she is?" I asked. 
"Probably cuz of that arse Nate." Liam grumbled. 
"Yeah, she looked so embarrassed." Harry sighed, clearing Paige's half eaten toast. 
"Was she like this in high school?" I asked.  
"No... The opposite really." Liam frowned. 
"She was one of the most confident people I know. Paige was loved by everyone. She was a soccer star, über popular, and everybody thought she was gorgeous. 
Paige won homecoming and prom queen and dated this guy who was also up on the social ladder. He was a huge soccer player and they seemed perfect. Paige found out he was cheating on her. It pissed her off, but at the same time depressed her. She broke up with him and finished the school year in a blur, declining her scholarship to some school in America for dance... Then she met Nathan. He was five years older than her, so at first I really didn't approve, but I met him and thought he would be good for her. 
Guess not though..." Liam explained. 
"Dance? She's a dancer?" I raised my eyebrows. 
"Yeah, she's better than Danielle... But she stopped cuz she was so upset and she just wanted a break from everything." Liam explained.  
"Wow. No wonder she hates guys." Louis mumbled. 
We all nodded and waited for her to come back down. 

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