He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


33. Breakaway for the bracelet

Paige's POV


The train ride seemed to drag on longer than usual, maybe because I lied, or because I was ignoring everything Liam told me, or because there was a chance I was going to get hurt. 
"Gonna be ok." I mumbled to myself, by now I was hyperventilating, unsure if I wanted to actually go through with this. A few minutes later, the train docked and I got out. I saw no other option but to walk the quarter mile to his house. 


"What the fuck are you thinking?" A voice snapped when I was barely five minutes from the station.
I spun on my heel and frowned, "Go away, Niall." 
"You're trying to get that bracelet, aren't you?" He realized. 
"Why do you care?" I frowned. 
"Really? You really need to ask that?" He sighed sadly. 
"I'm going no matter what." I said. 
"I know, just let me come with you." Niall practically begged. 
"Ok." I nodded quietly, taking his hand and leading him down the road. 






I creaked open the door and looked around. It was Thursday, so he would be at work. 
"Alright, Niall." I nodded, leading him in. The first thing I noticed was the kitchen. It was exactly the same... The pot on the floor, broken glass everywhere, silverware on the counter, ready to set the table. 
"What the hell happened here?" Niall frowned, tightening his grip around me. 
"I escaped." I whispered sadly, snaking out of his arm and walking to my room. 

I opened all the closets, pushed aside the clothes, looked under the bed, opened every box, and slid out every drawer. For the most part I thought I was never going to find it. 
I sighed and opened the last drawer. In it wasn't my bracelet, but an engagement ring...
"The hell?" I mumbled, picking it up and looking at it. It was my size and one similar to a different ring I was looking at for fun awhile back. 
"I knew you would come back." Hearing that, I jumped. 
"I'm not staying." I snapped, slowly turning around to look at him. He looked like shit. 
"Nate... What have you done to yourself?" I gasped, taking a whiff of his disgusting body. 
"You missed me." He smiled sadly, coming closer. 
"I see you like the ring I got you?" Nate chuckled, ignoring my protest. 
"You're drunk." I realized. 
"Uh huh." He smirked, now chest to chest with me. 
"N-Nate. Leave me alone." I whispered. 
He ignored me and ran his fingers through my hair. 
"I know what you came for. I'll give it to you and let you go if you are good." Nate grinned, bending down and picking me up. 
"Nate!" I snapped angrily, but it didn't stop him from undoing the button on my jeans. 
"Nate! Leave me alone!" I screamed. 
He chuckled and leaned in for a kiss, but not before I took a swing at his face. 
"Oh? Someone is a bit feisty today." Nate smirked, snatching my wrists. 
"It's called over you." I rolled my eyes. 
"Ouch. That might have stung a bit if I actually believed it." Nate said. I tried to get out of his hold, squirming like crazy. Because of my insane wiggling, my bracelet fell out of Nate's pocket. I gasped and reached for it, but he held me back. 
"One. Simple. Thing." He mumbled, planting kisses on my face between each word. Despite my fiery hatred for him, the gesture still gave me the butterflies. 
"What?" I whimpered, desperate to get it. 
"What you have that I can help you loose." Nate smirked, pulling at my pants. 
Nate took a small step back to inspect my body. His eyes felt like lasers as they roamed up and down my body. 
"It's funny seeing you without bruises, I don't like it." He finally decided, taking a pocketknife from his bedside table. I panicked, even though I cut myself before... He wouldn't be safe about it. 
"Ok. Nate. If you don't hurt me, I'll sleep with you." I sighed. 
"That's my girl." He laughed, shoving me down on the bed. 
"Not until I have it." I said through my teeth. Nate's eyes darkened and he clutched the knife tighter. I felt the blood dripping down my face before I actually felt the pain. Above my right eyebrow he had slit the top, I didn't think it was too deep though. 
"N-Nate." I whimpered, all of a sudden I felt weak again... As if I were still with him. 
"Don't try and get out of this." He spat before leaning down and sucking on my neck. 
"Stop!" I screamed, kicking him away from me.
Nathan reopened the knife and aimed it at me, but out of nowhere he collapsed. I felt pain, but ignored it when I saw Niall standing behind Nathan with a frying pan in his hands. 

"Niall!" I sighed happily. 
"I'm here." He nodded, looking up at me. I could see it in his eyes that my face was probably a mess. It surprised me when his eyes were glued to my side. I looked down and gasped when I saw Nate's knife planted right above my hip. 
"Do not pull it out." Niall snapped when I reached for it. 
"It hurts." I cried, now aware of the pain. 
"I know, baby, but pulling it out will only be worse." Niall whispered, gathering me into his arms. He kicked open the door and ran me the entire way back to the train where he hailed a cab that took us to the hospital, of course after he retrieved my lucky charm bracelet from Maddie. 
I vaguely remember being laid on a hospital bed and Niall putting on my bracelet. I whined about how stiff it was, but I was completely delusional from the pain. I also remembered hearing Niall cursing while on the phone, no doubt arguing with my brother. 
I blinked my eyes and right before I blacked out, I said, "Liam is gonna kill me if this fucking knife doesn't." 

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