He Loves Me Not

Paige has been torn over and over. Taken away from her family, lied to, and abused by her crazy boyfriend she is miserable. Will she be able to escape? Will she be reunited with her family? Will she be able to have a relationship after all she has been through? Will anything ever be the same?


2. Abuse

Paige's POV

"Babe, I'm home!" I yelled, bumping the door open with my hip. 
"Hey gorgeous." My boyfriend grinned, stepping around the corner. He snaked his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. I smiled weakly and ran my hands through his hair. 
Same old routine everyday. 
His lips traced up my jaw line as I looked at the room. 
There was a crack in the ceiling that was shaped like an apple...
"Baby." He moaned as gently tugged on his hair, just how he liked it. 
That was the sad thing, we had been doing this for so long, I knew exactly how to please him. 
I kissed his jaw by his earlobe and allowed him to squeeze my backside, all while I counted to a hundred in Spanish. 
"Paige." He whispered, wanting to kiss me again. 
I squeezed my eyes shut and let his tongue explore my mouth. In my head I was planning dinner. Take out sounded perfect, I was too lazy too cook. Also it would give Nathan more time to do whatever he wanted with me, which makes him happy. Very happy. 
His happiness was all that mattered. 


"Kneel." Nate instructed, now in our bedroom. I knelt down on the carpet and marveled at the soft texture. The next second, a large set of hands were forcing mine up to a zipper. 
Before undoing it, I palmed his crotch, feeling him tighten. He gripped my hair tightly, so I rushed to undo the zipper, not wanting anymore pain. 
"No, you first." He grinned, changing his mind. Of course...
I smiled like he would want me to, and crawled over to the bed. He lifted me up, and took no time sliding my dress up my waist. 
Nathan planted kisses at the top of my Victoria Secret thong, making my stomach flop. 
"Paige." He demanded. 
I looked at him and saw the black in his eyes. 
"Yes?" I mumbled, acting like I was enjoying this. 
"You're not paying attention." He snapped. 
"Don't stop." I begged when he lifted his head, knowing what would happen if I didn't say anything. 
Nathan's dark grey eyes locked with mine as he moved the fabric aside, teasing me with his fingers. 
"Please." I whimpered. 
Chinese food would be nice for dinn- 
My thoughts were interrupted by his finger, now swirling inside me. 
I whimpered and clung to him, my legs unwillingly loosening for him. 
"That's right baby." He growled, nibbling at my neck. 
I continued to whimper and moan as he pumped his finger in and out. 
I frowned at the curtains, beige? Really? Why did I let him decorate our bedroom?

"Faster baby. Faster." I mumbled into his hair as he sucked on my neck. 
The sheets were so soft, but a navy blue... It didn't match. I remembered the website and decided to check later for any other colors. 
"Nathan!" I screamed out when his finger went especially deep, knowing that was exactly what he wanted to hear. His bulge was pressing against my leg. 
I rolled my eyes as he pulled off my dress and then began to slide off his pants with a sigh. 
I palmed him, biting my lip out of annoyance and boredom. 
"C'mon baby." He moaned, bringing my hand up to the waistband. 
I slid off his boxers and wrapped my hand around his length, thinking about my family. 
I wondered what my mum was up to... She was always taking on crazy projects. 
Nathan's hand on my neck snapped me out of my thoughts. I slowed my pumping as he lowered my face to his thighs. 
He groaned as I licked the tip of his sensitive head. I frowned and continued to pleasure him with my mouth. 
A dog might make our house happier... I had always wanted a pet. 
"Paige." He moaned, yanking off my thong. Nate pulled me back onto the bed and rolled on top of me. 
His rough hands held me down. 
"You're not feeling anything." He stated. 
I pulled out a condom packet and held it in between my teeth. 
"I'm still a virgin. Make me complete." I begged, wanting to avoid being punished. 
"You think you can seduce me into forgetting?" His voice boomed. 
"No, Nate. I need you." I played my part, not actually meaning anything coming out of my mouth. 
Nathan's hand met my cheek with a harsh slap. I kept my hands stationed on his waist, holding in my tears. 
"You whore. You fat, ugly, bitch!" He snapped, punching me in the stomach. 
I gasped for air as he got off me and slid on his boxers. 
"Nate." I choked. 
"Skank." He spat, punching me in the head. 
I fell to the floor and felt the tears finally flowing. I prayed he left, knowing how angry my tears made him. I held my stomach, trying to catch my breath, my head throbbing. 

This was typical and happened almost three times a week. It was Monday, therefore it was beating day in Nate's book.  

Lying on the ground, I felt dead. I sat, in a fat, naked, mess, wishing to be free of him. 
I know I deserved what he said and did, it was a punishment for being a liar and pathetic, and fat, and all the stuff he called me, yet I always hoped he would stop hitting me one day...


After changing, cleaning up the room, and covering my new bruises in concealer, I walked out to the living room. 
Nathan sat on the couch, surrounded by beer bottles. Quietly, I went and sat by him. 
"I'm sorry!" He mumbled, holding my hand. 
I looked at the TV and whispered my part, "No, baby. I know you didn't mean to hurt me."
His grip tightened and I was forced to face him. 
"You do deserve it. I am the one who puts up with every piece of your fat body." He snapped. 
I looked down and nodded. 
He was right. 
"But, I think you're beautiful." He smirked, kissing my neck where he created a love bite. I winced as his lips met the tender spot, but managed to hold in my protesting screams. 
"We can try again, tonight, baby." He whispered. 
"Ok." I nodded, my eyes reset on the TV screen. 
"Look at me when I speak." He grabbed my jaw harshly. 
"I-i-I'm sorry." I whispered, afraid of his fist. 
"Go make me something to eat, I'm hungry." He said, shoving me away.

I made him up a quick snack and brought it back to him. 
Nate slapped my arse playfully and grinned. I rolled my eyes when he wasn't looking, then to make him happy, brought his hand back up and encouraged him to squeeze. 
"That's my girl." He chuckled, pulling me onto the couch next to him. 
"Um, I was thinking Chinese for dinner." I said, running a hand through my hair. 
Nathan's hand which was around my waist, reached at my boob and began to feel me up. 
"Nate." I giggled, trying to get him off me. 
"What, only allowed to have fun in the bedroom?" He smirked, lowering his hand below my hips. I frowned as he reached up my dress and began kneading my fat thighs. 
"Oh well, haven't got much time till the boys come anyway." He laughed, draining the rest of his beer, the other hand still in between my legs. 
"Who?" I asked, surprised. 
"It's guys night. I'm hosting." He shrugged, stroking my underwear. My breathing picked up out of habit as the doorbell rang. 
"Damn it. I thought I was finally gonna fuck you." Nathan laughed, roughly grabbing my upper arm. Another bruise would show up later, no doubt. 


I went to open the door to see a boy with a longish hair style that was brown and a sweet smile. 
My heart dropped, he reminded me of my brother...
"Hello, you must be Paige." He shook my hand. I turned to shut the door and felt him grab my backside. I gasped and he let out a chuckle. 
He acted nothing like my brother...
The door continued to open and close until my house was filled with burly guys all getting freakishly drunk. 


"Baby. Come show off for my friends." Nathan slurred from the living room. I shyly walked over to him and bit my lip. 
"Not like that you, fucking retard. Put on something sexy, wouldn't want my friends to think badly of me, would you?" He dug his fingertips into my waist. 
"Course not." I squeaked, walking back to the bedroom. 

I sifted through the drawers until I found a tight, black crop top and really short high waisted jean shorts, along with a pair of black pumps. 
Whistles greeted me as I walked back to Nate, only wanting to please him. 
"Now this is my girl." He laughed, grabbing my arse and planting a big kiss on my lips.
"Nate..." I mumbled, embarrassed. 
"She's hot, but probably hotter with no clothes on." The guy who looked like my brother roared. The guys cheered, demanding me to strip. 
"C'mon, you slut. You do it all the time." Nate prodded me. I blinked back tears and took off my shoes. 
"Keep on the pumps!" Someone yelled. 
"Everything else off!" Someone else agreed. 
I leaned in to Nate and whispered, "I wanna save myself for you. No one should see me until you properly fuck me." 
A grin spread across Nate's face at my suggestive comment. 

It saved me the embarrassment of stripping in front of strangers, but not my dignity. 
Nate slammed me against the wall and roughly kissed my lips, showing off in front of all his friends. He clamped his hand around my wrist, demanding I kiss back. 
"Nate." I moaned, reluctant to help him look good in front of his friends. 
He chuckled and set me down. 
"Go order dinner." He kissed my cheek and slapped my butt, sending me to the kitchen. 

"Hot stuff out there." A voice called out as I put together chips and salsa while the Chinese food was on its way. 
"Excuse me?" 
"I'm Jesse." He kissed my hand and winked. 
"Well, I give you props, you don't smell as drunk as them." I nodded at the door. 
"I can control myself... I'm very good at control. And stability. But I can be fast and hard in a second. All you gotta do is whimper." He smirked, pulling me against him. 
"Excuse me." I frowned, spinning away from him.
I set the food on the table and looked around. Everyone was so drunk they could barely stand. It was my chance I had been waiting for...

I went to the basement and shut the door, knowing what I needed to do. This party was the perfect opportunity to escape. 

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